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A Social Engagement

Posted on Thu Apr 16th, 2020 @ 6:44am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Ensign Nielan Peperell

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Ships Lounge

The entire crew had been recalled from shore leave, with the ship now just waiting on some final supplies before they could leave. The ship’s lounge was at capacity; it seemed like everyone had the same idea - a few drinks, a meal and some socialization.

Nim walked into the lounge and grabbed a drink, grateful for the noise that surrounded her. There was something comforting about the noise that engulfed her. The last thing she wanted to do was to stay in her quarters, alone with her thoughts tonight. She needed social interaction, she needed to not think. Taking her drink, she walked across to a table and slid into an empty seat. "Hope you don't mind if I join? Looks like everyone had the same idea tonight."

"I hope it ends up being everyone. I haven't seen my marine in a while and to tell you the truth, I've been missing him. I'm hoping the invitation to the lounge makes it through his workload." Acacia smiled at Nim, gesturing with her glass at the closed door.

“Whose workload,” Lt. Zanti asked as she appeared at the table with three small glasses of something bright green and emitting vapors. She was not swaying or moving with obvious signs of intoxication, but her cheeks were flushed and her smile was perhaps just a bit too large. She had been in the lounge for nearly an hour and while many of those enjoying the atmosphere were still in their uniforms, Zeri was in casual attire that showcased her physique and features. She was still trying to shake the strange experience she and a handful of the female crew had not too long ago; an unanticipated displacement during transport, detainment and loss of time culminating in their sudden appearance on the promenade. The investigation into those strange occurrences was ongoing, but if you asked Zeri, it was not receiving the attention it deserved. As far as she could tell, the women - two of whom were seated at the table before her - had been abducted and that guaranteed whoever was behind it had ill intentions. And since they didn’t know how it had happened in the first place, what was to stop it from happening again?

But even with the news of their impending departure from Earth’s orbit in route to their next mission, a more pressing matter was on the Chief Counselor’s mind and it was no recent development. Since the death of her husband four years prior, she’d been searching for some means to plug that emotional hole in her life. As a therapist, she was satisfied with her work and convinced that she’d accepted his death, but as a widow - as a woman - there were certain aspects of her husband’s passing which left her...unsatisfied. And it was the ongoing search to fill that void which found her so often in one lounge or another. The Dreadnought was a huge ship and Zeri thought herself careful, taking precautions to ward against untoward rumors, but there were those who might insinuate, and arguably so, that she had, in some fashion or another, a reputation for being a minx - lower deck gossip being what it was.

A large felinoid stepped into the lounge. He had to duck as he entered due to his large size. His tiger-like fur was smooth and glistened in the lighting and he was dressed in marine fatigues except he was barefoot. He glanced around the lounge until he saw Nim and a couple of others. They seemed to be in deep conversation so he took a seat at an empty table and ordered a large whiskey.

Ayla walked into the lounge, eyes darting over those gathered. She had her hand grasping lightly Mark's, as he followed her. She spotted the big feliniod and her eyes narrowed a bit, steeling herself for the upcoming 'cat-n-mouse' jokes. She had already one encounter with a feline and she still bore the mark from that. Her mind raced through subspecies of space traveling felines. She looked up at her mate as he said something so that she could hear. Eyes sparkled with warmth as she quietly responded back with a soft squeak/giggle.

Acacia grinned, her eyes tracking the people in the room before turning her attention back to Zeri. "My partner is the Marine Commander onboard. So...Jack's workload definitely. My work is mostly on a schedule. " She waved to Nielan, who was just entering to Lounge.

The tall man caught the wave and nodded back to her. He was inwardly pleased to be agknowledged by the table of ladies. Getting himself a drink and a fried chicken BLT with ranch dressing, he came to join them. "Acacia. Might I join you and your friends?"

Shoving over so there was room between her and Zeri, Acacia gestured for Nielan to take the seat there. "Nielan, meet Zeri and Nim."

