NCC - 77447 - B
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Let's Talk.

Posted on Thu Jan 17th, 2019 @ 11:58pm by Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Ensign Kelly Vogel

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: Bradshaw's Quarters

James was in the Kitchen cooking some light, he was not sure if Tiff or Kelly was coming over, though wouldn't blame them if they didn't since he suspected some clean up of home was required. He had to do the same thing and was glad that nothing broke. Bacon, sausage, egg all made for a tasty sandwich. Laying his creation onto a plate and walking to the sofa he'd not been seated for 10 seconds when the chime went. "Yeah, come in."

The doors opened and Tiff walked in, wearing a low riding top with short sleeves and a knee length skirt. "Hey James."

"Hey Tiff, how are you?" James asked and just about to take a bite of his sandwich.

"Ohh, food." Tiff sat down and snatched one half of his sandwich.

"Hey, I was eating that." James protested.

Tiff ignored his protest and devoured the stolen nourishment. In her eagerness though, crumbs fell and so did a drop of sauce he'd included in it.

No surprise where James's eyes fell and lingered, the other half of the sandwich in hand, held, momentarily ignored.

Kelly smiled and walked over to where the crumbs had fallen, licked the drop of sauce off, then faceplanted between Tiff's boobs. "This is how you do it," she mumbled.

James almost wilted in his seat watching that.

Tiff on the other hand pulled the smaller girl into her lap, arm around her having already made an entrance, right into her cleavage. "So, should we tell him?"

"Tell me what?" James asked, the other half of his sandwich held away from the girls. "This piece is mine."

Kelly looked up and grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Well, that piece might be yours and it might now be, but you are ours."

"What?" James looked puzzled, he nibbled the corner of his half sandwich wondering if any moment the pair would leap on him like spring gazelles and snatch it from him. "Am I missing something here?"

Tiff giggled, her cargo in lap, holding Kelly to her. "He's so cute when hes confused."

Kelly looked at Tiff and laughed. "And this guy is our Chief Engineer? It might be time to abandon ship. We could make a little love nest for just the two of us in a shuttle."

Tiff chuckled. "What we are saying is that Kelly and I have spoken about the idea, and agreed, if you do, that the three of us should be together."

James had that 'deer in headlights' look about him for a moment as his brain tried to process what was just said.

While he was still processing it, Kelly reached out and snagged the other half of his sandwich. "Yoink!" she said triumphantly and took a big bite.

The theft had not registered yet as he was still wrapping his head around what Tiff had said. "So, you want to be with me, but me with you both, and you both together too?" Essentially, as his mind told him, a three person relationship, committed to each other.

"To. Get. Her." Kelly elaborated as if explaining things to a small child. "You. Me. Her. Three. Together." She took another bite of his former sandwich. "Needs more mayo."

Then the theft kicked in, empty hand, empty plate. "Hey!." It was too late to resist, it happened, crafty women made a moved while he was confused.

"If you are ok with it, handling the pair of us." Tiff knew she could be a handful in more than one way and Kelly didn't mind giving her best effort. "Nobody else babe, just us three, are you ok with that?"

A look at Kelly, a look a Tiff, wondering if this was some kind of cruel dream that he was about to wake up from. "I am." He spoke surprisingly calm, as if it had clicked finally.

"Well, what are you doing still over there when we're over here?" Kelly asked from Tiff's lap as she finished the sandwich.

James put the plate down on the little side table next to the sofa and shuffled along it so that he was sitting next to the cuddled girl. His mind still energetic over the idea that these two were essentially, his girlfriends now. "Is this better?" He asked Kelly since she asked the question

"Much," The short brunette said as she reached over to try to tug him in closer. "Shall we tear his clothes off and make him forget Standard?" she asked Tiff.

"Well I think we should make up for confusing him so much." Tiff giggled. "You should have seen his face when you walked in. It was a sight." Her hand on Kelly's thigh, sliding slowly up and down stroking it.

"Well, he was a bit slow on the uptake, so he should have to do a little work himself," Kelly pointed out.

"Oh, absolutely, we are together after all, give and take." Tiff spoke with that business like professionalism in her voice. Her hand leaving Kelly's thigh and all sneaky like was pulling on Kelly's top downwards. Tiff did enjoy a good tease, even when it was her and Kelly in Ten Forward. Leaning over slightly Tiff traced her tongue along Kelly's ear edge.

Kelly shivered and helped Tiff pull her top down with one hand. "Mmm..are you going to let her have all the fun, James?" she moaned.

James seeing what Tiff was doing leaned over and did the same to Tiff. Tiffany was more chesty than Kelly, something Kelly clearly enjoyed from the epic face plant and sauce cleanup effort she made when she walked in. "Oh no, not at all." Two girls, and dating both.

"Would you look at those twin planets," Kelly said as she leaned over to lick the tip of one.

Tiff's bra was lacy in design, a dark green in colour. Her hand to the back of Kelly's head as she winked at James hoping he was enjoying the view. She knew she was rather forward, she didn't mind this kind of thing in public or at home and Kelly was always happy to lend a hand, or something else to please. Shifting her legs, her knee length skirt rose a little, Tiff smiled at James as he sat and watched the two girls in his life.

"Are you going to join in, lover?" Kelly asked James as she looked up from what she was doing to Tiffany.

"In a bit." It was very, very clear from the lusty breath that he was enjoying himself a lot already watching the two of them. How did he end up this lucky he didn't know, but if it worked, why question it and question it was the last thing on his mind.

"He's just adorable." Tiff spoke. "Like he's never see two grown girls play before."

"At the rate he's breathing, he'll probably end up getting off before we do," Kelly giggled as she worked on getting Tiffany's clothes off.

"Well, we do need to see if he can handle us full time don't we?" Tiff spoke letting Kelly work as Tiff however slowly lifted Kelly's skirt teasingly "Don't you think?"

"If he doesn't end up in Medical with a heart attack," the shorter woman chuckled as she adjusted herself to Tiff could do what she wanted.

"Awwww I think we would stop just short of that." Tiff replied kissing Kelly's cheek.

"Oh really?" James replied with a smile. "I think you both are enjoying this, watching me."

"Oh, I think you're enjoying watching us a lot more," Kelly said as she removed Tiffany's bra and let her enormous girls out.

James moaned, the sort of moan that would make men wilt at the glory of what his eyes were feasting on. He watched Kelly's hands work, loving the idea that the two girls played and he loved how open they were with each other.

Kelly watched him as she slowly took one in her mouth as much as she could while fondling the other. She knew what she was doing and it was her intent to drive him over the edge before he even had his clothes off.

"You have no idea how amazing this is?" James whimpered, looking like a cute little puppy.

"Awww, isn't he sweet?" Tiff parted her legs, offering nothing short of a mouth watering view of her panties under her skirt. Holding Kelly to her breast, she was determined to push every button she could on James without so much as even touching him.

Kelly moved her free hand down between the redheads legs and began to stroke her through the thin fabric. She removed her mouth from Tiffany's chest long enough to kiss her, then looked over at james. "Look at him. He looks like it's his birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one."

"To him, getting two girls in a relationship at the same time, and they know about each other. It probably is for him." Then Tiff took hold of Kelly's head and passionately, full on kisses her.

James began to take off his tunic, tossed that aside as soon as it slipped off his arms. Then he began to unfasten his pants, needing more...'freedom'.

Kelly returned the kiss as she moved her panties aside to give James a peek. "Are you going to help me, James?" she asked.


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