NCC - 77447 - B
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Back to the Beginning

Posted on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 8:19pm by Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Lieutenant Vic Hebron

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Away Team

They were back in the control room. The doors had been locked behind them and then barricaded. The security detail had already started assessing the room for any other access points, vents or other vulnerabilities to try and keep them safe from the creature.

There was a heavy sense of frustration at the fact that they were not only back where they started, but they still had no way to contact either the Dreadnought or get back to the surface.

Vic went person to person with all of his team that was left. Did a check in and made sure their heads where screwed on straight.

Wandering across to the large table in the middle of the room where the map of the complex was still up in front of them, Bianca leaned against the table, staring at the map in silence before she cast a glance around the room. "Lieutenant Bradshaw, with power stabilized, can you bring more of their systems online? See if you can find a way out of here for us?" she asked quietly.

"Can I? Maybe. With power I can get a better picture of whats going on beyond what I can visually see but there are a lot of ifs with that maybe." James replied. "As we have already seen the damage to this facility is heavy, it was a battle just to keep the reactor from catastrophically failing. My worry is that by restoring power we have undone what someone has tried to do, for a reason. Like open a door that was sealed, a vent or system. With all the messed up systems down here who knows what we have done."

Vic walked over to the table. "Whats the plan boss?" He asked Bianca

"Maybe if we can get some power to the internal sensors we might find a way to track the creature." Xavier added. "At least then we wont always be looking over our shoulder."

Bianca nodded slowly, thoughtfully as she processed the information. "Right," she finally said, her voice surprisingly calm as she stared at the outline of the building in front of her. "It seems like we have several thing we need to do. Lieutenant Bradshaw, see if you can do something from here to get power to the internal sensors. Lieutenant Hebron, I want you to go over tricorder data we've accumulated since we've been here and see if you can find any readings we have picked up that may be linked to that creature out there. Commander Patrovski... you have the best bedside manner of all of us, maybe see if you can talk your friend over there and see if he can help us find a way out of this mess?"

"Right." James grabbed his kit and walked to the access panel he'd used before. At least with some power to use he'd be able to get something going but hope was a commodity at the moment that was in short supply considering he knew just how touchy the power grid was right now.

Bianca paused for a few moments, watching as the senior staff that had surrounded her all went their own ways to do their own things.

She contemplated for a moment over their situation, another cold shiver running down her spine. It was moments like these that she cold almost hear her Nonna telling her to always listen to her senses. They would never lead her wrong. Right now, those senses were telling her that they had to get out of there.

Satisfied that the crew were doing everything that they could to move on, she pushed herself away from the table, making her way through the crew, checking on everyone individually before retreating to a quiet corner.

All they could do now was wait and hope, and during that time, she had plenty to think about.


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