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Whats Happened Now!! (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 11:28pm by Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost
Edited on on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 11:30pm

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: MXO's Office

Sam was behind her desk trying her level best to bring order to what was otherwise chaos in the department following the fight that had swept through the department like wildfire. Being a marine she knew that sometimes tempers flared, she new that tension could run a little high and there was always that supposedly friendly rivalry to some degree between the troops. To go so far though as Cadi did, was something else entirely.

Sam had read the medical reports again and again. In the one hand it was hard to believe that such damage was inflicted on a large, toned marine but in the other he was not looking for a fight, but to stop it. Since meeting with Colonel Frost to inform him of the news she had spent most of her time writing up her official report on the matter which she knew would be included in Jack's notifications and write ups to command so it had to be good.

She hated writing up these kinds of reports, every detail had to be accurate, every word precise in its meaning and intent because she knew from experience that Marine Command would look very closely at these reports, Jack's too and try to pick them apart to seek any failing in the command staff that lead to the fight.

All of this lead to Sam thinking about Annabelle, how she had made such massive changes in her life and all of which started with a single night. Far be it that she ever expected to end up in a relationship with another woman but she was happy, Annabelle saw to that.

She remembered to the times Annabelle had taken her shopping to expand her very poor wardrobe, and it was poor indeed since most of it comprised of mostly uniform sets and regulation items.

As much as she wanted to continue down this path of thought she yanked herself back to the present and the report that was before her waiting to be finished and sent to Jack as part of her submission. The fight would effectually result in the end of a career assuming criminal charges were not laid, which they probably would be considering the extent of the injuries she dealt out. She had already heard some talk about others very unhappy with her, that she took the fight too far, that she lost control and showed no remorse for her actions.

When witness statements testify the same, it was hard to admit anything but the truth, she did take the fight too far and now she had to pay for her actions. Pulling up Cadi's service record Sam noted in her report the disciplinary issues in it as well as any observations she herself had noticed. It, sadly, was a lengthy list.

Minutes later Sam found herself rattling her fingernails on the surface of the table as she tried to think of working and structure of her report entry, it had to be perfect. With a heavy sigh she stood up from her desk and walked to the window that like Jack's overlooked much of the open floor area of the Barracks.

"Why did this happen?" She asked herself knowing that was going to be a question command was going to ask.

"How was it able to happen?" Another question to herself.

Command was going to no doubt nit pick everything, its what they did. Would they view it as a failing of the command structure? Would they say that lax command styles permitted it to take place or would they see it for the act that it truly seemed to appear to be?

=^= Snyder to Frost. Sir I have nearly completed my report for you regarding the fight incident. =^= Sam spoke after tapping her badge, knowing that he'd be waiting on it if he'd not already finished writing his own. =^= You should have it within the hour. =^=

=^= Thank you Major, I know its a difficult situation but command is very specific about its requirements in matters like this with how its going to end. I want to make sure we tick all the boxes first time so it doesn't come back to bite us. =^= Jack spoke as he was having just as much of a time writing his report, only his was not just going to marine command but also the command authority of the ship too.

=^= Aye Sir. =^= If anything her contacting the Colonel was an attempt to yank her mind out of the rut she'd found herself in with the report.

=^= And Major, make sure to link all the files we have, Captain Hood is going to want to see this too. =^= Jack wrapped up.

=^= Already done Colonel. =^= A fair request but Sam had already beaten him to the punch on that.

No sooner had the channel between them closed that Sam felt the ship rock, it wasn't hard but it was noticeable and in almost every instance. Meant something bad.

=^= Colonel.... =^= Sam began only to be cut off.

=^= Outside, now! =^= Jack interjected.


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