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Posted on Tue Sep 20th, 2016 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant Charlotte Beckett & 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Daily

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Kyle's Quarters

Kyle had spent the last two hours cleaning his quarters, it was a mess which was expected of a young man but it for sure lacked a female touch. He'd made sure clothes were away, piled of laundry done, tables cleared and everything in its respective places. Dinner was an hour away, time enough for a shower, make the place smell nice and get dressed.

When Charlie returned he was not sure what would happen. She left so suddenly and he was so inexperienced with anything like this he often felt like he was drowning. He knew it showed, hard not to considering Charlie was married before so she knows the signs, the signals and everything. Everything he was showing off. He knew she'd understand but that didn't stop him feeling tiny compared to her world. A minnow in the pond of relationships. He knew he'd make mistakes, suffer the pitfalls and accidents of not knowing but he knew Charlie would help him, guild him as time went on.

He gave the place a once more check and then showered. "Computer, time?" It told him that he had twenty three minutes to go. A blue silk long sleeved shirt, black pants and formal shoes. His hair smoothed back with some light gelling. His heart was racing hoping that this worked, he wanted this to work.

Charlie had trouble finding something to wear. She was extremely nervous but she didn't know why. It wasn't like this was all new to her so what was it that was making her nervous. She was married before but that was years ago.

Charlie was starting all over again, that was it. Her other relationship was easy because they grew up together but Kyle was someone she only knew for a short while. And the only thing she's sure about is that he's the one.

Charlie settled on a blue sleeveless dress. She stood in the mirror looking at herself and sighing, "Ready or not." She left and made her way to Kyle's place. She took a deep breath and then exhaled before pushing the chime.

She's here!!!!! Kyle's mind exploded, shattered into little bits...crunch time. "Um...come in." He spoke thankful that the meal was on heaters having made the slight mistake of timing, dinner was almost ready before the guest arrived. It would keep for a while yet on heaters and still good to eat. He even had two bottles of wine to drink, white and red because he didn't know what she'd like.

When the doors opened he saw her standing there. "Wow.." Follow it up with something fool! "You look...incredible." Smooth recovery.

Charlie realized that she wasn't breathing. She exhaled, hoping he wouldn't notice, "Well thank you. You don't look bad yourself." She scolded herself for replying with a cliche`that everyone has used sometime or another. She stood there, waiting for his invite to step in.

"Oh..oh please. Come in, make yourself at home." He chided himself for not inviting her in, silly of him. "I umm...hope this isn't too much?" He asked hoping it was not the case.

Charlie glanced around his quarters as she walked in, "Oh no. It's great." She smiled at Kyle, "Looks like you outdid yourself. I'm impressed." She really was. It was so unexpected that she was pleasantly surprised.

"Can I get you a drink?" Kyle offered smiling as he was mesmerized by her appearance. That was made obvious by the repeated looks at her.

"Yes, that would be nice." She looked over at Kyle and smiled as well, "White wine, if you have it." Charlie took a seat. First, she crossed her legs but then realized that her dress was a little short for that so she uncrossed them, tugging at the material.

"Coming right up." Charlie was saved, the view went unnoticed. He poured the glass and handed it to her. "Here you go." He poured one for himself. "So how was your day?"

Charlie shrugged, "It was uneventful. There's not much going on the Dreadnought for us security people. I really should be careful what I ask for, you think?" She took a sip of her wine, "What about you? Anything going on in your neck of the woods?"

"Training mostly." He replied then sat down opposite her. "It has its times, busy then quiet but its a welcome flex of activity that keeps people ready." She looked incredible and he tried to not make it blatantly obvious, amazing hair, stunning long legs. Amazing....

"That is true." She noticed Kyle looking at her and it made her smile but she didn't let on she noticed though, "I'm actually ready for busy. I'm finding that I have way too much time on my hands. I need to get back into some kind of routine."

"Well why don't we do lunch, or something together." That was rather bold of him he admitted to himself. "I mean...." He didn't finish as his cheeks flushed hot red. "Are you hungry?" He asked trying to avert his moment with something else.

Charlie grinned, "Ah, yes, very." She stood up, "It smells good."

Kyle lifted lids from pots and plates to reveal a spread of various foods. "I didn't know what you would like so I covered the basics." He however fell victim to the same thing most marines did. He made enough to feed an entire platoon. He offered a warm plate and he disliked putting hot food on a cold plate and cutlery wrapped in a napkin. "I hope this is ok?"

"This is fine. Thank you Kyle." Since he went to so much trouble, she would take a little bit of everything. She set her glass of wine on the table, "It all looks good."

"A bit much I know, it's ok to say. Something that slips in being a marine." Gathering a plate and cutlery himself he began to serve himself once Charlie had taken her fill. "I'm glad you came back." He smiled shyly but honestly. Inside he was glad, he worried, wondered and hoped.

