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Always A Show Off

Posted on Thu Aug 22nd, 2019 @ 9:01pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Marine Deck


Sam was reading the medical report of Corporal Cadi Draper and Corporal Branden Colley. The list was extensive, injuries to both, both would be off duty for a few days.

Corporal Draper was a young hot shot of a woman, in some ways she reminded Sam of herself as she was trying to prove herself in an otherwise male dominated profession. Draper though had a bit of a temper on her though, her record had many listings of her attitude getting out of hand and she was only promoted because her bravery and courage under fire earned her recognition.

Corporal Colley was one of those that joined the SFMC because his father pushed him in to it. A family tradition that Branden was initially against until he found his footing. A good marksman, solid marine. Socially he tended to keep to himself but as a marine he was a good one.

Looking through the witness statements of what happened it seemed that Branden was busy with some studies for his heavy weapons certification that was supposed to be happening tomorrow. Not anymore. It seemed that Cadi was bored and lingered around, spooling for a fight, only Branden was all to happy to oblige her. Many knew that certification would put Branden on the promotion table for Sargeant, a promotion that had eluded him once before. Sam admired his commitment to bettering himself, but felt a little sorry that Cadi tilted it this time.

Cadi was lean, a slender woman that as with most women was flexible, agile. Branden was a large figure of a man, toned, a bit of a tank and the strength to back it up. Both however were trained in hand to hand combat and both used what edges they had against the other. Branden came off worse but not for the reasons most might think, Branden was holding back, Cadi did not. Cadi was known for letting go, going all in, she'd been warned before about controlling herself when sparring.

Sam walked to Jack's office, smiling at his EA at her desk. "Is he in?"

"Yes Major. I'll let him know you are here." The EA spoke and a few seconds later Jack's doors opened.

***MCO's Office***

Jack had heard of the fight, it was hard not to when he heard about Branden hurling Cadi into a row of upright lockers tumbling them over like dominoes, they were upright now, but he'd heard. When the doors opened he waved Sam in silently, he knew what she wanted to see him about. He knew the medical report had come in but ignored it, he wanted Sam's take on it first since he valued her opinion. When the doors closed Jack spoke, without looking at her, looking over the large marine space before him. "Let's have it."

"Branden's received multiple fracturs to the skull including his right eye socket, dislocated jaw, broken nose, a detached retina. Dislocated shoulder, 5 broken ribs, 2 fractured, assessments are still ongoing for spinal damage. Both arms have hairline fractures and his right is broken in 1 place, forearm. Leg leg is broken, right has a hairline of the fibula. dislocated ankle with ligament and tendon damage." Sam said as she came to stand beside Jack.

"That's just bone damage, one of the ribs punctured his lung, internal organs took a beating around the torso."

"She took it too far." Jack spoke. Branden was bigger, stronger, taller true but he had more control. "Cadi?"

"Broken nose, two teeth missing. Lifted scalp, bruising around the neck, shoulders, wrists. Knuckles are heavily bruised, two broken fingers. One heavily blackened eye left eye. Some hairlines from where he was on top of her trying to pin her, rotational damage to forarms, muscular damage to the thigh and knees. He did land some solid hits on her though, her internal organs are bruised. She had a cut to the back of her head and shoulder, presumably when he threw her against the lockers and they fell."

"He wasn't fighting." Jack spoke.

"Seems not." Sam replied. "Witness reports indicate that Branden was telling her to stop, but she didn't."

"What was he doing before this started?" Jack asked Sam as he turned to lean against the window.

"Studying for his certification. Heavy Weapons. It would have seen his name on the promotion board. Witnesses say she kept taking his material, pulling it away from him, he snapped when she shoved him but what was said to set him off I don't know." Sam held out the medical report to Jack.

"Recovery?" Jack asked as he walked back to his desk.

"Cadi should be cleared from Sickbay in a few days. Branden.....not so much. Doctors are optimistic but Cadi cost him." Sam said slipping into chair in front of his desk.

"This is not the first time her name has crossed my desk." Jack spoke knowing that it would have crossed Sam's more. "She could have killed him. Witnesses state that he told her to stop several times but she continued her attacks."

"Three others were injured trying to pull her off him when he went down the last time." Sam added, that little snip of information was at the end of the report that she doubted he'd gotten to yet.

"Marvelous." Jack sighed, as if things could get any worse as he tossed the report on the table between them. "Anything else I should know before I have the Captain breathing down my neck?"


"Charges?" Jack returned. "She nearly killed him, in a fight she started, then continued it and she had to be pulled off him. She's done." Jack said in anger. "Its her own hot headed fault, she picked a fight and she got one. If Branden did what we both know he can do, if he threw his all into that fight she'd be a bloody smear on the floor."

"I know. The witness statements collaborate each other, injuries are consistent with what was said to happen. Reports have been sent to the First Officer and the Captain." Which was procedure to do.

"When Cadi is released I want her confined, I'll speak with the Captain and Exec about charges and removal from the ship." Jack spoke. "I'll contact Marine Command when I'm able to inform them too." The paperwork from this was going to be murder but Jack knew what he had to do. "How have the rest taken it?"

"Worried understandably, concerned." Sam paused. "Some mutterings have gone round that they don't want her back."

"She won't be back." Jack said. "Inform the troops that I'll be addressing them in two hours. This can't happen again."

"Understood." Taking the hint that the meeting was over, Sam stood up to leave.

"Sam..." Jack paused. "I hope he gets better, he didn't deserve this."

"No....He didn't."


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