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First Date Part 1

Posted on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:46am by Major Samantha Snyder & Annabelle Fontaine
Edited on on Thu Sep 8th, 2016 @ 8:49am

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Dreadnought-B: Holo-deck // Annabelle's Quarters

Samantha was getting nervous about the social gathering that loomed ahead. As she stood in front of her wardrobe she saw a fatal and common enemy. Uniform, Number 1 Mess 'n' Dress, Work out gear, spare fleet clothing and to finish off, several set of marine boots and a pair so slippers. "Great, no uniform she says and that's all I have." She closed the doors and leant forward till her forehead touched the doors. "Too much of a marine or not enough woman." She closed her eyes, most women would at least have something social and a score of shoes, Samantha didnt.

Having to take desperate measures she resorted to the replicator to make a simple dress from the available scores of images. She even had to replicate a tape measure to measure herself as it had been so long since she had to. Matching shoes which for the first time in years had a heel bigger than a standard issue boot.

A quick shower and thankful for natural long curls giving length and volume and pulled on some underwear, some floral perfume, dress and shoes. She looked in the mirror, she couldn't even remember wearing anything else beyond what SFMC had provided. The woman staring back at her looked nothing like the Major Snyder everyone knew. She debated about calling it off, something had come or up she'd been called to work but knew it was a lie, before she could dwell on it she walked out the door.

*Door Chime*

Annabelle opened the door, eyes sweeping over Samantha, "Wow! You're beautiful!" Taking in Samantha attire and slim physique. "Come on in!" Stepping back from the door to exposed a lived in neat, yet messy quarters. "I'm just about done getting ready. Make yourself at home."

Samantha blushed somewhat at the compliment as she stepped in, thankfully there were few that walked past her as she made her way here and thankfully none were from her department. Stepping in allowed the doors to close behind her she spoke. "You don't think this is too much do you?" Hoping it wasn't but also in a way hoping it was because it would give her an excuse to leave.

"It's perfect," Annabelle spoke with a soft smile. She slipped from the common room of the quarters. She returned wearing a nice halter top style dress that accented her physique, sandals. Her long hair freshly brushed out.

"Lets go!" Annabelle returned with a bounce in her step as she rejoined Samantha. She headed on out of the apartment. "Since there is going to be a lot of us. The social gathering was moved to the Holo-deck. Everyone's dying to meet the new CO's wife."

"I've already met her." Samantha replied. "Andorian from what I've seen, she was there when he took command." She followed beside Annabelle as she spoke. Having looked her over she felt even more out of place as a simple woman because not only was this new for her but also Annabelle was far better when it comes to social gatherings.

Annabelle could see Samantha was nervous on her first outing within the ship's social circle. "That is soo cool. I sometimes envy you women in the service. Being in thick of the action while the rest of us hide out in the safety bunkers not knowing what to do or what's happening." She looked at Samantha with adoration. "I get all giddy just being with you."

As they got closer to the desired Holodeck, more and more civilians were present. Annabelle into'ed Samantha to the others. Men and females alike with their children. Annabelle would keep Samantha's profession to herself, unless Samantha would tell them what she did. They was easy going in all manner of dress and style. Samantha blended in nicely and they made her feel welcome. Entering the Holodeck was a winter wonderland of ice and sculpture without the chilling winds of winter. It was cooler than normal.

Captain's Wife, 'Liz' greeted everyone that entered as a good host would with a smile and interest that made a person feel welcome and important. She greet Samantha and Annebelle with friendship. "Hello, I'm Elizebeth. It is wonderful you both could come to the gathering."

"Hi, I'm Annabelle, school teacher and this is my friend, Samantha. This is her first gathering outside of work related gatherings." Annabelle spoke with warmth and a smile to the Andorian Lady. "I love your outfit! Who designs your clothing?"

Elizebeth gave a small laugh, "I do most of the designing, modified from the latest designers." She turned to Samantha, "If you need anything, just holler and you're most welcome, Samantha.

There were alot of people present, normally this wouldn't have bothered Samantha if they were all in green uniform, kitted out and ready to go. However this was a social gathering, social being the alien word for Samantha currently. Annabelle's remark about being giddy was surprising, Samantha never really thought of herself as anything special or unique. Nothing at least to make someone feel that way.

The next surprise was the Captain's Wife, Andorian woman looked different now to when she was seen as Captain Havrelli took over from the Admiral. Samantha had to admit that Elizabeth looked incredible, very striking, very beautiful exactly like Annabelle, in fact it was Elizabeth that prompted this line of thought in the first place. That one singular thought alone made her blush, she never looked at a woman that way before. "Thank you." She replied to her, Samantha doubted she even recognised her, after all she was not at the front with the other senior staff earlier.

Samantha fell silent as she clued in to the conversations around her, filtering through gatherings and staying close to Annabelle. Last thing she needed right now was to be separated.

Annabelle tried to draw Samantha into the conversation, only to realise the sheltered life Samantha had by dedicating herself to the Marines. She stayed with Samantha, knowing that the first few times in a social gathering can be daunting.


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