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Relaxation in 3...2...1

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 1:49pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Ensign Nielan Peperell

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Holodeck 3

Walking down the corridor was almost too much effort to expend for the Doctor, whose exhaustion was etched onto her face. The doors swish open and yet again Acacia was met with the echoing emptiness of quarters without anyone home. It was dark, and she shivered in remembered reaction. That fear took her back a closet sized bedroom and the click of the lock. Another shudder and she switched on the lights, to 60%. Nim was right, she did need to tell Jack, before she started having screaming nightmares.

It wasn't uncommon for Jack not to be there, but it seems like he was gone an awful lot more than he was home. It was disappointing when one wanted a cuddle, but duty above all. That was something she knew as well. It wasn't like she didn't get calls at 2am with the need for her surgical expertise.

Recruiting must be something more difficult than she had initially thought, so she barely saw him except when he climbed into bed with her at night. Even then he didn't seem to sleep very much. Part of her was concerned, but it's the part of her that didn't sleep very much understood perhaps a little bit of what he was going through...

"Well I did say that I would try to relax tonight, so maybe I could sleep. Better than self-medicating." At least I hope it is

"Computer are any of the holodecks open and unscheduled at this time?"

"Affirmative Holodeck 3 has no one scheduled at this time, until 2300 hours. Will you please assign me to the time slot, and run program Cedar Hills. Affirmative program in place.

Acacia dragged her fingers through her bright hair and set out finding a bathing suit to match. Once she found one, she stripped off lab coat in uniform to replace it with the lovely abstract number that she had found in the back of her closet. It was amazing what you found when you moved in with someone, and she's had to organize her belongings in a slightly different way in order to fit in with Jack.

Her fingertips caressed the rank isignia and ribbons on the dress white jacket that that hung pristine next to her black and pink dress. She'd been so moved when he'd wanted to take her to the Marine formal event. Going to the Marine ball was one of the highlights of their relationship. Chewing her lower lip, she tried not to picture her love in that uniform- and failed. Fanning herself she carried on getting into her bathing suit and enjoying her meandering thoughts.

She knew how significant it was that he wanted her to see that aspect of him, how he hadn't come in years, but he'd wanted to share it with her. Even with the possibility of her meeting his parents he'd still had her on his arm with what she thought was pride. She was still upset about how his father had behaved towards him and his somewhat teenage attitude displayed in return. His mother was a doll, and clearly missed her son and communication with him terribly. Acacia wondered if he would be upset if she was in regular contact with his mother...But she was a fine one to talk, she hadn't spoken to her parents in 19 years. That was yet another conversation that they needed to have that she didn't really want to address.

Maybe Jack would join her once his shift was over, if she went and soaked in the spa. Tying a black sarong around her hips she wrote him a little note to tell him where she was, even though he knew very well he could simply ask the computer. Then she took her sandals, and wandered down to Holodeck 3 . When the door opened, the scent of pine was strong in the cool breeze and made her smile. This was a series of small cabins in the mountains, capped by snow that held natural hot springs nestled in between the cabins. The pools were manmade and had been carefully maintained by a caretaker. Acacia's plan was to go soak in something hot, and then see how she felt after that. There were a number of options in this program, as far as relaxation was concerned. Maybe you should give Jack a massage if he, when he comes. That could lead to how much more fun evening when she had initially planned, and would most certainly relax her. Custodian, she loved that man. It might help, if you told him that more often. He might want to hear it, just as much as you do.

Stepping into one of the hot pools, she hissed in reaction then sighed deeply. Goosebumps erupted on her flesh and she shivered in reaction, which she called her hot water dance. She was able to settle her body into the water after a moment of getting used to the radiant heat. This was not the hottest pool . The hottest of the pools was further up the stone path, this one was the third one in the cascade and more than suited Acacia's needs. She stroked her feet over the smooth stone of the bottom, and reveled in the feel of it on the soles of her feet. There was something special about the wet stones that made her feel alive.

A gentle chime interrupted her happy thoughts and her soak, and briefly she looked irritated. Someone was requesting entry to her peace. The chime came again after she didn't acknowledge it. Fine... "Yes?"

A dark skinned security officer that she recognized easily stepped in, and after looking at her soaking in her bikini looked away with a smirk. "You're going to have to get out and go home Doc. We're under orders to close all the holodecks."

"Damn....why what happened?" Raking her fingers through wet hair, she tied it up in a bun and rose from the water to comply.

"Something happened in one of the higher decks. They're closing them all down so we can check the programming and whatnot. I'm afraid I don't have more information than that, and my orders to clear out the holodecks."

"Lovely." So much for my soak...

"Yes ma'am."

She looked at him and raised both eyebrows. "Honestly Nielan don't you know me better than that by now?"

"Not when you're dressed like that, and still dating that marine." Nielan smirked at her again, and admired her unashamedly.

"Oh get out of here you insufferable flirt." She threw a towel at Nielan, who caught it easily and tossed it over his shoulder with a jaunty wink.

"Yes ma'am."


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