NCC - 77447 - B
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Getting To Know The Girl

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2019 @ 4:15am by Commander Mark Bawden

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Bridge

Sitting at the Tactical station Mark was filtering through all the goodies the ship had to offer, she may be huge granted, but she had the weaponry and the shields to stand up to a beating. Just looking at the long list of available defensive systems, the shielding capabilities almost rivaled those fitted to starbases. Mark had to suppose that stood to reason since the ship was so large that evasive actions were a thing of the past now. He was still going through the general systems on board since essentially it was just a massive mobile carrier but all the extra trinkets on board could easily have made it into a mobile starbase.

Two docked Defiant class ships, repair facilities, fabrication areas, worker bees it had it all. Mark had never served on a Starbase, he didn't like them much, more of a 'see the sights' kind of guy. It was afterall how he met his Wife, Ayla.

Now they found themselves both along with the daughter on board this new ship, this massive ship that was still mostly unknown to those that came from the original Dreadnought. It was a sad moment when Mark checked the registry to see the word 'Decomissioned' flashing in red over the old home. He was glad that they had managed to get everything off it before it was sealed off, even buying a few things during the time on Earth to pack it out a little and make these new quarters more homely.

He had thought about contacting a few old friends, marine friends, just to catch up and see what they were doing. It had been a long time since he'd caught up with any of them and he wondered if they were still kicking about in green or they had taken a different path in life like he did. He would have contacted people too if he had the time, most of it was spent with Ayla trying to rebuild the family, to make good what was left following the loss of the daughter, taken far too early, far too young.

Since that day Ayla and Mark had not spoken much about family matters, would she try again? Would she forever fear the loss of another? Would she even want to?

All of these were difficult questions to answer and for him even harder to ask. He remembered the joy in Ayla's eyes as she held the babe, even late at night when she cried he remembered standing at the door way watching a slip clad Ayla gently rocking back and forth talking to the baby to make her sleep once more. He remembered seeing her on the sofa sleeping with the babe on her chest also asleep, he remembered when the babe would crawl up his leg and arm and perch on his shoulder.

Was this new ship ideal for a family? Mark didn't know but what he did know was that he was not about to let that stop him, the only thing that would is Ayla. He knew she felt broken, he knew she viewed herself as defective because of what happened and he remembered his snapping in the Turbolift at her words. He stood by those words even now, like a steel in his heart he held them, honoured them.

With this new ship would come new challenges he knew, but as time went on the more he thought on and on about family and how he wanted to put them first over duty. He almost spoke to Ayla about it prior to joining the ship, speaking to her about resigning from Starfleet so that he could be a father, not a Commander, be a Husband, not an officer. He was not sure how she would have taken that which is partly what stopped him from bringing it up with her but he almost did.

There were a few times when he thought about resigning that it might help Ayla's career, Mark never really viewed himself as smart, he could be blunt at times, bit heavy handed maybe but Ayla seemed to smooth those edges out. They were far from perfect edges, but Ayla's were far superior. He wondered if that he did resign it would allow her to focus on her career more, maybe find a ship that would give her more opportunities. He knew that she was loyal to the crew since they had served together for almost a decade, but was she happy?

That was a question that he'd not really asked her now that he thought about it sat at his station on the Bridge.

Was Ayla happy?


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