“Zeri Zanti,” the Counselor introduced herself with a light handshake. “So you are the acclaimed Nielan. I have reviewed your file on numerous occasions, but the rumors never seem to make it onto our permanent records, do they?” This was not the actual truth, at least in this case. There were several rumors which had been noted in Nielan’s file, but Zeri had not yet had any need to pull the file. In fact, she wasn’t even aware of Nielan until this very moment, but she was teasing.

Krahl sat at his table and downed the first large whiskey as soon as it arrived then ordered another. He glanced over at the group as it grew larger still. He knew enough of human social etiquette to know that was considered rude to join when not invited. He sat back, the chair creaked under his shifted weight. He waved to the waiter and cancelled the drink order before he stood up and left.

Ayla split up from Mark as something came up that needed his immediate attention. She turned and walked right into the path of Krahl. "Squea - oooof!" Grabbing onto him to prevent herself from falling to the floor. Looking up at Krahl. "Excuze mez." She was wearing civilian attire with her combadge.

Turning, Nim nodded politely toward Nielan. "Nice to meet you," she said with a smile. "Everyone glad to be off shoreleave and ready to face whatever gets thrown at us next?" she asked lightly.

“Was there shoreleave?” Zeri asked with feigned disbelief. “It must have gone by so fast I completely missed it.”

Nielan turned dark eyes to Zeri and smiled mysteriously. "Some of the rumors might even be true, depending on who you talk to."

This table had gotten crowded and there just didn’t seem to be enough room beneath for all their feet. That would explain why Zeri’s kept bumping into Nielan’s. “Oh I’ve no doubt some of those rumors are true. But do tell, which ones exactly?”

Bianca laughed as she took an available seat, a glass of spring wine in her hand. "You should never admit whether rumors are true or not, don't you know you should always keep them guessing," she said cheerfully before turning to Nim. "I believe the Captain intends to call a senior staff meeting tomorrow, so we may as well enjoy this down time while we can. It may be the last we get for a while."

"I find the opposite is true. It leaves people wondering which are true, and which are not" Nielans eyes gleamed amusement, tipping his head to Nim.

Ayla split up from Mark as something came up that needed his immediate attention. She turned and walked right into the path of Krahl. "Squea - oooof!" Grabbing onto him to prevent herself from falling to the floor. Looking up at Krahl. "Excuze mez." She was wearing civilian attire with her combadge.

Bianca shuffled her chair toward Acacia to make room for Ayla to join them at the tables before waving the mousian over, her attention drifting momentarily to the exiting form of Krahl before she shook her head slightly and turned back to the table again.

Ayla moved from the tall Kzinti, catching the wave out of the corner of her eye closest to the group. She moved on over, snagging an empty chair from a nearby table and taking her spot at the table. "Squeeeaah." in form of greeting to those present. Seeing new faces amongst the more familiar ones. “Whots up?”

Nim laughed in response to Nielan. "It's also likely to get you into trouble if someone thinks you're completely up to no good," she said with a laugh.

"Right!" Bianca stated firmly. "I need another drink, I'm heading to the bar. Who wants one? My treat!" She grinned as she stood up from her seat and glanced around the table, ready to take orders.

“Oh none for me Commander. I think I’ve had more than enough.” Zeri gave Nielan a pointed look and stood from the table, careful to lay a hand atop his shoulder in the process. “Enjoy your evening, everyone.”

She moved away from the table, waved to someone near the bar and by pure coincidence find a reason to linger near the exit.

Nim suppressed a small smile as she saw the interaction between Zeri and Nielan and shook her head. "I think I'm done for the evening too. I have an early start tomorrow, lots of new crew requiring medicals and all that." Finishing her drink, she set the empty glass on the table and stood up. "Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Ayla nodded as she stood up and replaced the chair she had grabbed. Ayla scampered off to the bar, greeting some of the crew she knew.


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