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After Hours

Posted on Fri Sep 16th, 2016 @ 8:34am by Annabelle Fontaine & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Snyder's Quarters

Following the talk with Jack she had plenty of time to think about what was going on with her and Annabelle. In a way it scared her which in turn frustrated her. She was a marine and scaring was not something she was accustomed to consider what she had seen and done during her career but this, this was something else. Annabelle had taken the lead, lead the way in what they did and ultimatly where it ended up and Samantha was along for the ride. If this was going somewhere Samantha needed to know for herself, could she do this, return that which she was shown?

She walked into her quarters and pulled off her boots leaving them under the table and changed out of her uniform. Thanks in no small part to Annabelle she didn't change into regulation offduty wear but instead another dress. On the shoulder blue with belt that highlighted form and features. Samantha even went so far as to put on stay up stockings, left her hair down after brushing it out, shed the Major facade and became simply a woman. She cleaned up the place a little as it seemed to become an office away from the office with all the reports, diagrams of assignments and training schedules hanging all over the place. It made her wonder if she really was putting too much of herself into her job and missing life going by.

Once finished she stood staring at herself in the mirror. Once again unable to recognise the person staring back at her, once again staring at a woman brought out of her shell not by a man, but another woman. She looked at her appearance feeling slightly silly, overdressed but Annabelle said she looked beautiful, nice eyes and smile and here she stood in dress, stockings and hair down.

Where was the Major she knew herself to be?

=^= Miss Fontaine, it's Maj....Samantha. I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but I was wondering if you wanted to come by my place? =^= She chided herself, the Major had slipped in there a little, speaking formally in a social setting.

=^="I'd be delighted to, Samantha," Annabelle sounded a bit relieved to be getting out of the tedium of prepping for the next days series of lessons for the children. =^= "I'll be there in 10 minutes." =^= She hoped she was wasn't sounding to forward or desperate.

Annabelle stood up as she closed the lesson planner shut, but left a pencil to mark the spot and a reminder to finish up. She was looking forward to seeing Samantha's Quarters and best of all was Samantha. As she changed into a loose silk jumpsuit with a belted waist. She put on a smidgen of perfume.

Annabelle entered Marine territory and was admitted past the checkpoint as everyone knew who she was. One of the civilians in a key spot. And to confirm the rumors that was floating around the Marine section. She could feel the eyes upon her even when there was none present as she came to a stop before Samantha's door. She rang the chime to announce herself.

"It's open." Samantha called as she was just pouring herself a drink behind the kitchen counter then the doors opened. "I'm having a drink, would you like one?" Sam smiled from across the room. "Didn't interrupt anything vital did I asking you here?"

Annabelle entered when allowed, "Just the tedium of after hours work." She nodded yes to the offer of a drink as she came close to Samantha and gave her a hug from behind. "I hope I'm not jeopardizing your career and your status with the troops by being here?" Then gave a soft muzzling to Samantha's neck through her hair.

It struck her hard, like a explosive charge it came hard and fast sweeping though her body like a jolt of electricity. As soon as Annabelle touched her, feeling her hands on her Samantha stiffened then relaxed, like a rush of excitement, the storm before the eye of the tornado. If Samantha was going see what she could do she needed the confidence, support but also patience, let it flow. "No, course not." She smiled feeling her pressed against her.

"Nice. You can always sic Winters and her goons on them." Annabelle teased as she ran her hand down the front of Samantha, coming to a stop on her abdomen below the bellybutton. She gave a soft caressing kiss to Samantha's cheek and then stepped away from her completely to take seat.

Annabelle looked the room over with interest. Seeing how impersonal it was. Just someone taking up space, but not turning into a more personal space. "You have family?" At not seeing any personal pictures of her, except military related.

Samantha let go of the breath she didn't realise she was holding, Annabelle's hand tracing down her body coming to a stop almost made her weak at the knees and elicited a moan from her. How was she doing this? Samantha wondered, how could this woman have such a profound impact? She leaned forward slightly to rest her hands flat on the kitchen counter. "Just parents." She only just got those two words out.

