NCC - 77447 - B
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Non Service Casualty

Posted on Fri Jan 4th, 2019 @ 11:29am by Ediras Hanin & Commander Anika Yashui
Edited on on Fri Jan 4th, 2019 @ 11:29am

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: Home / Sickbay
Timeline: En Route Home

As the stars streaked by it seemed they were finally on the way home, to relative safety if that was possible considering home was where all this started. Ediras was sat on the sofa nursing a headache, a split lip leaving blood down his chin as he held an icepack to his eye. During the battle he'd stumbled and fallen, banging his head on a glass table shattering it. A small cut to his cheek but the lip and eye were his biggest injuries. He was lucky to not get glass in the eye but the table was not so fortunate as it lay in a million pieces on the floor.

Plants and books littered the floor from the battle, his latest design artwork in tatters having fallen against a stool and pierced by it. Hardly one of his better days but all he did was wait for Anika, explain to her what happened in case she thought he did all of this in a fit of frustration.

The door opened and Annika passed through the threshold of their quarters. The moment she did the calm facade of the commander melted away and exhaustion was written in every line of her. She just kind of stood there, taking in the peace of her quarters before opening her eyes and actually looking at the state they were in.

"You can bill who ever attacked us." Ediras spoke, leaning forward letting the light of a broken lamp shine on him as he sat on a one piece chair. He could feel from her everything, apparently what ever happened was tense because that seeped from the ship in spades and now here Anika was letting everything drop and left her open to him. "You feel as bad as I look."

"I will. What a mess." Nudging the glass shards with her booted toe she shook her head and actually looked at Ediras. "Gods above..." she whispered as she took in his bloody visage. Her fingertips caressed the stark edge of the bruise on his jaw.

"I had a rather sudden encounter with the table." He replied pulling the icepack from his eye. "Not sure who the winner is though." The bleeding had stopped but the headache remained. "I would have gone to Sickbay earlier but with everyone busy and I could feel the chaos on board, I figured to wait before I did."

Her thumb crunched through the dried blood on his face and she winced in sympathy. "Were going to go now."

Not feeling that putting up any kind of resistance was going to end well for him he stood up, ice pack on the only whole table in the room and walked to the door. "This is going to be a nightmare to clean up." Ignoring the fact that his designs were not in pieces, tatters or otherwise ruined.

"First we clean you up, then we worry about everything else." She whispered her fingers entwining with his. Seeing him bloody made her heart sink into her boots.

The walk to Sickbay was a quiet one, the mood on board had deepened, calmer but slightly on edge still. Time would heal that but there was still a lot of pain and suffering to be felt. When they got there it came as no surprise that it was busy, a lot of green uniforms, some yellows and blues too. He didn't want to be a bother, everyone was busy. "I can always come back later, not like Im dying and they look like they have their hands full."

The walk to Sickbay was a quiet one, the mood on board had deepened, calmer but slightly on edge still. Time would heal that but there was still a lot of pain and suffering to be felt. When they got there it came as no surprise that it was busy, a lot of green uniforms, some yellows and blues too. He didn't want to be a bother, everyone was busy. "I can always come back later, not like Im dying and they look like they have their hands full."

"You are injured and you should have been treated immediately" Annika answered fixing him with a dull eyed glare.

"I am fine, these people are your crew, they are more important." He accepted that to her given it was him that was maybe not the case but he didn't want to pull someone away to treat who was essentially a civilian over a wounded crewmember. "Unless you are going to treat me yourself?"

"You are wounded" she repeated "officer, enlisted and non crew all get seen when they are injured. No exceptions. "

Seeing that he wasn't get out of it, even if his intentions were noble. "Alright." Resigning himself to getting treated.

"Doctor Thomas do you have a moment?"

Acacia turned and approached then nodding to her even with reddened eyes. "Yes maam?"

Anika nodded to Ediras and winced in sympathy.

Ediras felt kind of sheepish. For his considerable muscular build he looked in a battered state. "During the battle, home became a bit of a danger." The lip swollen and split, his black eye dark and his headache a pounding reminder of what happened.

Managing a wan smile Acacia scanned him quickly with a tricorder. "I can see that. You have a concussion."

"If thats medical for a headache, then yes I do." Ediras answered as he tried to keep the strong emotions of pain, suffering, fear, worry that those around him were dripping with. It was proving a challenge but hoped with the headache gone he'd be able to manage.

