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The Escape

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2019 @ 12:33pm by Ensign Kelly Vogel & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Earth (Location to be decided)

Boat Reference:

James had arranged for a luxury yacht to be hired for the day, with it they would sail out a little bit where the girls could soak up the sun, swim in the crystal blue waters, even the Dolphins if they wanted. The boat wasn't some grand spanking ocean conquering but it served the needs for what he'd intended, a quiet get away for the three of them alone and away from everyone else.

Almost everything was automated anyway so there was little Human interaction required, which was good because James wanted to spend as much time with the girls as possible.

From the temp quarters they shared he'd packed a bag, change of clothing, swimwear, lotions. He had already arranged for finger foods to be available at the pier where the boat waited. Looking up he saw Tiff walking past him carrying some clothing wearing a bikini with a wrap around her waist. "You almost ready to go love?"

"Yes babe, just have to zip my bag up." Tiff had no problems showing off her body, she enjoyed it in fact and her bikini would for sure turn heads.

"Kelly, almost ready babe?"

Kelly came out of her cabin wearing a translucent gold wrap that hid very little and revealed she had nothing on under it. The sun, however, changed the hues of gold as she moved, obscuring parts of her and revealing others at each step. "I am," she said. "When do we get under way?"

James was one lucky guy, here was two very attractive women and he was dating both of them and best of all, they were more than happy to show how they felt for him. "Down to shuttlepad 17, a 10 minute flight and we should be good on the hour." He really hoped the girls liked what he had planned, as much as he didn't want to be a bother by disrupting them, he wanted to in some way show his appreciation for the both of them.

Tiff walked out with a smile seeing what Kelly was wearing with bag in hand she rotated as Kelly passed her, lightly tapped her ass with her hand and grinned at her, and winked.

"Ack!" Kelly said at the tap and then blinked. "Wait....what am I doing?" she asked before she turned around and ran back into the quarters.

"I was wondering the same." Tiff replied with a smile.

James smirked at the girls little play, not that he minded. "Well if you ladies have everything, let's roll."

Tiff picked up her bag ready.

***Harbour Pier***

Majestically waiting was the boat they would have for the day, it was all automated. A typical tourist route had been planned for the trio which would take little over 5 hours to complete and the early start gave them plenty of time to enjoy it. James walked into the office, dealt with some administration requirements and then given the access card to the vessel. He returned to the girl moments later waving the card at them. "Ok, lets go."

James was looking forward to this because it was a perfect chance to get away from everything and everyone. The last mission was hectic and that left little time for themselves, this was his hope to fix that.

Kelly still wore the translucent gold wrap, but now she wore a bikini under it and that was after she had put her uniform on while on the ship before they arrived. ""Where's she at?" she asked of the boat.

"Right......over there." James pointed to the boat, it was there waiting for them, hidden partially by two smaller boats. "That, is ours for the day." She looked majestic sitting there in the water waiting for us to board.

"Well, lets go already." Tiff spoke clearly keen to get underway and enjoy herself.

Kelly took a look at the streamlined boat that she could see and gave a low whistle. "That's a beauty," she said. "It looks like it was made to fly."

"She is a beauty." James spoke looking at her.

40 minutes later

The boat sat with its engines off floating with the current. The sun high in the clear sky as James sat on the bow of the ship leaning back against the structure of it.

Tiffany had taken off the wrap and lay on her back basking in the sun. "We need to do this more often." To get away from everything, no requirements, no obligations, just peace and wanted company.

Kelly looked back from the bow of the boat, her brunette hair flowing in the breeze. She wore absolutely nothing but a smile. "This is fantastic!" she said. "And the view is even better."

James almost, almost had to double take when he saw what Kelly was, or was not wearing. The smile on his face however couldn't be missed. "You know, I'm glad we did this, to get away from everything."

Tiff pulled her shades down her nose to, a cheshire cat like smile on her face seeing Kelly nude at the bow of the boat. "That's cheating, you could have given me some warning, I'd have joined you."

"Where's the fun in giving a warning?" Kelly laughed. "Besides, have you ever known me to give any kind of warnings?"

Tiff smiled then removed her own outfit to enjoy the sun as Kelly was. 'Fair." remembering her forward nature in Ten Forward that one time and how thrilling it was to be hit on so confidently.

James smiled as he admired the bodies of his girlfriends, it almost sounded strange in his head when he thought it. His Girlfriends, both of them. Not that he was complaining though and they had loads of time to enjoy the sun and more when the mood took them. "Don't mind me ladies....don't mind all." A massive ear to ear grin on his face as he lay against the upward curve of the upper decks.

Kelly looked over at James and gave him a smile before she kissed Tiffany, then looked at him again. "Are you just going to stay there all day?"

There was an advantage to getting away, from everything. Here out at sea with nobody around, no expectations or requirements to take them away from spending time with each other, this was exactly what James had planned. He laid there and watched Kelly kiss Tiffany. He was glad for what he had, glad that they had talked, glad that the three of them decided to enter into this relationship. Most would consider him lucky and he probably was, but he knew this was as much about giving as getting and for him, he had two lovely ladies to give to.

Sitting up and then crawling towards the two naked ladies he smiled as Tiff reached up, fingers stroking his chin before kissing him, then kissing Kelly again. "Im glad we got together." Holding Kelly close and almost planting her head on top of her sizeable chest, as well as James as she held him to her side.

Kelly returned the kiss and then kissed the tops of Tiffy's magnificent chest, she looked at James. "Kiss me already."

James and Tiff both joined in on kissing Kelly, the three of them mingling together as they managed to enjoy a moment between themselves where there was no duty, no requirements bar those that mind and body needed at this moment.


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