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Old Friends

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 4:35am by Commander Ayla Bawden & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Dreadnought

Ayla stood at the big viewport in the lounge of the big starship. She took a sip of her drink, liking the soft explosion of the flavors caressing her tongue. Eyes stared out into depth of space dotted with myriad of stars that beamed with varying brightness, colors and sizes.

Amanda sat nearby at table, sipping on a beer, relaxing as she watched the Mousian Officer that stole the heart of a fine marine. A smile graced her lip. She was knew she should be with her Marines making their life miserable, but even she needed to get away from the Marines and duty. Her subordinate NCO's could handle the platoon just fine while she took a time out, so to speak.

Ayla ears twitched and one swiveled towards Amanda as SSG Winter's presence intruded on her solitude. She turned from the view towards Winter. "Shouldn't yooz be with yooz troops?" tone soft as she made her way to Winters chosen table and sat.

Winters shrugged, knowing that Ayla wouldn't squeal on her. "Taking a much needed unscheduled break." Giving her friend a smile. "Care for a beer?"

Ayla looked thoughtful, "Iz prefer orange juice, please." Knowing that Amanda wouldn't be offended by her choice of drinks.

Winters signaled the bartender to get Ayla her usual drink. "What brings you here?" She took the last sip of her beer as the ordered drinks were brought over and placed on the table before them.

"A bit of quiet time and reflection." Ayla spoke, then shrugged, "Also playing hooky as my Daughter would call it."

"The way you was staring, must've been some serious stuff." Amanda spoke as she looked out the forward viewport of the quiet lounge.

"Family, Mark, Fleet and mez home world." Ayla shifted so she was looking out the viewport also, sipping her drink.

Amanda nodded, "Ever since I joined the Marines. Marines been my family and home was were ever I was stationed at. Whether ship, starbase or planet."

"Ever thought of having children?" Ayla glanced at Amanda as she took another sip.

"Plenty of times. But they would slow me down or distract me at a critical time. That is why I never really pursued it."

"Iz always wanted a family of my own." Ayla spoke softly. "Just like my momma. But Iz didn't count on having a job like this while having a family at the same time."

"Aaaaah." Winters spoke softly, looking at Ayla. "You're deciding to retire from fleet? What does Mark say about that?"

"Mark doesn't know yet. Iz haven't made up mez mind. But definitely stepped down from being fulltime Department head."
Ayla turned her attention to Amanda. "It'll give me more time with family that I've got left to mez."

Amanda nodded slowly, taking in softer and more curvier of Ayla physique. Even it was still desirable, yet it was softer and more plumper. A bit more of grey fur strands were showing in her still vibrant browns of her fur. "I hear ya, Ayla. I'm coming up on forced retirement myself. So I need to decide whether to transfer over to Security or just hop ship and settle someplace."

"Yooz could become a Merc. Or yooz planning to totally get away from being a soldier?" Ayla tilted her head curiously at Amanda. ~~Time iz catching up with uz…~~ She thought as she hid the wrinkling of her muzzle behind her raised glass.

"That is a really good idea. But the Merc Outfits want the more younger types." Amanda spoke, setting her empty glass down. Giving it the eye as wondering where the contents went. "I think I'll find me a less populated world settle on. Or go out with the next colonizing group."

Ayla sighed softly, "Iz like mez creature comforts and easy access to stores and such." Getting a soft chuckle from Amanda.

"You old softy," Amanda teased lightly with a smile.

"Don't remind mez!..." Ayla rubbed the old leg wound on her leg. It was still scarred where it was clawed. The fur was lighter and never fully grown. Some of the muscles took longer to stretch out and the sudden movements set brief pain as the muscles stretched and contracted.

"Leg still bothers you?" Amanda spoke catching the arm movement and slight wince coming from Ayla.

"Even though it was declared fully regenerated, it still gives mez trouble if Iz let it sit for awhile." Ayla spoke softly as she flexed her leg to loosen up the leg muscles.

"Yeah know what you mean. Us old warhorses need cushy jobs." Amanda spoke and then smiled with menace, "NOT!"

'NOT!" Ayla exclaimed at the same time as Amanda, with a fierce grin and glare. "Someone oughtz to be teaching the newer generations."

They slammed their drinks together with a clunk of glass and sloshing of drinks.

Amanda and Ayla falling into companionable silence as they looked out the viewport in thoughts of the future.


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