NCC - 77447 - B
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By The Skin Of Ones Teeth

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 1:28pm by Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Starfleet Command. Earth.

6 days had passed since the Dreadnought returned from what should have been a simple delivery mission turned secret revealing rescue. Captain Hood didn't know it but by dragging behind him the wreck of the disabled Akira class that attacked him, the sensor logs, testimonies of the crew and those 'rescued' from the disabled Akira he'd made himself untouchable....this time.

Command was however equally as interested in knowing everything they could while other elements were just as keen to keep secrets just that, secret. The destruction of the base didn't go unnoticed as long range sensors picked up the energy burst, the gravitational shift was also detected now that the planet had become an expanding debris cloud.

The disabled Akira was towed to UP Shipyards where a detailed and in depth examination was conduct on it and eye brows were raised when UP reported the vessel was not constructed by them.

In the meantime the crew following interviews by both Command and Starfleet Security, Intelligence and Medical were permitted to enjoy some R&R on Earth which to little surprise most did.

Captain Hood was told that a top level investigation would be carried out relating to the facility but part of him hinted that it would be just like many other things, brushed under the carpet. Starfleet Engineering was keen to go over the Valkryie class Dreadnought following its engagement for information, simulations and testing.

It came as no surprise that some of the crew including civilian right up to senior staff had elected to depart from the vessel, the unpredictability of the service was hard to account for.

The Office of Personnel had yet to inform him of who would be replacing, if any, so at best he would be forced to make do with the situation as it stood and hope for something later on.

Currently Will sat in his temporary quarters in the Headquarters building, making it easier for him to attend meetings or be summoned if needed. He sat watching the rain thinking how peaceful it was, how things seemed simple in comparison to what the last few days had yanked from the bag that contained the unknown and the unexpected. Food had been something of a struggle for him, hunger seemed fleeting, desire to eat equally so as report after report piled up on the desk.

His computer had a string of communications waiting for him that he didn't have the energy to face after meeting more Admirals and facing more questions than he'd done so during his career to date.

All Will could do, was hope that the next mission would come soon, with less hidden secrets.


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