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Parental pain in the...

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 4:52pm by Ediras Hanin & Commander Anika Yashui

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Quarters / U.S.S Valkyrie

Ediras was at home unpacking things into their new home. It took a while to get there because of the amount of people that were boarding all at once. Anika was off doing her own duties tasks while he unpacked, there was not much but to his dismay he had learned that his rack and stencil set was damaged, both would need replacing. That was a mild set back for him because he still had some of his designs on it, hoping to work on them soon thus not taking them off it prior to moving.

With a sigh he accepted there was little to do about it now to put them aside, maybe Anika would be able to facilitate getting replacements quicker through her channels than his own

When he was setting up his desk space, the replicator spit out a data chip. It was labeled scans and attached was a note in a Anika's handwriting 'I made sure they scanned everything before destroying anything so the images of your plans are on this chip.'

He'd had the table for the last 6 years, it was familiar to him. Working with a new table meant that he'd have to get a feel for it again. Like a new pencil each one was different, the table was no different. When he heard the replicator humm he walked to it, picked up the chip and read the note. He smiled, he should have thought of that but he didn't so pocketing the chip he returned to unpacking.

Anika had a list of personal effects that had been damaged or destroyed in the battle with the plantlife, and she sighed. Her desk had been broken but the repair had been swift and easy. It was 3 minutes to shift change and Anika was ready to go home. Ediras probably needed a break too.

"Commander Yashui, you have a personal message. "

"Route it to my quarters please."

The communique rerouted to their quarters where Ediras was working. It bleeped quietly waiting for someone to acknowledge it.

Ediras turned to the computer and walked to it, expecting it to be Anika following the chip arriving at the replicator. Pressing the button he activated it, whom he saw was not Anika, but her Father. "Hello."

His eyebrows shot up and his face twisted just slightly with distaste "Ah the Alien. Yes, where is my Daughter?"

"My name, is Ediras." He replied already seeing where this conversation was heading. "Imzadi is doing her duties at the moment though I suspect she will return promptly."

"Yes yes I am sure she will" he muttered something under his breath in hindi that wad obediently translated by the comm line as 'making me wait with the help, how rude.'

"You sir, are awfully brave across a screen. I remember seeing you cower and shrink when I decided to give you a piece of my mind in person after your verbal drivel towards her. Before you call me help, be sure you first qualify as a man." Just then the doors opened and Anika walked in. "Deal with this insufferable excuse for a Human." Ediras walked off leaving the computer going.

"What are you doing..Do not..."

Her shock didnt show on her face but it resonated to the center of her very soul as a hint of fear that he might leave her trickled through her heart. Looking over at the screen she sighed audibly. "Father, what did you say to him?"

"What kind of Daughter are you letting the help answer my call." He spoke loud enough that Ediras who was leaving the room heard. "You need a real man, not alien trash of the galaxy."

"The kind of Daughter who has responsibilities to the ship she is second in command on. " she shot back as she unpinned her collar, her commander pips showing clearly. "And Ediras is more than enough man for me thank you."

"You need a Human Husband. You should be at home with your family or starting one before you get too old." The Father spoke with no care what so ever as to the feelings of Ediras or the wishes of his Daughter. "I want you to leave that ship and come home."

"I most certainly do not need a human husband. I will marry Ediras when I am ready to fo so and not one minute before. " her hands planted firmly on her hips "as for babies, youd best pester your other children for you will get none out of me."

"You have a duty to your family Anika, this is not how I raised you. Why can you not be like your mother, she is a good dutiful woman?" He asked clearly unimpressed by his Daughters reply.

"I am the second in command of starfleets largest warship. I am respected here and I earned my place. You have a son and 2 other daughters! Why do you insist I must settle down?" Anikas voice was tightly controlled though she wanted to scream at her father for his lack of any human emotions besides selfishness.

"They are doing as they are told. I knew you would be trouble, why must you be so much trouble? Joining Starfleet, you should stay at home, cook, clean the home and wait for a proper Husband to return like a dutiful and honouring wife."

"No." Anika said flatly, her voice utterly without inflection "I will not be doing that."

"You will come home right now, or I will contact your commanding officer and demand that he send you home." He barked folding his arms.

"You will not be permitted to bluster at Captain Hood like an old bellows. I will not leave my duties or my shipmates to cater to you and your rediculous demands." Her voice was tired and there was a depth of impatience and rage beginning to sparkle in her eyes.

"We shall see, you mark my words, you will learn your place in this family." The channel closed suddenly without giving Anika a chance to reply, once again seeking to have the last word in everything.

"Insufferable! " turning to the comm panel she growled "Yashui to Comms"

"Yes commander?"

"Under no circumstances are any communications from my family to be routed to anyone but myself or Ediras Hanan. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

It was perhaps hard to fathom that a gentle man such as Ediras could be fired up as he was. Such a rude, xenophobic, insufferable individual and yet he knew he had to be tolerant because it was his Imzadi's father, a fact he couldn't change as much as he wanted to Still, anger, rage boiled in him, alien trash of the galaxy he heard and that stung him. Standing in the bedroom rubbing his brow he attempted to calm himself.

Anika stalked into the bedroom and stopped abruptly when she saw the anger in every line of Ediras' chiseled body.

Through his anger he sensed her presence and turned to face the door, though his face spoke just as loudly as the rest of his body did. "He......" That was all Ediras could get out without sparking himself off again. It was plainly obvious to see that he had far more to say.

"Is a selfish bastard..." she finished not knowing what else to say. Ediras needed to release his anger, and she needed to help him do so, though why that was she couldnt say.

"Is a coward, a manipulative, sniveling coward who thinks only of himself and his desires and not of the feelings of his family." He spoke. "A petty, diminutive, xenophobic, self centred, inconsiderate, opinionated little man, the worst I have ever met."

"Im sorry Ediras" she breathed her voice cracking with strain. "Im sorry he keeps insulting you."

"It, is not your fault." Ediras answered. "We can not choose our parents any more than those our heart chooses." At least Ediras was starting to calm down now however.

Sinking into the large chair beside the window she shook her head "I know. I just....he should have more respect for you."

"He will learn, in time." One way or another he would be shown the respect he was due from that little man. "I have not unpacked your clothing yet, I thought you could take what room you needed before I unpacked."

"I figured we could share. Im not exactly a clothes horse." There was a despariaging tone to her voice as she cast her eyes down over her body

."Alright." He replied taking a deep breath. "I know I should have more respect for your family, they are your family after all. Hearing what he called me plucked at my tolerance a bit too sharply."

"Peace, you are allowed to be upset " she whispered, drawing a blanket up over her legs.

"I know." He knew all too well but that was no excuse to take it out on Anika or perhaps lower himself to her Fathers level with his cutting remarks. With a breath he asked. "Have you eaten?

"No im not hungry at the moment."

Ediras pulled up onto the bed a container that held a mix of hers and his clothing from when he packed earlier. An assortment of two drawers mostly underwear, socks, bra's and leggings. He was not embarrassed at having to handle such things, they were after all just clothing and she was his Imzadi. If there were a problem she would have said long before now.

Casting off the blanket she slipped out of her uniform and found a pair of vibrant purple leggings to put on. Shimmying into them she settled back down onto the seat. Her feet she left bare as she tossed a soft lavender jersey knit tee shirt over that. She wanted comfortable.

"Have you toured the ship yet?" He asked, considering she was to XO this grand vessel.

With a weak chuckle she enthused about the beautiful ship. "Its extraordinary Ediras. I dont even have words."


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