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Fractured Foundations - Part 1

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 9:50am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar & Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant Midori Kimoto & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask & Amber Omier Dr & Fleet Captain William Hood & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz
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Mission: Broken
Location: Observation Lounge

Bianca stepped into the Observation Lounge and cast a quick glance at the staff that was already starting to assemble. She offered a smile and a nod to those who greeted her as she headed toward the replicator, ordering an extra-strong coffee before she returned to the table, sinking down into a seat and waiting for everyone else to get settled.

Nim walked into the observation lounge shortly after the Executive Officer, replicating herself a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lemon before taking a seat toward the other end of the table, waiting for the briefing to get started.

Ayla scampered into the Observation Lounge, looking puzzled at the Data Pad in her hands. Glancing up briefly to avoid bumping into anyone. "Squeee..." Muttered softly as she scrolled through the info. "...The only thing that could pull a ship from warp...." She scrolled back as she flopped into the closest seat. "... No ... that's not right. Too many safeguards..." She looked up thoughtful out into space with a distant look.

Midori had to have someone relieve her which took a while. She hoped that she wasn't late for the meeting. She was relieved to see that she wasn't. Like everyone else, she replicated herself something to drink and found a seat. She smiled at a few people but didn't start up a conversation.

Andi was in the Security Office gathering a Padd to take notes on, this was her first meeting on this flying Starbase, she had to admit to herself that she felt some excitement but she was still getting used to the yellow undershirt. With what she needed in hand Andi headed out and to the nearest turbo-lift, as she entered and the doors closed "Observation lounge" she said.

"Which level?" The computer asked.

She rolled her eyes "There is more than one, figures computer the one where there is a Staff meeting" she responded and the lift began to take her to the meeting. Eventually, she arrived at her destination and exited the lift she only had a short walk down the hallway and around the corner before she entered the Observation Lounge, she saw a one she recognised as Midori and other she had yet to meet as she walked over to the replicator and got herself a herbal tea which she took over to her seat and sat "hello Commander" she said to the First Officer. "hello to both of you, I have not yet met the other one, I am Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather Security Chief" Andi said by way of introduction well aware that the First Officer was known to her as was Kimoto it was the silent one who seemed very quiet at this moment.

Midori smiled, "Good to see you again."

"Commander," Bianca replied with a nod and a smile.

"Squeeeah" Ayla replied in greeting absentmindedly to the 'hello Commander' responding just in case it was directed to her. She tapped furiously on the Data Padd held in her hand. "Sensor logs 5, 6, 8 and twelve.."

Mark walked in armed with the latest in reports for the weapons and shield systems following the rather abrupt drop from warp that seemed to rock ship and crew alike. For the most part, things were operational, a few tweaks and an hour or two and things would be good to go. Came as no surprise to him that he was not the first, though noticed the Captain was not present yet. Whatever was keeping the man was clearly important.

"Ladies," Mark spoke in greeting, grinning at his wife as she was already present. Slotting himself in a seat next to her he smiled. "So, what have you heard?"

Ayla worried frown softened as her ears swivelled at the sound of her mate's voice. She reached out and patted Mark's leg with the familiarity of being mates. Eyes focusing sharply. "Wez got uz a problem. The warp field collapsed, which at least the safeguards automatically pulled uz outta warp and sudden decrease of speed from ftl subspace to maximum sub-light speeds from sheer momentum. May have to turn shields on. Cause not even the deflector can keep up with speeds which wez ploughing through space. Hull temperatures are rising with the friction of micro-debris."

The doors opened just as they had closed, Amber saw a male, wearing gold, older gentleman walk in. When Amber walked in she saw the gathering of officers, talking, mingling. Carrying a Padd with her that obviously drew her attention more than once as she walked to a seat a ways off from those in uniform. She didn't speak a word, not in greeting or even acknowledgement, she was not on board to mingle but to put her skills and talents to use.

Zan had not been in a briefing in a while, with this new ship the hangers had taken up a good portion of his time. Since the sudden shop, there were a great many repairs to be made, some injuries to be treated and reports to be filed. Now, faced with this ordeal he was mixed on his reaction but in a way glad that being a pilot, his world most of the time was between Amanda and his craft.

Acacia was only a few minutes behind her Superior, however when she arrived nearly full. With a nod to everyone, the young doctor with multiple shades of green in her hair found an open seat next to a female with feathers? How fascinating. She would be interested in learning more about her species.

Skovik entered quietly in the muted greys of the Intelligence department and settled into a chair. He didn't speak, but he did meet the sleepy-eyed gazes of the people he knew.

Bianca picked up the PaDD, thumbing into it and bringing sensor logs up onto the large screen on the wall. "We may as well get started," she said calmly. "The cause of the gravitational distortions it would appear is the appearance of a black hole that is impacting the gravity field of Gamma Tauri IV. We've been having difficulties getting clear scans of both the planet and the phenomenon itself, and without wanting to get closer, we are relying on probes to relay telemetry to us for analysis."

Tapping the PaDD again, the view changed, focusing on a different angle. "At this stage, we estimate that we're looking at about five days until the planet is consumed as a whole. Obviously, we don't have exact timing yet, our science department will be working on that as they review the data we have coming available to us," Bianca said with a nod toward Ayla.

"Due to the distortion of the strong gravity that black holes have. It has an effect of slowing down time within the effects of the Event Horizon. The Event Horizon is the zone where the black hole begins to effect time, cause lighter objects to begin their journey towards the more dangerous horizon of no return. The Event Horizon is what destroyed ourz warp bubble." From her seat, she put the diagram of a black hole on display. Showing the various layers to it. "Wez are in the most outer layer where warp.. or magnetic fields are affected." Ayla returned to her seat and leaned lightly against Mark.

Bianca paused, turning the PaDD in her hands as she bit on her bottom lip before tapping at it again, the view changing again, this time focusing on what appeared to be a large continent on the northern hemisphere of the planet. "Gamma Tauri IV is the planet being destroyed. It has not previously been under the scrutiny of Starfleet." She paused again, her heart feeling heavy with the words she knew were coming. "Which is how we didn't know it was inhabited. M class planet hosting a pre-warp civilisation of approximately two hundred and fifty thousand beings. We have already spoken to Starfleet Command," she continued with a nod toward Hood. "The Prime Directive applies. We are to record the events but we are NOT to interfere in the natural evolution of this species." There was a certain note of bitterness in her words as she spoke.


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