NCC - 77447 - B
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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 1:19pm by Commander Bianca Caselli & Briseis Kinsley

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Promenade

Katherine had been walking along the promenade, pausing to admire the dressed windows of the store fronts and the assortments of trinkets and chachkas on display. Now she was starting to question the sanity of the decision to take a walk. This was the kind of thing she had loved doing with Lucas. His days off had always been the same, they would indulge in breakfast on the promenade and then they'd stroll hand in hand through the shops. He'd always manage to find some little piece that was nothing short of completely kitschy that they'd no doubt go home and giggle about it for the next week.

At least, that's how it had been, until he got promoted. Since coming aboard the Dreadnought their relationship had been strained at best. He had been given a position as structural and environmental specialist and had a large team under him that he was overseeing, and she was just the wife sitting at home waiting for him.

Oh, she had made friends. She'd gone out and joined in activities and met other civilian wives, they had coffee dates and cocktail nights, they lamented the successes of their husbands and their own feelings of isolation, but it hadn't helped to ease the frustration that she was feeling at the situation she had found herself in.

Once upon a time he would rush home from work every afternoon, he couldn't wait to see her, he'd sweep her up in his arms and tell her he missed her and he loved her, and despite her half hearted attempts to protest his affections, she had loved every moment of it. She loved the fact that when they were together, he couldn't keep his hands off her, and she reciprocated. On many occasions she had been waiting in the doorway to the bedroom scantily clad in sexy lingerie, a bottle of wine in her hand.

Now...well. She sighed at the thought. Now she was just lucky if she was still awake when he got home. With another sigh, she sank down into a seat in front of the cupcake shop and picked up a menu, looking up a the doors to the store front, her eyes widening in surprise.

With the mid afternoon rush starting to slow, Katie had been about to take a break when the familiar face of Lucas slipped quietly up to the counter. Since she had opened, he had been a regular, usually calling in around mid morning each day to grab a cupcake and a coffee. It had been so regular now that she often found herself holding over an apple and caramel cupcake with buttercream because she knew they were his favourite and they often sold out quickly.

"Lucas," she exclaimed with surprise. "It's not often I see you twice in one day. I don't have any of your cupcakes left, but I do have a nice banana and cream cheese if you want to try that?"

He gave her an easy grin and leaned forward on the counter, lowering his voice as he spoke. "Actually, I'm here to place an order for something special for an incredible woman, think you can hook me up?"

The sound of Katie's laughter could be heard travelling into the seating around the outside of the small store, the sound making Katherine's heart hurt as she continued watching them over the edge of her menu. She watched as they interacted, the blonde woman was pretty, there was no doubt about that, and clearly they were familiar with each other, they laughed and joked like old friends, but there was something more than that. Their familiarity set her on edge. As he turned to walk out of the shop, Katherine watched as the blonde ducked around the side of the counter to walk him out, her hand resting on his arm as they talked in the doorway in hushed voices before Lucas finally walked away.

Watching as he left, Katherine felt a sea of anger welling up inside her as she set the menu down and stood up from the table, walking into the cupcake shop. "Who was that that was just in here?" she asked as she walked up to the counter.

"Oh, Lucas?" Katie smiled. "He's a regular, comes in every day for his cupcake and coffee," she said cheerfully. "What can I get for you?"

"I didn't see him with a cupcake?" Katherine prompted as she feigned interest in the display case of cupcakes.

Katie's smile faltered slightly. "No..." she pursed her lips momentarily. "He came in this morning for his cupcake, this was just a special visit. Now, what can I get you? I can recommend a double chocolate fudge cupcake? Or maybe one of the white chocolate cupcakes with fresh strawberry compote filling? Or..." She turned around to the counter behind her and opened up one of the doors on the refrigerator. "I have a couple of pineapple cupcakes with cheesecake filling left if that strikes your..." she turned back around with the sealed container in her hand, finding herself talking to an empty store. "Well, that was rude," she murmured as she put the cupcakes away.

As soon as Katie had turned her back, Katherine made her escape, the anger bubbling even more. She didn't need to ask him after all. The lying, cheating bastard was so blatant that he couldn't even be bothered to be discreet about it? It was clearly time to take matters into her own hands.


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