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Senior Staff Briefing

Posted on Thu May 14th, 2020 @ 9:17am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar & Lieutenant Midori Kimoto & Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask & Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Dreadnought Briefing Room

Staff Meeting - Post

The briefing room on the Dreadnought was nothing like any other ship Bianca had ever served on. It was massive, more like a situation room on a large scale ground-based facility actually. The kind of technology in use here aboard the ship was very similar to what she had seen on a trip to Starfleet Security a number of years ago.

Replicating a cup of coffee, she walked around, powering up the screens and syncing the PaDD she then placed at the head of the conference table for Captain Hood before taking a seat to the right and waited for the others to arrive.

Nim entered the briefing room, clearly bleary-eyed and not entirely awake. "Good morning Commander," she said with a faint smile as she headed for the replicator, ordering a raktajino, extra strong, extra sweet. Holding it up to her face, she inhaled deeply before taking a sip. "Mmmmmm... sweet, sweet caffeine," she exhaled slowly before turning and heading back to the table to take a seat.

When Midori got the briefing announcement, she didn't want to be late, but she didn't quite know where everything was. She finally found it. The door swooshed open and she just stood at the doorway for a moment. She saw someone drinking coffee so she glanced around to see where the replicator was and then walked inside. "Hello." She got herself a cup, but she then realized that she didn't know where to sit. On the other ship she served on, the CO had assigned seating, but here, she wasn't sure. So, she went ahead and chose a seat anywhere, figuring someone would correct her if need be.

Bianca smiled and nodded at the helm officer as she entered before turning her attention back to the PaDD in front of her, sipping at her coffee as she read over the data it contained while she waited for Hood to arrive.

Nim smiled and nodded as Midori sat. "You must be the new helm officer," she said between sips of coffee. "I'm Nim, Chief Medical Officer. Nice to finally meet you."

"Yes, I am. Thank you." Midori took a small sip of hers, thinking about how fast news travelled through such a huge ship. "Chief Medical Officer, good to know. I'm Midori," She paused for a second, "Lieutenant Midori Kimoto."

Mark made his way to the briefing, eager to get the details on what lay ahead, hoping that it wouldn't be as backroom dealing, covert ops tainted like earlier. Something simple and straight forward would be nice. He was sure Ayla would be along presently so walking into the room where three women waited, that was a change of things considering usually the Captain would be the one waiting.

"Ladies," Mark greeted, walking to the desk. It was the first time he'd been in here; large, spacious. "Some new faces?" Mark was quick to recognise the First Officer since she spent a fair deal on the Bridge.

Midori looked at who came in and quietly sighed with relief. She had been keeping an eye on the doorway as she nervously waited for the Commanding Officer to walk in. She had heard of Hood but had never seen him before. She observed the Chief Tactical Officer for a moment then resumed looking towards the door.

Ayla entered the briefing room and settled next to Mark, giving him a soft kiss/lick on his cheek. She then looked over the many new crewmembers; all senior staff with promising careers ahead of them. Some she knew already from serving with them. Others in the occasional passing as just another face in the hallways going about their business.

Still finding her footing, having not long begun to sort out her department, and what a mess there was; such a large ship her job would not be easy. With Padd in hand, Andi arrived at the briefing and took a seat. "Hello all," Lightfeather said.

Xavier was still uneased by the departure of BJ, his life torn apart by one mission and it was hard to remain positive in anything else. While he continued his duties he started feeling a lack of zeal or interest to keep him peeked. While on Earth he put feelers out about running his own practice but had not heard anything back yet and now he found himself on the ship again and yet another briefing. While Xavier was the Dean of Medicine, he'd noticed that the ships Chief Medical Officer were present. That in itself was not a problem as he'd mostly leave the Chief to run things, but it never hurt to get a heads up personally. Walking in he noticed others were present; a nod in silence and he quickly took his seat to look over some information on a PaDD.

Thinking to herself 'Ah I am the new kid on the block! Not too talkative are they?' one of the females asked herself, but otherwise remained silent as all the crew were arriving.

Midori wasn't much of a people person and still isn't. As crewmembers started coming in, she was growing more uncomfortable. And, although she was working on it, not knowing anyone wasn't going to make it any easier.

