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Murder on the Holodeck

Posted on Thu Jul 16th, 2020 @ 7:15am by Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi'

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Holodeck 7

After getting the call about an issue on Holodeck seven Andi headed directly to the holodeck level, she was still amazed at the size of this behemoth, it was an eventful trip, most of the ship had no idea what was going on, but anyone passing holodeck seven would soon talk about a security presence and the room being blocked off she mentally shrugged and the moment the lift doors closed "holodeck seven" she said and the lift moved quickly and swiftly along the route to the desired level, whereupon she exited the lift and was met by the First Officer she looked over "hello Sir, you were called too, huh?" she asked Caselli.

Bianca offered a quick smile to Andi and nodded. "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but some people like to panic over every little thing, you know how it is I'm sure," she said cheerfully. "Probably just a spat over holodeck bookings. I'm not sure if Operations have fixed the glitch with the booking system yet."

With that, both walked down the corridor and around the corner and as she approached holodeck seven she saw the CMO present.

"Hello, Doctor! What is the urgency of the hail?" Lightfeather asked honestly curious.

Nim had barely arrived when she heard the familiar voice of Andi calling her. Glancing up, she held gripped her medical kit tighter in her hand. "I don't know Commander," she said as she started reaching toward the override panel. "I've only just arrived myself, I don't believe anyone else has been inside." She tapped at the console, waiting momentarily for the doors opened before she stepped inside.

The holodeck had a program running, it looked like it was a scene set for a romantic dinner for two. They were on a large balcony overlooking the sunset over an ocean, the cascade of colours on the horizon casting a gorgeous rainbow of colours as far as the eye could see. On one side of the balcony, a small table was set for two, a large bouquet of flowers sat on one of the seats, candles flickering softly in the low light. Soft music was playing in the background, music that one could have danced to if they were so in the mood, but in the space where dancing may have been possible, a single body lay on the floor, face down in a pool of blood, a sharp knife wedged firmly in the centre of the back.

A gasp escaped Nim's breath. She dropped her medical kit on the floor next to the body and fell to her knees, flicking the medical kit open with ease and pulling out the medical tricorder, scanning the body. Finally, she looked up at Andi and shook her head. "He's dead," she said quietly. "Has been for at least an hour. It's too late to try and revive him."

Walking in and hiding her horror she felt Andi crouched down to take a closer look, she pulled out a small UV light and aimed the beam at the handle "well doctor it seems there is a smudged print on the handle" Andi stood up and walked around the body and stood and looked at the environment and tapped her Commbadge "Lightfeather to Security dispatch a security section with cordons to Holodeck Seven and also dispatch a CSI team, we have us an old fashioned murder" she said.

A pause "Murder! Oh my! Teams dispatched, Security out" came the reply.

Andi looked at the doctor "okay doctor take what medical scans you can but leave the body for now, but arrange for it to be transported to Medical when we are finished here" she said.

Nim nodded. "You'll need to exclude my DNA from the scene after the fact," she said calmly. "I need to move the body so I can make a complete assessment. He's dead, that much is certain, and it's a safe bet that the cause of death is the knife wound, but I'll need to take a more thorough look, and we can do an autopsy once you've completed your stuff anyway."

Andi nodded and looked at the First Officer "Commander I am going to need you to lock down the holodeck level, anyone currently using the holodecks I need to be gone, this is now a crime scene and I only want authorised people on this deck" she said confidence in her voice.

"Already done Commander," Bianca replied calmly. "I've blocked the deck to authorised personnel only and I've already deployed some of your people to empty the rest of the holodecks personally."

"Understood Commander," Andi said and looked up and saw a Security detachment arrive "excuse me, must deploy my men," she said and as she went to talk to her troops the CSI arrived and she indicated the body "there is a smudged print on the handle, it can be seen with a UV" light," she said.

The CSI team nodded and headed towards the body as Andi deployed her troops.

It took maybe an hour for Nim to run a thorough assessment of the body. "Commander Lightfeather?" she called as she stood up, moving away and making notes on the PaDD in her hand. "I'm done with the body for the moment at least."

Bianca gave Nim a quick nod of acknowledgement before she turned back toward Andi. "We're going to want security footage on this deck pulled and analyzed. I want copies of everything backed up to a data node immediately and delivered to my office before anyone even looks at anything. We'll need to pull sensors and compile a list of everyone that has been on this deck. "Lieutenant Vixil, can you give us an approximate time of death? It will help narrow down the scope of data we'll need to review."

"Time of death, without doing a thorough investigation in the morgue, given the status of the body and the stage of rigour I'd say he's not been dead for more than eight hours," Nim replied.

"Excellent, Lieutenant Commander Lightfeather, have your people review systems. I want a list of everyone who's been in this section, two hours prior right up until now," Bianca ordered.

"Yes Sir, will get it done," Andi said as she got a report from the CSI team "OH crap! This is not good, not good at all" she exclaimed as she looked at the Data Padd she had just been given, she was shocked as she could not believe the preliminary findings.

"What?" Nim asked, surprised by the outbursts from the Security Chief.

"Commander Lightfeather, is everything alright?" Bianca's voice edged concern as she rounded toward the other woman.

Andi double-checked the report before looking at the other two, she first addressed the Doctor "Doctor, the moment you find anything, please let me know, I would advise looking for a rare substance in the bodies blood" she paused then looked to the XO "Commander because someone on this flying fortress possibly Starfleet personnel murdered that victim and if I am reading these results correctly they had access to hazardous materials. I honestly cannot make these findings out but we have an old fashioned murder on our hands" she said and looked back at the doctor "I will need an ID on the victim as quickly as possible Doctor" Andi finished.

"I'll get everything to you as quickly as I can Commander," Nim said calmly as she stood up. "If you don't mind, I'll have the body transported directly to the morgue now so I can begin."

With one last look at the body, she shook her head and turned away, tapping her commbadge. "Sickbay, initiate transport when ready."

A moment passed before the body shimmered out of sight, leaving the three of them within the black and yellow grid of the holodeck. "If you'll excuse me, Commanders, I have work to do. You'll have my reports as soon as they are available." without waiting for a response, Nim nodded politely to both before walking away. Murder. Just what she needed to take her mind off things.


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