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An Adventure Goes Awry

Posted on Sat Feb 29th, 2020 @ 8:04am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Unknown

Bianca walked into the transporter room, smiling at the others, silently pleased that she was neither the first to arrive, nor the last. She had taken the time to change into something more appropriate for the surface, opting for jeans, boots and a dressy top, pulling her hair up into a quick pony tail before heading toward the transporter room. She wasn't entirely sure where they were headed, but Acacia had mentioned a Japanese spa. Either way, she was looking forward to the company of the other women.

Nim and Amélie arrived at the transporter room at the same time, having met at the turbolift near their individual quarters, laughing as they stepped through the doors at a story Nim was recounting from her last trip to Earth.

"Who are we still waiting on?" Nim asked, glancing around at the group.

Ayla and Miracle arrived via internship transporter. As soon as they were released from ‪the transporter‬ field. Hearing the last part of Nim's question. "Wez here." Ayla wearing a simple sleeveless sundress, sandals and Miracle wearing a matching dress and sandals. Both stepped off the transporter pad open it up for others to arrive and to prep it for their off ship trip.

"Just a moment Ma'am, the transporters are showing a minor glitch," the transporter operator spoke, a confused expression on his face before he shook his head. "Never mind, it's fixed itself. Alright, ladies, I've got your destination programmed in as Kayco Vivid Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku. If you'd all like to step up we can have you on your way."

Bianca smiled and nodded. "Of course Ensign, thank you," she offered before stepping up onto the transporter pad, waiting for the others to join her.

Acacia simply leaned away from the console and smiled. She'd been first there to program the destination- it had after all been her idea. "It's a lovely place. If you've never been then it's quite the destination for all kinds of relaxation."

Joining Bianca on the transporter pad, Nim stepped to the back straight away to make it easier for everyone else to find an appropriate space.

Following suit, Amélie stepped up and moved to the back as well. "You know, I don't know that I've ever actually spent any time in Japan. I've heard that some of their cuisine absolutely must be tried though! Alain always talked about us spending time there on shore leave and doing a food holiday. We just never find the time." She turned toward Acacia curiously. "Have you tried those pancakes that look like giant marshmallow clouds? We definitely have to find time to eat while we're down there!"

Lt. Zanti slipped inside the Transporter room, looking quite differently than she had a short while ago. Her tall heels raised her ankles off the ground high enough to turn them into clappers beneath a pair of flare-bottomed white pants so bright they may have provoked shadows from those nearby. Her green top zipped up the side, a design whose fastening some would find awkward to navigate. It fit snug enough to disprove her recent claims that she had put on any weight or had any to lose - though those who’d just seen her in the Holodeck already knew better. Her hair was down loose with braided bands along the temple areas pinned back with her Communicator badge.

“Sorry. I know I’m late, sorry. Some of us had more clothes to put on and I needed a moment to get over my embarrassment.” Zeri spotted Ayla and her child and hurriedly moved over to them. She gave Ayla an apologetic look and kneeling down resting her elbows on her knees, smiled at the young Miracle Mousian from eye level. “I hope you weren’t frightened or upset over what you saw earlier. If you or your mother wish to speak to me about it later, I will certainly understand. But for now, let’s try to enjoy the upcoming adventure, yes?”

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"Okay ladies, standing by for transport and enjoy your trip to Japan." The transporter gave the gathering of females a quick smile as his fingers slid across the console. "Initiating transport..."

The transporter started to energize, then the beam flickered and faded before correcting itself, well, almost. Transport was complete, for all except Miracle who stood alone on the transporter PaDD, a thoroughly confused expression on her little face as she looked around, trying to comprehend what had happened.


The transport had been completed, only it was not the luxury spa in the middle of Kyoto that the gathering of Females from the Dreadnought found themselves in, instead they were cloaked by darkness.

Bianca blinked slowly, hoping her eyes would adjust to the light. "I think something malfunctioned with ‪the transporter‬, is everyone okay?" she asked, instincts warning her to keep her voice as soft as possible. "Don't move, just tell me you're all okay."

The pitch darkness took Acacia by surprise and she reached out to touch deckplating. It was vibrating slightly, a hum of power and conduit. Wherever they were, it was man-made. "As okay as I can be.”

Amélie felt sick as her feet touched the solid ground beneath her. She drew in a few deep breaths and took a moment to compose herself. "I'm not hurt," she whispered back softly. "Did the transporter malfunction?"

As soon as they materialized Nim realised something had gone wrong. "I don't know, but this definitely isn't a spa in Japan..." she shuffled slightly toward the direction Acacia's voice had come from, holding one hand out in front of her.

“My ocular implants have some low light capabilities,” Zeri chimed in and she could be heard by the click click of her heels to be walking slowly along the near perimeter of the room or structure. “Definitely not a natural structure. Metallic deck plating and some sort of markings on the wall, but I don’t recognize them.” She retrieved her commbadge from her hair and it beeped as she gave it a quick tap. “Zanti to Dreadnought.”

There was no response. No click, no static, no voices, just silence.

Bianca sighed softly and rubbed her temples with her fingertips. "I get the feeling we aren't in Kansas any more."


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