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Whats Happened Now!! (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 11:29pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Marine Deck

Jack was first out of his office and walking down the pathway towards the gathering of marines that was already taking shape, something was going on and there was no way in hell he was going to be caught with his pants down.

Sam walked out nearly bumping full on into Jack mid stride as she bolted out of her office. "What was that?" She asked as she regained her footing and followed Jack towards the troops.

"I don't know but I plan to find out." He replied. "Computer, situation and damage report?"

"Explosive decompression in Hanger Bay 1, exterior hanger door destroyed, bay forcefield is offline." The computer painted a grim story with just that brief report.

Jack suspected that Sickbay and Engineering already had the situation under control but he wanted to be ready. "Duncan, Will, Fashett prepare your squads." Three squads of combat medics.

"Colm, Raj, Krystian. The same." Sam spoke getting three squads of combat engineers into action.

Jack was glad to see Sam was on the same page as him when it came to getting things done. "Major, make sure they are ready, I'll contact Sickbay and Engineering.

"Aye Colonel." Sam spoke as she stepped forward.

Jack returned to his office. It couldn't have been an attack, the Red Alert was not sounded. Walking to his desk he opened a channel to Engineering. =^= Colonel Frost to Engineer, I have three teams of combat engineers ready to assist if required.=^=

The Engineer who answered was the same one that got everything going to begin with and when the offer to help came through, well lets just say that she was raised to believe that help was help, no matter where it came from or the colour of the uniform. =^= Interior door port side Hanger Bay 1, meet my team there. Thank you Colonel. =^= Then she contacted her damage control and repair teams to let them know help was on the way.

Jack was surprised that this new crew was so open to help from others. He'd worked with people that strictly kept to marines, others like the Engineer he just spoke to that was happy for the help. Jack offered because he had the men, men with the skills and equipment to help freeing up engineers from Engineering to do other critical things.

Jack was about to contact Sickbay but he suspect they and their hands full with the wounded. =^= Sam, send the CM's when they are ready." Better to offer and not be needed, than be needed and the talent go unused.

Walking to the window of his office he saw marines helping marines. Those that were not helping in the squads were helping those that were get ready. Some formed a line so that marines could simply walk by and collect, pull on or what ever any equipment that was needed. It was good to see, it made him feel a sense of pride that no matter the specialisation, no matter the training, they were a unit working together regardless.


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