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New Home, New Life

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2019 @ 4:58am by Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: MXO's Office
Timeline: Before 'Done for the day'

With only herself to blame Samantha came hurtling into the Barracks at speed, she was late for duty, the ship was so large she had to get the computer to guide her. She had to shower, dress and dash in record time leaving Annabelle at home. She hated to 'love and leave' like that but duty and pleasure should not mix, and caution taken when one interferes with the other. Annabelle understood that and thankfully things had been going well between them.

Sam had just got the run down brief by her EA that Jack had, it was surprisingly informative and her EA was sharp on the ball. When lead to her office and shown all the fancy toys and displays she had access to Sam wasted little time in getting stuck in.

***Door Chime***

"Come." Samantha spoke looking up from her desk that had scattered upon it a score of reports and evaluations and one cup of now cold Coffee.

Jack wondered where Samantha was when the time came for the scheduled meeting, it was unlike her to miss something like this. Taking the choice to take the meeting to her he stepped in when the doors opened. "Major."

"Colonel, sir. I'm sorry I missed our meeting everything has be...." Sam tried to explain.

"It's ok Sam, relax." Jack took a seat. "With this new ship I think we will be getting a few things mixed up for a while. How are you anyway, we didn't get to talk much recently?"

"Fine." Sam replied as she tried to tidy the chaos that was her desk. "Annabelle and I spent some much needed time away from things, out of uniform, you know being civilian like."

"Yeah, Acacia and I have been doing a bit of time spending ourselves." Jack returned. "Seems we have both been distracted recently."

"Yeah, how are things going with Acacia. I can already see the change in you since she turned up onto the scene." Sam spoke as she sat back in her chair with a smile on her face.

"Well sometimes it takes a womans touch to put a few things right." Jack answered. "Besides, things are great."

"I can see that." Sam mused with a grin. "I'm not the only one that has seen a new spring in your step. I hope she's not keeping you up past bedtime?"

"Cheeky bugger, I'm not old, greying maybe but I'm still somewhat, kind of young, ish." Jack joked. "Besides, she is still interested so I must have my appeal."

"It's cute. Young doctor, older marine. Its almost like a beauty and the beast story." Sam spoke as she rocked left and right in her chair, one leg crossed over the other. "We didn't see you much on Earth, you two were not off gallivanting the planet for ideal wedding venues were you?"

"No no, nothing like that. We were just enjoying some time alone, away from everything much like you were." Jack answered.

"I heard you went to the Gala too, I would have gone but honestly I don't like the whole fancy dress up, it doesn't suit me." Sam asked. "How did it go?"

"Oh, could have been better. Acacia met my parents and while Mother adored her, you can imagine how a career officer General would have taken to his only son turning up with his partner." Jack answered. "If anything he assumed Acacia was a distraction and aside from making her feel unwelcome, decided to inform me that I was wasting my time with such pursuits and that if I knuckled down I'd be a star already."

"Wow, that is rough. How did Acacia handle it?" Sam asked, her interest now peaked by the story she was being told.

"I'll give her credit she held her own. She answered all of the usual parents questions they give to the partner, sizing her up, making sure shes worthy, that kind of thing." Jack answered. "Then my Father came along like a wrecking ball in a china shop and steam rolled the otherwise enjoyable night with his attitude."


"Andorians would have migrated by the millions." Jack answered.

"Ouch." Sam remarked, figuring that must have been an ordeal. "Can't want to see her and get her side of it, staring down a General is no fun even for a marine and shes a Doctor too."

"Yeah well you will be surprised of the kinds of things she will do when her backs up against the wall regardless of who shes up again."

"Yeah, I can just picture her struggle dealing with you first thing in the morning." Sam joked.

"Piss off, I'm not that bad, I may not be all there in the morning but I'm no wreck."


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