NCC - 77447 - B
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Black Hole Sun

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 10:02am by Commander Bianca Caselli

Mission: Broken
Location: Gamma Tauri

The view on the screen in front of them was nothing short of incredible. Bianca leaned back in her seat, watching, wide eyed as they came in on their final approach to Gamma Tauri.

"Lieutenant Gravenor, make sure you keep us at a safe distance," she cautioned, not that the warning was necessary. The sight of the planet being slowly consumed by a black hole was definitely something that was warning enough on its own.

"Looks like God divided by zero," Bianca murmured as she leaned forward, fascinated by the sight.

"Ma'am?" The confused voice of Ensign Julki drifted across from the Sciences console.

With a shake of her head, Bianca glanced across and offered a smile. "Something an old Earth scientist said a very, very long time ago," she offered by way of explanation. "Start scanning both the phenomenon and the planet, we want to record as much information as we can. This, folks, is something we may never ever get to see again."

"Commander, the interference from the phenomenon is affecting our scans. We can't get anything much back," Julki spoke again.

"That actually doesn't surprise me. Right," she stood up and took two steps toward the screen. "We're going to prepare a barrage of probes and launch them, scatter them across," she said, using her hand to indicate roughly where she meant. "We can use them as relays, have them run scans and relay the information back to us."

"Aye Commander," Julki replied with a nod, getting to work to prepare the probes.

"Do you think the black hole just appeared?" Gravenor asked, his fingers moving slowly across the console as he leaned back in his seat, almost mesmerised by the view. "Or do you think something happened that made it appear?"

Bianca shrugged slightly. "I don't know, maybe Sciences can work it out if they get enough telemetry, but we'll see."

The view screen changed momentarily as the probes launched, streaking across in front of them.

"Probes are launched Commander, telemetry is already coming back. The gravitational pull of the black hole is phenomenal. It's like a tidal force pulling the planet apart," Julki said. "The rate of destruction seems pretty stable at the moment, but the closer the planet gets to the event horizon the quicker everything gets. I should be able to get you a better time frame soon."

Bianca nodded. "Get more probes prepared in case we need them. I want them ready to launch at the first sign of telemetry decay."

"Aye Ma'am...." There was a moment of silence before Julki looked up again. "Commander Casselli, uh... I think we have a slight problem,"

The tone of the science officer's voice caught Bianca off guard as she turned to face Julki who motioned her over. Approaching the science console, Bianca looked down at the telemetry across the screen on front of her. "Launch another probe toward the planet. See what else we can find out."

With an external calm and poise that belied the anxiety she could feel rising in the pit of her stomach, Bianca walked back toward the center chair, sinking down and reaching up to tap her commbadge lightly. "Bridge to Fleet Captain Hood. We've arrived at Gamma Tauri and we've encountered a problem. I would like to see you in your ready room at your earliest convenience."


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