Nim smiled reassuringly at Midori before turning her attention back to the rest of the table. "Commander Patrovski," she said warmly as he entered. "Nice to see you," she offered before turning toward Mark. "Commander Bawden, I believe? Nice to finally meet you, I haven't had the pleasure yet, but I do recognise your picture from your medical profile."

Bianca set her mug on the table in front of her as she watched the newcomers walking in. "Grab drink folks and get comfortable," she said cheerfully. "Captain Hood shouldn't be too far away, so hopefully we won't be too long before we can kick-off."

Jack never liked meetings. He was a soldier; point A to point B and get the job done. While meetings helped gather information on a mission tasking, so could the same be read on a screen. Walking into the Briefing Room he saw others assembled and some he didn't know, no doubt that would change in time. He did notice the Captain had not turned up yet. "Xavier, long time no see." Jack had heard about BJ, that was tough, but Xavier had friends to support him.

Zan was rushing to the meeting having been caught up on checking the fighter placements and supplies. The number of hangers available on the ship was numerous, but at the moment he just cared about one, where his fighter was stationed. Caught between a fast walk and a light jog he made his way to the Turbolift that would ferry him to the meeting, hoping he wouldn't be late. Fortune, at least this time, seemed to be smiling on him; no sign of the Captain and others were still present and looking to settle in.

Looking over at an officer that seemed uncomfortable and decided to introduce herself to Midori. "Hello Lieutenant...?" a female began.

Midori turned towards who was talking to her, "Lieutenant Kimoto. I'm the new Helm Officer. And you?" The first thought she had earlier when this officer walked in was, how tall she was.

"I am the ships new Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather. I am new here and I am still finding my feet, but I need to get to know the crew. Have you been here long?" She asked.

Midori shook her head, "I just got here myself. This ship is really huge. I come from an Intrepid Class ship."

"Nice. The last ship I was on was also an Intrepid-class. I am still getting used to the ship as large as this, and I am realizing that I will have my work cut out for myself," Lightfeather said.

"Me too," Midori added. "I'm going to have to get familiar with a ship this big. There are things that an Intrepid can do that a ship of this size can."

"This is true; being Chief of Security on what is essentially a mobile battle station will not be easy. I have a feeling my previous XO positions will seem like child's play compared to the task I got ahead of me," Andi responded.

Midori agreed, "I bet."

With a nod and a smile, she returned her attention to the briefing which looked like it was almost ready to start.

Armed with a pair of PaDD's, James walked in and saw that others were already gathered. Was he late? He didn't see the Captain so that meant he might be fortunate. James had been busy running diagnostics and tests since the stint in orbit saw teams of engineers from the UP run around 'updating' things. Which any engineer knew meant fingers and hands were on everything changing it. The information he had was to confirm that everything was running normally and highlight the changes that were made. Taking a vacant seat, he waited for the show to kick off.

Skovik entered and took a seat with a nod to those people that he recognized. Those faces were few, and the Vulcan knew he would have to make more of an effort to learn about these people.

Captain William Hood walked in all business and ready to work. "Seats please." He was ready to get underway and get the job done, lives were potentially at stake. "Time is short and our window of operation is time-sensitive." Hood pulled up a holographic representation of where they were going; The Kaus Borealis System. "19 days ago contact was lost with the Excelsior Class, U.S.S. Bainbridge. Her orders were to conduct a covert observation of a developing species on the border of Federation territory." The display slowly rotated showing the planned path of the Bainbridge to its last reported position.

"Why we are observing them I do not know; if it was vital I would have been briefed on it. What we do know is that species is pre-space; no satellites in orbit or any observed space program to speak of. So in essence that civilization was a zero category threat to the Bainbridge." William paused a breath, a moment. "Our mission is to find out what happened, if able, render assistance, but it is imperative we leave a zero presence footprint and report back to command."

That was easier said than done on any other day, how does one hide the largest ship in service? Thankfully where they were going they had no space program, but that didn't mean they couldn't take a look. "We are going to position ourselves on the dark side of the nearby moon, entering the system with the sun to our stern which should blind anyone from seeing us approach. Once there, we will conduct scans, launch probes, do what we need to in order to locate the Bainbridge or at the very least find out what happened to her.....Questions?"