Hope was answered.

Charlie looked a little puzzled, "Why would you think I wouldn't? I told you how I feel and I meant it."

"You just left so suddenly before, for a while I thought I'd done something wrong is all." Kyle spoke softly. "Don't get me wrong I'm glad you are back and I understand why you had to leave quickly. But you were missed."

"I missed you too. I'm sorry that I left without saying goodbye. I guess I panicked when my Dad contacted me. I was so afraid that before I could make the arrangements to get there, she'd be gone." She regretted not telling him that she was leaving but she did think of him often.

"It's ok, I understand." Kyle smiled as he continued to eat. His serving was light because much to the medical officers insistence, he didn't eat enough. "I hope you save room for dessert?" He had a selection, his favorite caramel fudge sponge with cream, ice-cream with flavoured wafers and sprinkles, or strawberry cake.

Charlie swallowed her bite of food, "Of course. I always have room for dessert." After she said that, she chuckled, "Not that I eat dessert after every meal."

Kyle smirked, oh how to take that comment! "Well, I have a selection for you to pick from when you are ready." It wasn't many minutes before he was finishing off the last morsels of food. "Would you like a refill of wine?"

Charlie smiled, "You wouldn't be trying to get me drunk, would you?" She giggled like a silly high school girl as she picked up her glass to make it easier for him to fill, "Just kidding. I'd love some."

Pouring both glasses again he set the bottle down again. "I hear you went to a gathering with the ladies of the ship. How did it go?" It was good to see Charlie leaping with both feet into things since her return.

"It went better than I thought. I got to meet the CO's wife and some of your fellow female Marines. I had a lot of fun and I think that I might have even made a few friends." She took a sip of her wine, "Amanda Winters showed me a few things to help with my agility and stamina and other stuff. It was a nice change."

"Well that's good." Kyle replied then backtracked on how that may have come over. "I mean making friends, I don't mean your not agile or anything." He blushed at the poor recovery attempt. "Would you like anything else to eat?"

Charlie chuckled, then wiped her mouth with her napkin, "No thank you. I'm good." She picked up her glass and finished off her wine. "Since I've been back, I have to say that the Dreadnought is finally feeling more like home. I'm glad I went to the party. I just hope that something I said doesn't get back to Bawden."

"Why, what happened?" Kyle asked wondering why the worry about her boss as he cleared the table of plates and used cutlery.

Charlie felt her cheeks flush the same way it did at the party, "I sort of said that his height makes me feel awkward when I stand too close to him." She watched for his reaction.

Kyle smirked. "It will be interesting to see how that goes down, you know hes Ex-Marine right?" He returned to the table after putting the plates and cutlery on the kitchen counter. Are you ok working with him?"

"I know he is and yes, I am okay working with him. He's nice but I also know he could be a hard ass but that doesn't bother me. And if he gets in a foul mood, I know now that all I have to do is make him coffee, black and strong enough to cold start a warp core." Charlie laughed, "So I am told."

"Sounds about right." Kyle smiled. "So, may I interest you in some dessert?" Kyle asked as she stood, returned to the kitchen and put on display on the raised ledge the options available to her. Caramel fudge sponge with cream, ice-cream with flavoured wafers and sprinkles, or strawberry cake.

"Oh my, it all looks good." She was both a Strawberry person as well as a Caramel fudge person. "Caramel fudge sponge and ice cream most definitely. Oh boy, I am really going to have to work this off later." She wasn't kidding.

"I am sure this will harm the figure none. Besides a lady is allowed to indulge herself every now and then." Walking back to the table with her choices he placed the plate, a spoon and fork and fresh napkin on the table for her.

She began to eat it, trying not to make 'mm' noises. It had been a while since she had any dessert. Her parents never indulged in such things so they never had it in the house. Once in awhile, she'd invade the replicator and get something to satisfy her sweet tooth. She took the wafer and scooped a little ice cream with it.

"Enjoying that I see." Kyle spoke enjoying some caramel himself. "Don't worry, I'm guilty too." He smiled shyly as he ate, it was good that Charlie was enjoying herself, letting her hair down and he was the cause.

Charlie looked up at Kyle. All she could think of was how handsome he was, "So what do you have planned next for us?" She continued to enjoy her dessert and the view.

"What would the lady like to do?" He asked. "Assuming you are not gorged on sweetness and delicacy?"

Charlie grinned, "I'm sure we can think of something." She finished her dessert and waited for him to finish his.

Kyle nearly choked on his fudge dessert. Innocence reared its head and prompted the statement. "o...ok."

Charlie chuckled slightly at his reaction. She had been wanting to kiss him since she was there, even more now. She smiled as she got up and moved to the couch, patting the seat next to her and waited.


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