Samantha couldn't believe it, Annabelle was playing her like an instrument. Was she using her experience with other women to her advantage? Was she demonstrating how things could be. Samantha poured a drink for Annabelle and walked it to her before taking a seat herself. She semi berated herself, this seemed so silly, childish but at the same time it was exciting. She sat back in the chair and crossed her legs at the knee, the hem of her dress rising up her thigh and one shoe dangling from her toes gently rocking back and forth.

Annabelle looked directly up under the dress as it hiked up and gave an involuntary lick of her lips. It was a brief flash of tongue. She took a sip of her drink, looking up into Samantha's eyes with smoldering look that would make anyone feel desirable. "Aaaah..." Softly sigh like, whether it was the drink or something else or acknowledging the comment showing interest. She moved closer to Samantha, as the front zipper on her jumpsuit had lowered a few inches to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra. "You like being a Marine?" As she gently took Samantha's free hand in hers.

Cheeky....She smiled, trying to cop a view. It did make her feel tingly inside though. "I do." Samantha smiled. "Keeps me in shape, busy and active. It's risky but worth it." She sipped her drink and the view was definitely noticed, no hiding it. When Annabelle took her hand Samantha gave if a gentle caring squeeze. Her legs tightened slightly and she felt the tops of her stockings rub together, her heart raced a bit, temperature rose slightly.

Annabelle returned the squeeze with one of her own as she set her unfinished drink to the side, revealing more of her upper torso. "I wished at times I had job that kept me physically active. But I so much enjoy teaching." Leaning a bit closer to Samantha, unaware that she was giving a show to Samantha.

Annabelle reached out and gave Samantha a gentle caress of the cheek, "Wanna learn a few more dance moves?"

"I think you already made some." Samantha replied, she liked the view being given, was she really this into women and simply supressed it with her career all this time. She uncrossed her legs and in doing so the skirt rose a little more when she reached over to put her glass aside, her legs remained slightly apart. "I saw you peeking up my dress." She smiled and then something changed. "You could have just asked." The Major's confidence facade arose, spoke and retreated just as quickly as it arrived leaving Samantha to contend with the results. She blushed and hard, disbelief at having just said that.

Annabelle gave a soft laugh at being caught out, "please?" She moved closer and ran her hand up Samantha's thigh in a gentle caress, stopping short of her goal.

Confronted with it now thanks to the Major rearing her head she blushed again. She remained seated and felt Annabelle's hand sliding up her thigh. It felt hot, electrifying charged with thrill and promise. She smiled and parted her legs more causing the hem of her dress to ride just above mid thigh but then become tight with stretch. She put her arm up, over and around Annabelle's shoulders and smiled. "Go on then." She still buzzed with the sight of Annabelle sneaking a peek, she couldn't remember that happening before, even at school with classrooms of mostly boys.

Annabelle moved in closer to gently kiss Samantha on the lips as she lowered her hand along Samantha's thigh and then traveled up, pushing the dress hem upward to reveal all underneath.

Black lace underwear greeted her, her lips so soft, so gentle. Samantha almost melted with the affection being given to her. She turned slightly allowing the hem to slide up the backs of her thighs slighty once free more from the seat cushion she was sat on. Now was the moment of truth, getting the attention was one thing, now could she give it.

Her hand rested on her side at first but slowly came up her front, the tops of her fingers searching for the zipper to her jumpsuit danced the side of her breast innocently and then finger and thumb found the zipper. Moment of truth.

She pulled it down slowly.

Annabelle gave a slight shrug and the jumpsuit fell free off her shoulders to pool at her waist. She cupped Samantha's cloth covered womanhood as she looked deeply into Samantha's green eyes. The smile soft with warmth and enigma. Once again her pink tongue tip flickered out only to press caressing against Samantha's as Annabelle gave a lingering kiss.

