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First Date Part 2

Posted on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:47am by Major Samantha Snyder & Annabelle Fontaine
Edited on on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:49am

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Dreadnought-B: Holo-deck // Annabelle's Quarters

Finger foods were available to munch on at leisure along with drinks of all sorts, yet people were talking and interacting with each other than drinking. Music started up some place as the Ad Hoc band began playing some snazzy jazz number.

Annabelle turned to Samantha, "Come on! Lets dance!" Grabbing Samantha's hand and nearly jerked her off her feet by the sudden movement to lead her to where the others were beginning to gather for the impromptu dancing off to one side of the Jazz Players. Filling in the third point of the Triangle.

Zero time to protest Samantha was hauled out to the dance floor. "I um....." She could see others dancing and glad they were not looking. "I've never really danced." Ballroom dancing back in the day when she graduated hardly suited this particular setting. But more over, dancing with another woman. It was not that it was a strange event, in this day and age nobody cared, people were accepted for who they were. Worry started to show, first a social gathering, now dancing. Too much too soon or overwhelming she wasn't yet sure.

"Relax, find the beat that moves you. We can start out slow." Annabelle spoke softly, just loud enough to be heard. She was swaying to the music. Her hair swaying as she gracefully gyrated with the music. "Don't tell me you never danced before?"

Annabelle's question didn't help Samanthas already diminished confidence and her own demons sat comfortable on her shoulder reminding her she didn't belong here. Eventually nerves won out. "I need to go." She turned and trying to fight the tears she filtered through the people. "Arch." She hadn't even taken 5 paces before she removed her heels, blasted things were difficult for her to walk in since she couldn't even remember the last time she had.

Annabelle followed and helped Samantha remove her high heels by giving her a place to hold onto. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't've asked that question. Let me make it up to you. Come to my quarters and I'll give you a foot massage."

Annabelle apologised to the hostess across the room for their sudden departure, as she went with Samantha.

Seeing Annabelle was genuine about her apology Samantha agreed to return with her to her quarters. Everything happened so quickly, exposed to things as a woman but also out of uniform and not a marine came hard and hit her fast leaving her confused and unsteady. "Ok."

The trip back to Annabelle's quarters went quickly and there was less people about. Annabelle looked thoughtful, and thankful that Samantha came with her. At least the evening wasn't a total bust. Annabelle hit her private stash of the good liquor her friends and family sent her. She poured several fingers of booze into a glass and added a few ice cubes. "Have a seat." Annabelle kicked off her shoes and let them lay where they fell.

Annabelle waving a hand about the neatly furnished quarters. A desk messy with school stuff. comfortable looking sofa that could easily dual as a bed with fluffy throw pillows. Several chairs with class schedules and teaching books on them. Pictures of Annabelle with friends from growing up and through her college years.

Samantha walked in following her and seeing everything laid out as it was. It had an organised yet causal feel to it. Nothing like her quarters at all and surprisingly welcoming. Samantha took a seat that was offered noting how comfy the sofa actually was. Civilian life had its perks thats for sure.

"I'm really sorry for being insensitive. Maybe I should've helped you out a bit."
Annabelle spoke handing her the glass with the high grade booze. She sat on the floor at Samantha and picked up her foot and began to gently massage them, even the individual toes. "Once I get done here, I can teach you some of the more slow dances."

"It's ok. I just..." Samantha paused as she thought on what happened. "Being social is something at best for me was official functions, gatherings, meeting new CO's that kind of thing. Outside of that it's nothing special, if anything at all really." Then came the thought on dancing. "Teach a marine to dance, that's inviting danger." She laughed at herself feeling silly.

"You would be surprised at how graceful a Marine is once they get the feel of dancing. It helps develop a rhythm and grace in their movements even in unarmed combat." Annabelle looked up at Samantha from her spot on the floor before her, starting on the second foot. "Besides every woman should be graceful. Ever think of Marching as choreographed movement? Put it to music and it comes to an organised dance. Only dancing as a civilian, we tend to be a bit more looser, yet in synch with our partner movement."

"Dancing for me is being lucky enough to not fall flat on my face." Samantha spoke as Annabelle massaged her feet. Inwardly the act was relaxing, strange how something so simple could have such an impact.

Annabelle stood up after she finished the foot massage, holding out her hand. "Come on," Then pitched her voice different and called out a tune that was smooth with a slow rhythm to it. "Don't worry about my feet. You ain't wearing your clod-hopper to squish me toes." Giving her a warm inviting smile.

"I don't need boots to do that." Samantha said hesitantly as she took Annabelle's hand and stood up. She was nervous, dancing, seemingly to her so unmarine like but at the same time Annabelle was showing her that being a marine was one thing, a woman quite another.

Annabelle gave a soft laugh, "Can't any worse than dealing with children. They know where to hit." Once they was standing listening to the music. "You know when you hear a piece of music or song that really moves you and you sway to the tune as you move about?"

"Not much of a music listener I'm afraid, and the music I do hear is kind of hard to sway to." Considering such music was parade or ceremonial. "But I sometimes picture it in my head."

"Dancing is like that, only with a partner. You can solo dance. Dancing is moving to a rhythm of the song." Annabelle demonstrated the swaying graceful movements like if she was alone and listening to favourite piece of music. Then she added in arm movements as she moved to Samantha.

Samantha watched, clearly Annabelle was no stranger to dancing unlike Samantha who didn't know where to begin.

"When a couple dances, there are ballroom dances, club style, etcetera. But we'll start out simple." Annabelle moved within Samantha's space and reach. "place your hands on my waist like the way I'm doing." She demonstrated by putting actions to words. Her voice became soft and inviting.

"Ball room I know, seen enough officers at Christmas balls to get the general idea." A string of hesitation washed through her when Annabelle drew close but fleeting in its duration. She felt silly at this, dancing wasn't a marine thing, they were trained killers not prancing ponies. Still, Annabelle was trying to help and Samantha followed her instruction and placed her hands on her waist as demonstrated. In doing so this drew Samantha even closer to her, at first unnoticed because in combat personal space was often the first thing to go and male or female it was something quick to get used to.

"Huh.. Relax. Loosen up the hold." Annabelle still kept her voice soft and non-threatening, knowing full well that Samantha could easily destroy her. "We are not going to be wrestling nor fighting. Just enjoying each other company. Gently now and let the music flow through you. You have really pretty eyes."

Annabelle reached up and gently caressed Samantha's face as she brushed a few strands of hair back behind her ear. She gently swayed to the music while gently kept her hand on Samantha's waist and the hand that caressed Samantha's face, was on her shoulder.


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