NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2019 @ 6:11pm by Commander Anika Yashui & Ensign Nielan Peperell & Lieutenant Commander Billie Jean Reign

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Just prior to leaving Earth.

A tone sounded on the bridge from the Comms station. It was steady soft and didn't stop like a normal communication ping did when there was an incoming signal. The Comms officer, a young woman fresh from the academy from the looks of her puzzlement.

"I'm um...I'm sorry commander I cant shut it off."

Yashui cast her gaze upwards. "No and you wont be able to. Get a comm badge trace on all security oriented crew members who have not yet returned from shore leave."

"Yes ma'am."

Anika listened to the tone for a while longer and her own fingers tapped the code she hoped never to have to use onto the armrest. "Bridge to Security. You getting that?"

BJ was elbows deep mentally in the roster with the inceptant alert that wouldn't be shut off. When the Commander's voice came over the comm, she sighed and tapped her commbadge. =^=Affirmative, Commander,=^= she said. =^=One of our techs is working on it=^=

"We have that many security personnel that have not reported back yet?" Her voice sounded surprised at that. She supposed no-one really wanted to do the prepwork for a mission.

Suddenly the alert stopped and the dark haired Security woman sighed. "About six total, Commander," she said. "I've got special details for all of them and they're in danger of being reported late for duty." She paused as the computer alerted her to something else.

"Commander, I'm getting an emergency code from Peperell hidden in this," BJ said.

"Can you pinpoint the location?" Anika asked as she straightened up in the command chair. Pulling a PADD out of the compartment in the chair she tapped into the security system.

"Triangulating," BJ said as she worked her console. "Narrowing it down to southwestern part of North American continent. Nevada. Las Vegas. It looks like he's being held by the local authorities, Commander," she said finally.

"Grab yourself a sidearm, bring one for me and meet me in transporter room 2. Let's see what's actually going on shall we?" Anika said with a hint of heat in her voice.

"On the way," BJ said as she got up and grabbed two tactical belts which included a stun grenade each, two power cells, one Type II phaser each, manual restraints, a tricorder each, monofilament line, a gas mask and a small medkit, then headed to the transporter room.

**Transporter Room**

"I don't think we need phasers drawn at this stage of the game Commander." she said with a smile at the slight over-preparation of the Security Chief.

"They aren't," BJ stated dryly as she handed a belt to Anika. "Shall we?"

Anika smirked at the response from the Chief of Security, having no doubt at all that should they need to be drawn, BJ would shoot first and ask questions later. A noble trait.


They appeared in the atrium of a very attractively laid out police precinct. The only word that Anika knew to describe a place like this was 'posh'. Walking up to the desk, to a secretary that was not expecting to be face to face with two armed Starfleet offiers, she spoke quietly. "I am Commander Anika Yashui of the USS Dreadnought. You are holding one of my officers, Ensign Nielan Peperell. I would like to speak to him and the arresting officer immediately."

"That officer isn't here and you can't just barge in here without..."

"You cannot hold a Starfleet Officer on active duty without informing his command. I or my Security Chief will see him, with or without your permission."


"Commander Reign, go retrieve the good Ensign while I deal with this." Anika imagined the fierce look on BJ's face when she said that and she heard a door close after she'd issued the order.

Sweat was poaring off of Nielan as he sat, or rather laid in the cell. He could barely move as alternating waves of nausea and heat washed over his body like waves on the ocean.

He shot to his feet when he saw the Commander Reign and promptly fell down again. Nausea tore through him but he was NOT going to vomit in front of his Chief. "C'mander Reign! Itsh god...good t'see you. I dont know whatsh happenign." His speech was slow, stilted and slurred. Not however the effects of alcohol from the night before. Something was amiss here.

Commander A. Yashui
USS Dreadnought

Lt. Commander B.J. Reign
Chief Security
USS Dreadnought

Ensign N. Peperell
USS Dreadnought


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