"I am sure you do being telepathic and all. Do you want an inhibitor?" Her next question was quiet for it would silence the minds around him.

"No, thank you. I've found them to be very disconcerting." Ediras responded to the offer. "I'll manage once the headache is gone, I'm used to the other voices, just not the thunder of my own in my head."

The vibrant redhead placed a pair of neural stimulators on his forehead just to the left of center and twisted till the lights were red. They began to whirr softly.

It must have been a sight to behold, his large bulky stature and the smaller multicoloured hair medical officer treating him. "You might have to check or scan the rest of me, I fell into a glass table and then onto the glass hence the cuts and not sure if there is any more glass on or in me."

Nodding absently she ran her scanner from head to toe. "Into or through?" She asked as she adjuated the scanner.

"You will have to tell me with your scanner there, there is a lot of me and I can't see everywhere." While it didn't feel like there was, he wanted to be sure. He didn't want to be picking out small glass shards days from now out of his skin.

Acacia couldnt help but snort."of course." She muttered and turned around for the numbing spray.

"Shes going to give me hell for that table." He whispered to Acacia.

"I am sure you can replace the glass she responded with an actual giggle that brought some light to her face. She was uncharacteristically subdued today

Smiling as the Doctor did her thing he sat waiting. Home was a mess, a warzone that was prior to that a place of sanctuary and calm. "Probably once everything is all sorted, most of our stuff is still on the Dreadnought."

"Mine too. Itll be nice to get back." Acacia agreed quietly as she sprayed thr forehead wound. "Lay back."

Ediras did as instructed and laid back allowing the Doctor to treat him, he could however sense worry in her. "Are you alright?" He didn't like to pry, nor want to, but there was that underlining worry when ever she touched him.

"Busy day" she muttered, her eyes flickering to a still form covered in a green blanket. Taking a shuddering breath she tore her eyes away and focused on what she was doing. "I'll be fine."

His wounds were not life threatening he knew, but he also knew he wouldn't hear the end of it from Anika if he didn't get treated. He didn't need to ask how busy things were, he could see and feel for himself everyone around him. Sometimes being Betazoid had its downsides, this was one of them. From his laying position he tried, with his eyes at least to see Anika, feeling that she was close but didn't want to turn his head since the Doctor was working on him.

"I'm just cleaning glass shards out of your wound. You were thrown into her fancy desk weren't you?" forcing a smile the brilliant redhead, gently placed each shard into a dish with a tiny clink.

"I might find myself in here again later, when she sees the state of our quarters. It was a mess, things knocked over, including some of her things, posessions, things of importance to her." Hoping that in his fall he didn't land, step on or otherwise damage with his large size in the fall.

"I'll tell you a secret...." she bent her head towards him conspiratorially "She won't be mad at all."

"Just in case, can I take a hypo with a sedative in it?" Ediras playfully joked smiling.

Acacia snorted and Anika bent over his bed to look him in the eyes "Just how hard did you hit your head?" Amusement flowed over him from both of them.

"Pretty hard." He replied. "It was pretty hard wasn't it?" He asked the Doctor looking for her to back him up. "Could be life threatening."

Acacia giggled and patted him on the shoulder "I am quite sure that it could be life threatening."

"See." Ediras looked at Anika. "Could be." He smiled feeling somewhat safe now that he had the Doctor on his side.

Anika placed her fingertips upon his lips, and shook her head. The hard look in her eyes was fading as she gazed at him, and the wounds he'd sustained.

Feeling that his play was coming to an end he lay silent and still while the Doctor finished up her work. He was feeling better but they still had yet to go home and begin the clean up.

"Any double or blurred vision?" the doctor asked quietly as she ran a regenerator over the still bleeding laceration on his forehead.

"A little blurry straight after but it didn't last long. I could see fine about a minute or so after." He replied.

Nodding more to herself than anything she continued "Nausea?"

"No, not really, but I'd not eaten much, I was working so I try to not eat as I do to avoid stains on my designs." He replied after giving her question some thought.

"Fair enough" she muttered and then placed her signature on the PADD in front of him. "I think you have a very mild concussion along with the cut on your head. That said, you may leave if you wish. I am sure you have cleaning to do."

A job he was not looking forward to but no point in putting it off, it had to be done anyway. "Ready to go?" He asked Anika.

"As I'll ever be. I'll have you know that I hate cleaning." her fingertips slid into his hand before she helped him from the bed.


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