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Divinity and Evolution

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2020 @ 1:17am by Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil

Mission: Broken
Location: Science Lab

The silence lab was dark and quiet, so much so it would be easy to have assumed that the lab was empty, aside from the lone Trill sitting on one of the seats, watching the displays on the large screens in front of her. This time the scene was what looked like it was a template, though worshippers overflowed beyond the building into the streets beyond. Though there was no sound, it was clear that they were praying, though for what she could only guess.

The display was mesmerizing in a deeply unsettling way, yet Nim couldn't bring herself to look away. It was only when the doors behind her opened that she looked away, clearly startled, one hand quickly brushing away a tear that had lingered in the corner of her eye. "Sorry Commander," she offered quietly. "I didn't realise the lab would be in use, I'll get out of your way."

"Yooz fine." Ayla waved her hand for Nim to continue what she was doing. Seeing the reflected light of Nim's cheeks caused her to come up next to her and look at what was being displayed on one of the many screens. Knowing that consoles was locked to prevent tampering. "Tough to watch and do nothing." Her voice soft with resignation and steel.

"Do you think they know they're going to die?" Nim asked quietly, casting a quick glance at Ayla. "Do you think they know that their planet is being torn apart?" She motioned toward the screen where she'd zoomed in on the city. "The building, it looks like some kind of a church or religious facility and it's overflowing with individuals. I just don't know if they're praying for intervention or if they're praying acceptance."

Ayla watched quietly for a few minutes of the people that could be seen outside of the building. "Itz hard to tell at this time. Iz hope theyz find comfort. If it was mez, Iz pray that it would be quick." Speaking softly. "Look at screen 3."

Screen 3 showed a heavy extra fat missile or rocket appearing out of a blossoming smoke cloud. "Looks like rats fleeing a doomed planet." Ayla nodding to that screen. She moved quickly to the console and tapped in commands furiously to bring the ships sensors to bear upon it. "Interesting... theyz know about ballistics and basic rocketry. I wonder what it is carrying..." Eyes glittered in the ambient light of the screens.

On a much smaller screen that suddenly lit up before her. Ayla began putting together a more reliable picture from the gathered sensor reading on the rocket or missile heading for space and beyond. She wondered what it carried. ~~ Genetic Stock? Data of the people and their history? ~~ Thoughts flittered through her mind. "Looks like they're saving themselves future generations... Or going to blow up the Blackhole..."

"Well, I guess if it were me I'd want to try and destroy it too," Nim replied quietly. "I don't know much about black holes, but isn't it dangerous to mess with them?"

"Squeeee... Blackhole are a very dense gravity well that draws in matter from all directions. Its a matter hypothesis that at the core is a collapsed superstar or some object that has a very strong gravity. More mass it collects adding to itself only adds to its sphere of gravitational presence." Ayla looked thoughtful as the rocket from the planet cleared the atmosphere. "It would take tons of antimatter to even have an effect on it."

Ayla leans back in her seat, looking at Nim. "But from the sensor readings of that rocket. Iz seriously think they haven't developed a method to make and contain antimatter in the amounts needed."

Nim couldn't even pretend she actually understood what Ayla was trying to explain, but she nodded regardless as she continued to watch the screen. "Do you believe in Gods?" she finally asked quietly. "Or deities of any kind? A greater power or being?"

Ayla looked away from the screen at Nim. "Iz do. The Great Mice." Voice soft with reverence.

There was a slight inclination of the Trill's head. "Trill has all manner of religious aspects," she said quietly. "But I find it hard to believe that any God, any greater power, would think that this is okay." She sighed softly. "What kind of God would allow their people to suffer like this?"

Ayla looked at Nim. One ear drooped as the other one stayed perked. "Maybe theyz deserved it and being punished. Or as this one dies to make room for another world being created."
She turned back to the screen. "Iz thought the same on a much smaller scale when mez daughter died." She murmured softly.

Ayla looked at Nim again. "Yooz believe inna diety?"

Nim shook her head slightly. "I find it hard to believe that any particular deity can control our life and our destiny." She paused for a moment. "One of my previous hosts was very devout with her beliefs, she went to temple every day, and still died in a rather unfortunate way. I prefer to think I'm responsible for my own destiny and my own outcomes rather." She paused, shifting uncomfortably. "No matter what, no one deserves to die, not like this... terrifyingly painful and slow."

Ayla tilted her head, looking into the distance for a few long minutes. "The beliefs of sentient beings. Our species as an example, have believed that a higher being created all this," waved her paw-like hand to take in the universe. "And gave uz free will and intelligence to live as wez please. As well as the natural universe which follows it set course in the process destruction and creation." She points to another monitor screen showing the beginning effects of the blackhole on the planet. "Iz all part of the natural course of creation, making room for rebirth of something new. Those that believe inna higher supreme being, take things on faith that things will work out for best. Or a miracle will happen." Ayla gave a warm smile at Nim. "If that previous host didn't die, yooz would never have left yooz planet, or taken a lot longer due letting the natural course run it's course."

"Perhaps," Nim replied quietly as she stood up from the chair, momentarily resting her hand on Ayla's shoulder. "Thank you, for the conversation, and the insight. I'll leave you get back to work now," She offered a faint smile before heading for the door.

Ayla nodded as she gave Nim's hand a quick pat when her hand rested on her shoulder. Her attention shifted back to the rocket that finally broke free of the gravitational pull of the Blackhole as she nodded in response to Nim.


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