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First Date Part 3

Posted on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:48am by Major Samantha Snyder & Annabelle Fontaine
Edited on on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:49am

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Dreadnought-B: Holo-deck // Annabelle's Quarters

Without conscious thought Samantha's face turned into Annabelle's hand. Why did I do that? She asked herself when she realised but by this point the hand now rested on her shoulder. "You.....think so?" She asked some what shocked that someone would notice something like that, of her.

Annabelle just nodded as she took a step closer to Samantha. "Definitely." Voice dropping even softer. While keeping eye contact with Samantha, swaying gently to the music.

Confidence emboldened slightly Samantha's hold softened as Annabelle took another step towards her. From here Sam could smell the faint hint of a perfume, couldn't put her finger on the scent, floral maybe? Annabelle's hair swayed with just as much grace as Annabelle did and being this close Samantha could almost match it. A faint smile grace Sam's face, she was dancing and complimented, and so far no toes mashed for it. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Annabelle gave a soft smile at Samantha, seeing her relax a bit even with a smile. "You look even prettier when you smile," Stepping close as her hand on Samantha's waist slid a bit towards her back to accommodate being closer to Samantha. "Can you stay the night?" A bit bold, yet still in the soft voice.

"I umm...." What was this? What happened to the Major she knew herself to be? Had Annabelle stripped her of that shell and left her with nought but the woman inside? "I wouldn't want to impose. My sleeping pattern is choatic at best. 4am wake up. Gym then duties. It wouldnt be fair on you after your hospitality."

"You decide what's best for you. I am enjoying the time we're together." Annabelle spoke softly, giving Samantha a hug, gently pressing herself against Samantha as they swayed to the music. "I hope you are to." She muzzled her face into Samantha's hair at her neck.

"If you are sure." Samantha replied copying the posture Annabelle had taken and too rested her head on Annabelle's shoulder. Something about this just felt comfortable, it was difficult to put her finger on. The music was nice, the dancing simple enough once she got into the gentle sway of it but for now she'd live for the moment.

Annabelle sensing that Samantha was relaxing a bit more, "I'm sure." Softly into Samantha's ear. She let her hand roam down Samantha's back till rested on her derriere. "Mmmmm.. this is nice." Speaking softly.

Smiling Samantha just continued to sway gently. "You know, dancing here bare footed has undone the massage work you put in earlier." She chuckled to herself. Annabelle's hand on her though where it was didn't shock her as much as she thought it would. Many times in the past during training or combat that quarters were close to the point where bodies were touching, inappropriate or not it didn't register and this was just like that. Still, she smiled remembering hearing some say she had a nice backside.

Annabelle gave a soft laugh at hearing Samantha, "I can fix real quick," pulling away just enough to give Samantha a caressing kiss on the lips as she gave Samantha's derriere a quick squeeze. "And then some." Hugging Samantha to her a bit more tighter, pressing her breasts into Samantha's.

Well if that did slap her with a hint, nothing would. Annabelle was into women. Thing was, was Samantha? The kiss was not unpleasant, slightly overwhelming but aside from that. She expected new things would be experienced, was being with another woman a bad thing? She doubted it would effect her working position but still, surprise rang clear. "I um.. I should tell you I'm this."

Annabelle gave a soft smile, "There is nothing to be afraid of." Giving Samantha a soft warm smile, once gain giving a soft caress to Samantha's face as she bushed her hair back behind her ears. "Just relax do what is comfortable for you."

Annabelle stepped back and removed her top, exposing herself. She had a nice in-shape womanly body that was much softer than Samantha's. She tossed her top to the side. Moving closer to her again to undo Samantha's dress.

Samantha held on to Annabelle once she felt her hands creep to the zip along her spine. Annabelle was trying to keep her comfortable but all this was new, partly shocking to her that she saw herself this way. "Slowly." She was washed away by a sea of emotions, sensations and thoughts.

Annabelle nodded as she slipped the dress from Samantha's shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. "Mmmmm..." Softly as she took a moment to admire Samantha's feminine physique. "You are a beautiful woman," Smiling with warmth as she resumed the hug and gentle caressing.

Standing only in the black lace underwear she held Annabelle close, almost afraid of looking at her in case something were to go wrong. She could not believe that Annabelle had swept her soo effectively from the Major to simply Samantha, showed her what being a woman could be like instead of a Marine and now she found herself in this situation and she felt somewhat ok with it. Surprised sure, slightly shocked, but ok.

Annabelle seeing Samantha a bit shy, moved her to the couch and lowered her to it. She settled in next to her to embrace her and give soft caressing kisses to Samantha.

... Fade to Black ...

Several hours later a soft chiming sounded just enough to wake someone up without being jarred to hell and back. There was a slight aroma and sounds of good coffee being brewed as it wafted through quarters. Annabelle laid snuggled up to Samantha in the bed that barely held the both of them. She was sound asleep with her hair partially covering her face and an arm draped across Samantha's stomach.

Cringling with the face of protest at being pulled from a sleeping state Samantha rubbed her eyes. At first nothing registered but seconds granted her sensation, sensation gave her the feeling of weight against her, a bed that didn't quiet feel like her own and the underwear on the floor looked very familiar. She turned her head to see Annabelle sleeping [i]Ohhh my god....what did I do?[/i] Then images came flooding back, memories, feelings and a wave of warmth over her coupled with a smile. "What is that noise?" She grumbled. A weak alarm if there was one.

Within eyes sight in red flashing colors were showing the time. 0400 hrs. In time with the soft, yet annoying chimes of the alarm. Annabelle stirred, shifted and fell off the bed on her side, naked. "Offfmph!" Taking some of the blankets with her. "Sheesh! I'm awake ... stop alarm!" Annabelle spoke grumpy. Never in her life she fell out of bed before, except when she was a very young toddler.

"You ok?" Samantha learned to the side she fell off peering over the edge to the crumpled heap on the floor with sheets

Annabelle untangled herself from the blankets and tossed them onto the bed into Samantha's face unwittingly. She done the typical morning scratches, stretches and wondered why she set the alarm so friggen early. "I'm fine."

Samantha was left wondering over the events of the night, she couldn't believe she did that. She was not ashamed of what she did because she was a grown woman capable of making her own damn mind up. It was new for her however. "You um....are you ok...about last night?"

Annabelle stood up giving Samantha a warm smile. "I'm fine." She walked to the refresher. "I've had women lovers before. I hope you enjoyed being with me." Then it dawned on her why she set the alarm so early. She stopped and looked at Samantha. "I don't know your plans for the day so I set the alarm early so you wouldn't be late for what ever it is."

"Oh." Samantha was learning much about Annabelle it seemed. "I did, it, different. Nothing like I expected." She replied as she shuffled to the edge of the bed. "Nothing I can't put off." She stretched with the odd crack of protesting bones. "Would you like something to eat?"

Annabelle paused. "Sure, Lets freshen up first. Then have a nibble on you." The back light from the refresher playing over her feminine physique along with the shadows. She smiled lustfully at Samantha sitting on her bed with the light and shadows as her only clothing. "Mmmmmm...."


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