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Revenge is a dish best served with cupcakes

Posted on Fri Jun 19th, 2020 @ 8:05am by Briseis Kinsley & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi'

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Current

Even before she had finished unlocking, Katie knew there was something wrong. Sliding back the heavy security grate she pulled down and secured every night, she could easily see that the few tables and chairs inside the small shop front had been upended. Ingredients had been thrown about everywhere, her storefront the little sanctuary she had strived so hard to build had been trashed. Biting down on her bottom lip, Katie stepped back, not unlocking the doors and instead of turning on her heel and heading for the nearest comms panel to summon security.

Andi was catching up on some Paperwork in Main security, missing the simplicity of an actual Starship not a starbase with engines strapped to it. But here she was settling in, she still had, yet to walk the promenade. She laughed a little at a Promenade on a Starship, she only hoped its armour was thick and it's shields strong, the intercom sounded and she literally jumped and cursed a Bluestreak as she pressed the button "Yes, who is it?" Lightfeather asked.

Katie was momentarily confused. "Sorry, is this security?" she asked hesitantly. "My name is Katie James, I run a storefront on the Promenade? I... I think my business has been broken into. I haven't gone inside yet, but when I lifted the security grate it looks like everything has been trashed. Can someone come and check it out?"

"Okay, I will be right there, it is important that you do nothing further, okay Katie?" Andi asked.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of it," Katie replied, an involuntary shiver running down her spine.

When she had signed off Andi collected two of her people and headed to Katie's location on the Promenade she was still getting used to the size of the ship, but twenty-minutes later she and her two officers arrived outside the shop "You must be Miss James? I am Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather the new Security Chief, but you can call me Andi" she gave a friendly smile "so as I understand it you came to unlock your shop and saw that the lock had been tampered with, yes?" Andi asked as her officers erected a DO NOT CROSS barrier around the storefront.

Katie stood up from the chair she was sitting in and offered a smile. "Thank you for coming to Andi," she said, her voice betraying her uneasiness. "The locks weren't touched, I opened the security grate that covers the storefront and then when I looked through the front windows everything looked trashed. I didn't open up any more, I just left it and contacted you."

Stepping around the barrier, Katie shivered again, feeling like she was being watched, pausing and glancing around the promenade uneasily before turning her attention back to the doors. "I didn't want to go inside alone, or, you know, even at all." She keyed her access codes into the digital lock and stepped back so Andi could open the doors and enter first.

Andi nodded and stepped in first and looked around "okay, you were correct in calling Security" she said and stepped carefully "watch where you step" she added as she went deeper into the store sniffing, what is that acrid odour?" She asked.

The sight of the inside of her storefront was enough to break Katie's heart. Furniture had been upended and destroyed, the baked goods that they had pre-prepared the night before had been thrown over walls and smeared everywhere. She sniffed back her tears as she stepped carefully through the front of the store, around the counter to the kitchen behind, a small cry escaping her lips.

Her kitchen had been destroyed. The fridges had been smashed and ingredients are strewn over the floor, the pantry had been ransacked, open bottles and containers are thrown everywhere, even the doors to the ovens had been smashed.

"The smell is chemicals," Katie spoke quietly, her voice wavering with emotion. "We use them to clean the kitchen every morning and night. We use a very small amount. Small amounts are safe for cleaning surfaces and utensils but when used liberally like this it becomes toxic." She could already feel the burn in her eyes from the chemicals lingering in the air. Walking across, she tried to activate the extractor fans, but nothing happened. "The extractors have been destroyed," she said quietly. "I don't know how long it will take to clean this up." With a sigh, she started walking toward the one last closed door in the back area of the store. "My office is over here. There's a small safe in there where I lock up valuables overnight. I'm guessing that'll all be gone."

"I see!" Andi said and tapped her Commbadge "Security I need you to deploy a chem hazard team to Katie's Shop, there are chemical spills all over the place" she said.

"Yes Commander" the reply came back.

She looked at Katie "okay Katie, is there anything missing, have a look without touching anything, we will need to dust for fingerprints and I would like to avoid further contamination of the crime scene" Andi said to the distraught young woman as she looked around.

Katie walked through the office, her expression now clearly betraying her confusion. The office itself looked entirely untouched. There was no damage, nothing had been touched, nothing had been opened, it was perfectly neat and tidy, exactly as it had been when she left yesterday. "Nothing was touched here," she said quietly. "The safe is still closed, everything else is exactly as it should be..." She turned and looked at Andi. "I don't get it?"

Andi was stopped from responding as the forensics team arrived "okay comb through this get any prints you can make allowances for the young lady here, but I want to know what actually went down, crimes like this are extremely rare in today's age, I have a feeling this is dressing for the real crime, so be wary" Andi said to the forensics team as the lead officer nodded and directed his men, she looked at Katie.

"Okay all this devastation, was window dressing for the real crime, the fact that nothing is missing means all this *indicates the produce carnage* is a diversion from what really went on here, if you have to touch something do it with the back of your hand, but have a proper look, yell if you find anything, I am going to speak to my team," Andi said.

Katie looked around and shook her head slightly, moving a few things on her desk, using a kitchen towel to open the drawer and door under her desk. "Nothing seems to have been touched, but I'll keep looking."

With a nod she walked off and let Katie look for herself, this was a puzzling event, a ship as big as this with its own civilian population was unique and crimes like this was unheard of within the Federation.

Even with the distance between them, Katie clearly heard the voice-over Andi's commbadge. "Security and medical - emergency on Holodeck seven."

Tapping her Commbadge "understood, get a team down there and secure holodeck 7 I am on my way, Lightfeather out" she responded and went back into the rear area "Katie I have to go to holodeck 7 we have have an issue there now please stay here, be careful in what you touch and move and if you see anything unusual speak to one of my officers, understood?" Andi asked with a friendly smile.

Katie nodded numbly as she continued looking around her office, trying to determine if there was anything that had actually been taken.

With that Andi left the shop and headed for the door and holodeck seven thinking 'oh hell what now! This is not good' to herself as she made a beeline for the turbo lift.


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