Bianca steepled her fingers against her chin, contemplating for a moment before she turned toward Ayla. "It might pay to see if we have any historical data in the computer for the region," she mused. "Look for any history of spatial anomalies or other events that may have impacted the Bainbridge."

Turning her attention toward the Chief Tactical Officer, Bianca nodded at Mark as well. "I think it would also be a good idea to check and see if we can work out who else has been in the area, just so we have that information available if we need it."

"Commander Patrovski, Lieutenant Vixil, I would also recommend you prepare sickbay. Again, not knowing entirely what we're dealing with it's hard to be prepared for every eventuality, but we may see an influx of medical emergencies." Bianca glanced around the table, contemplating the situation at hand.

"Are there any logged data uplinks from their mainframe? It may provide useful information should some system have become corrupt or have data altered by a third party," Skovik said quietly, his eyes carefully watching everyone at the table.

Listening to the brief, Andromeda raised her hand and introduced herself to the Captain. "Commander Lightfeather, Sir. Security Chief. I have a concern with such information is corrupt speaking from a strict security point of view, if those data uplinks are compromised then they could affect ships systems and from what little I have seen so far this ship is essentially a floating starbase and there are, I have noted, a number of, shall we say, less than reputable people on the ship in the civilian areas. I would not want to risk the safety of the ship should our computers be compromised, Captain. Might I suggest if we have to get the information, that it is downloaded onto an isolated mobile computer drive and examined on a closed system to make sure it is indeed safe to put into the ships main database?" Lightfeather asked. "I am wary of such events like what happened to the ship," she clarified.

Hood listened to the two officers and combined his response. "Admirable, but unnecessary, Commander. The only information received by command it is routine, position, observation updates and Captain's log. I got this information from the Admiral at Command. They have no doubt gone over it several times for reports and investigations to be made prior to sending us out, if there was something then they would have found it and as you see, there is very little data to actually go on." Hood replied. "The biggest issue is the ship, getting into the system unseen. Lieutenant Kimoto..." Yes, the Captain knew of her, he knew of all new staff that were on the Bridge. "I'd like your recommendations for system entry and remaining undetected within the hour." He paused but for a moment. "Anything else?"

The only information received by command was routine? A single vulcan eyebrow lifted slightly at that statement, which since the Bainbridge did have an Intelligence officer was patently untrue. He would have to make a subtle inquiry.

"If I may?" Zeri Zanti leaned forward in her seat to rest her elbows on the table. When she had arrived or indeed whether she'd been there all along, we will just never know. Internal sensors might shed some light on the matter, but who had time for all that? Rerouting resources just to nail down someone's arrival time... What was important was that she was there now and she looked absolutely radiant. Oh she was in standard-issue uniform and her simple pinned up hair was within regulations, but she was absolutely radiant. It wasn't the same glow newly pregnant women acquired and she'd thank you very much not to even suggest such a thing in the wake of her activities the night prior, but it was most certainly the prior night's activities that had her looking so fine, present and rhapsodic. "Do you have at your disposal a detailed manifest of the Bainbridge crew? Exploring their personnel files may provide an idea or direction..." She splayed the fingers of her upturned hands and shrugged. "It would be a start. One other thing. Nineteen days - does that strike you as a long period of time for a Starfleet vessel to maintain a zero contact state without Starfleet intervention? I'm wondering if there were other vessels sent to investigate before our assignment."

During all this Andi remained silent; she had spoken of her concerns; the rest now was up to those who worked on the bridge.

"I'll make all the information I have available - manifests - I'd like engineering to look over maintenance logs to make sure nothing was missed or anything sticks out. It's been some time since Starfleet was in that area beyond a regional survey so I suspect that things will have changed over the natural course of time. Lt Luthar, when we arrive prepare a recon flight, the small craft will be harder to see than the ship itself."

Midori didn't have any questions...for now.

Bianca nodded. "Very well, we have a couple of days of travel up our sleeves to make sure our plans are concrete and we're ready to go. I will meet with each of you individually to go over things before we arrive. Any final questions? Concerns?"

Andi shook her head, at this moment in time, she did not have any questions left to ask.

"Very well, thank you for your time, you're all dismissed." Bianca watched in silence as the crew filed out of the room, leaving her sitting at the conference table, staring at the PaDD in front of her. There was something about this mission that just didn't sit right with her.


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