Samantha moaned, the touch, the kiss, the passion was overwhelming. In one quick movement she slung her leg over Annabelle's and straddled her. Her dress riding all the way up to her waist as she pressed herself against her. She resumed the kiss and now her tongue probed for Annabelles. She had to test her limits, now was the time.

Annabelle reached around to embrace Samantha as she straddled her. She unfastened the dress clasp that held the dress on. She lowered it while returning the kiss with passion. With free hand she cupped Samantha's breast and ran her thumb over the tip several times. "Maybe we should move to a more comfortable spot," softly between the deep kisses and tongue tagging.

Samantha had to pull herself away and her body protested fiercely but Annabelle had a point. With one final kiss she pulled herself away and pushed herself to standing. "Yeah." She let the dress drop to the flow where it lay and now stood in black lace panties heading to the bedroom. "Are you coming?" She spoke still struggling to believe she was being this bold but spurred on by Annabelle's support. The feel of her between her legs was soo welcome, felt so right and left her wanting.

There was no denying she was nervous, this was new to her and newer still her taking some form of lead like this but yet her touch felt wonderful upon her and she wanted more of it.

Annabelle stood up, letting her jumpsuit fall to the floor and stepped out of it to follow Samantha. She loved the view of Samantha's boldness and current state of dress. She followed Samantha into the bedroom, naked.

She caught up to Samantha and gently hugged her bring her to face her. "I'm surprised that someone hadn't made a move to win your heart. You're an extremely beautiful woman, Sammy," spoke softly as she moved closer to Samantha and resumed the deep kissing with her tongue exploring Samantha's.

Her leg slipped in between Samantha's to press against the apex of Samantha as Annabelle pulled Samantha up against her, fitting their feminine bodies together.

The kiss distracted Samantha enough to stop her hands from shaking a little, her fingers from noticibly tingling. She was out of her zone, her element but she was trying none the less. Like a challenge to be conquered, a threat to be dealt with only Annabelle was no threat but someone she felt she truly wanted to know better. "You should know that I can be quiet intimidating when dressed in marine green, that can put most off."

"They're wimps. I've seen the men folks look at you in your civilian attire. Joseph, from Tech Department, came up to me asking about you." Annabelle smiled at Samantha. "Corporal Iggerson and his son, Maverick, thinks you're one hot momma in Marine Greens. Him being a single parent. And Fraternizing Regulations and such. So I decided find out what I could about you." Annabelle stepped back to look over Samantha and back up. "I'm glad you trust me enough to get this close to you." Once more closing the distance to be together.

"Well." Samantha smiled. An age old line formed on her tongue. "They do say it takes a woman to do a mans job sometimes don't they?" She was only slightly surprised that she'd been researched, but not bothered by it. Then her features took a softer appearance. "I like this."

Annabelle gave a soft laugh that shook her at hearing Samantha. "Mmmmm.. So do I, Sammy," Gave a soft passionate kiss, hugging Samantha to her tightly. Enjoying the closeness.

"So why don't you show me a move." Samantha challenged. It didn't seem to phase her in the least that she was the only one clothed yet that was only lace black panties.

Annabelle taught Samantha several spins and twirls. How to do the basic waltz. Then work in the spins and twirls into flow of the waltz. Every time they came together, Annabelle gave soft kisses on a well executed maneuver along with praise. Brush her hand across an intimate part of Samantha. Place a kiss/lick on her lips, neck, cheeks. She was enjoying watching Samantha as she jiggled in all the right places. Even taught her the two step lovers dance with full body press with her hands resting on Samantha's butt.

"I think you are enjoying yourself a little too much." Samantha winked. "I an sure I will feel this in the morning though with all this twirling and bending." She giggled. She noticed how Annabelle was comfortable in her own skin with nothing on, didn't even seem to flinch naked and now she was dancing with her. "This is new for me, but I am enjoying it."

"I am glad you're enjoying this. Cause I am to." Annabelle softly spoke. She lead Samantha by the hand and laid down on her bed with her. they snuggled together. Just sharing the comforts of having someone with you while ya slept.



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