NCC - 77447 - B
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Let's Get To Work

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 7:51am by Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Engineering

Alarms sounded and lights flashed on the damage control consoles and panels. Engineers and damage control parties leapt into life with trained ease as the damage was assessed. "Hanger doors are destroyed to Bay 1, forcefields are offline, its vented."

"Was anyone in there?" Someone was heard to ask, the return look while silent spoke an answer, a grim one.

"We can beam in portable field generators and establish a field to seal off the hanger door."

"Too dangerous. We'd need several generators all in sync to fill a gap that big. If one of them fluctuated...."

That's when another spoke up. "What about the Agincourt?" A pause. "She could power up her forward shield array and configure it to form a seal around the hanger bay door.

"You want to raise the shields of a starship, within a starship, in a hanger bay?"

"Not all of it, just the forward grid emitters configured for the bay door space." The engineer went about illustrating the idea on the table top. "If we seal the breach here, just outside the door itself we can effect replacement of the door while repairing the force field."

"Why didn't the force field work, there are redundant safety features designed into the system to prevent door failure while the sensors detected life signs in the hanger."

"Only way to find out is to get in there and check the entire system."

"That's going to take hours."

"Its going to take hours to fabricate a new hanger door while we tear out the new one. So one way or another its going to take time."

"Is the Agincourt still linked up?"

"Should be, we were running diagnostic tests when the accident happened."

A quick check revealed that it was. "Its going to take a few minutes to configure the shield, get as many as we need with damage control kits to the hanger bay internal door and wait for my signal. I'll let fabrication know they have a job to do."

Everyone leapt into action with a plan of what to do, it would take time but that was unavoidable. There were a lot of questions that were lacking answers as to why the forcefield didn't engage. Without knowing all the fact it was hard to guess but once they were into the guts of the system it would tell them what they needed to know.

News of the plan was forward to the Bridge even as people prepared for action, tool kits, damage control equipment, engineering tools for diagnostics, almost everything was readied for use because it all the questions and few answers it was hard to tell what was needed exactly.

A few minutes later they got an estimate for building a new door. Just over 2 hours. That was something at least.

All they had to do was find out the how's to the why's....


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