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Going on a Gel Hunt

Posted on Sat Aug 24th, 2019 @ 10:50am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Commander Billie Jean Reign & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: What Stalks The Night

The orders had been issued. Everyone had been given time to assemble the relevant teams before meeting in the shuttle bay in fifteen minutes. A security detail had been selected, and a pilot was on standby, shuttle prepped, ready to deliver them to the surface, a short distance from the colony. Now all that was left was to wait for the rest of the away team to arrive, brief them and depart.

Xavier was not expecting to go on a away mission so that when he was contacted by the First Officer to gather his things. Armed with a full medical kit he walked into the shuttle bay where he'd been told to attend.

James was in Engineering when the call came in to prep for an away mission. An arched eye brow at the request but he was up for stretching his legs. Grabbing an engineering kit and making sure that he had everything he needed and a few spares of the things that were commonly used by engineers in his experience. The whole process took a few minutes at most before he handed over command to his department XO.

3 minutes later he walked into the shuttle bay and the rest that had gathered. "Someone mention an away mission?"

BJ entered with her tactical belt around her waist which contained monofilament restraints, a manual door opener, a Type II phaser, two power cells, a small medkit and a stun grenade. "Ready," she said.

"My apologies," Bianca said with a frown as she glanced at the assembled group. "I know we all have other things we'd much rather be doing, especially in light of most recent events, but it seems our adventures with this gel are not yet over. We transported the gel to the surface thirty five minutes ago. We were supposed to get a confirmation receipt in return. We didn't. Scans indicate that the gel does not appear to be on the surface. Our attempts to communicate with the colony are so far unsuccessful. Tactical have failed to locate any other vessels in the area and Operations have confirmed that the transport was successful, there was no interference with the transporters in any way so presumably it is on the surface somewhere. We need to go find it, and quickly. We'll be going down by shuttle. Ensign Malachay wll drop us in a secure location a few miles from the transport coordinates and we'll walk from there. We have no idea what we're going to be up against down there, so everyone will be going down armed. Any questions?"

James listened to the briefing, seemed straight forward enough but he knew that was seldom the case in this day and age. A search hunt essentially, locate the gel, report back. "None from me."

Xavier could see the assemebled party, a smile on his face seeing BJ here. She always did look good in uniform. He understood why he was coming, only he could verify that the gel was intact. Armed with his packed medical kit with a few extra supplies he stood ready. "If we do find the gel, don't touch it. It might have DNA trace we can use, but also we won't know if somethings been done to it." Once that was said, he was ready to go do his duty.

Bianca nodded at the shuttle pilot who boarded the craft first to start the pre flights. Glancing around, she did a quick head count, making sure the security team was completely accounted for before taking a breath and nodding again. "Right, well, if no one has any questions, we may as well get on our way. The longer we wait the harder it will be to find out what the hell is going on."

Stepping aside, Bianca watched, and counted for a second time as the security detail boarded the shuttle, followed by the small delegation of senior officers. Pulling out her own weapon, she double checked it quickly before engaging the safety and holstering it again, boarding the shuttle and walking to the front of the craft.

"Alright Ensign, let's get this show on the road."


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