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A Chat Between Girls

Posted on Fri Jan 4th, 2019 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Rebecca Sandoval & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: En Route Home

Having been cleared for duty by the medical staff Sam was craving a meal, she'd not really eaten much and then she pushed herself, that left her drained, hungry and thirsty. Wearing a simple dress, thanks in no small part to Annabelle's pushing of expanding her wardrobe. She had, in more areas than one since Annabelle had also decided some new undergarments would be good too. So comfortable as she was, as best as she could be out of uniform which most had ever seen her in, she headed to Ten Forward for a bite to eat.

When she walked in she found the place only half full, could have been the hour or it could have just been one of those nights where it was quiet. Sam didn't mind, it left many chairs up front and with a view, a good place to sit and eat.

Rebecca led her daughter to one of the replicators along the wall. Aimee skipped ahead. "Ice cream!"

The replicator thankfully ignored. "No, sweetie you need real food."

Aimee frowned and pouted, but didn't complain.

"How about chicken nuggets?" That was a safe bet, and the child nodded hungrily.

Sam couldn't help but be drawn to the interaction between mother and child. It was kind of cute seeing the youthful energy of the child, innocent in the needs of the world and wanting ice cream. Hmmm ice cream does sound good. Eventually though she caved for real food, the power of mother ruled once again. Sam doubted she'd ever have kids since her preference was towards the other females than men. Still, seeing the exchange she couldn't help but smile at the exchange between the pair at the replicator.

Rebecca turned balancing tray, plates and cups nearly ran straight into a Marine. She managed to keep the contents from flying in all directions. "Excuse me... sorry ma'am," she sputtered and blushed. "Aimee don't run!"

"It's alright, really. No bother at all." Sam watched Aimee not heed the mothers words. "Kids..." Not that Sam would know but she knew when she was younger she gave her mother a run all the time. "Do you need a hand with that?"

"Oh my God thank you," Rebecca said gratefully, as she shoved the food into Sam's arms and gathered up her daughter who was decidedly under foot.

She plunked Aimee down at a nearby table, and relived Sam of her burden. She placed the food in front of her daughter and let out a sigh. "You are a lifesaver. She's been in our quarters all day with the babysitter and she has some serious steam to blow." She extended a hand, "Lt. Rebecca Sandoval ma'am."

"Major Samantha Snyder." Sam shook the hand offered her. "Please, take a seat, I was just thinking of something to eat myself so you are both welcome to join me." Sam had yet to decide what she was having but she'd get round to it.

"A pleasure to meet you, and to be honest it would be nice to talk to someone who isn't six, or concerning work."

A tug at her sleeve drew her attention, "Who's that lady?"

"That's Samantha."

"Oh... okay." Satisfied in her curiosity she resumed her meal with industrious chewing, her cinnamon pig tails bobbing.

Rebecca sat next to Aimee with a relived sigh, and her hands went straight to her coffee, which made her smile with satisfaction after the fist sip. "Okay, that's what I needed. Not as good as the real stuff I get from a friend in Seattle, but this does the trick.

She pulled her plate to her and inspected it, "Well, these enchiladas don't look like my grandmother's, but I guess they will do. I had the chicken and dumplings last night. Those are pretty good."

Sam ordered a salad. Nothing adventurous really but she was not really sure what she wanted to begin with. "So what do you do on board Rebecca?" Sam asked, she didn't get out of the marine deck much so new faces were often met, she waited for her meal watching the little one then the mother.

Rebecca deftly gathered up debris of her daughter's meal onto the tray. "Operations," she said. "Not my favorite job, but it was a promotion, and the Admiral didn't outright object to Aimee here."

"I've never really thought of anything outside marines." Sam spoke. "I guess I could have gone into security but at the time I was one of few female applicants to an otherwise male dominated role. It's been a challenge proving myself, accepting that men were stronger, bigger but for all that sometimes we women have flexibility and reach." Sam smiled as she thought about a few sparring matches were her feminine abilities, like performing a split or bending in such a way males would find difficult rewarded her with a victory.

Rebecca shrugged, "I can respect that, and I relate to it as well. I was the only woman in my engineering doctoral program."

She took a sip from her coffee before continuing. "I have a friend who's a Marine much like you." She laughed, "We could be sisters if not for her Scots accent," she said indicating her mix of cinnamon and auburn mane.

"I'm just glad we are heading home at last, this many mixed feelings about it." Sam knew though that being a marine was very much do as they are told, questions come later. "Any plans for when we get back home?"

"I don't know," Rebecca answered truthfully. "This ship is more home than the Dreadnaught. Not, that this ship is home either." She shrugged, "I'm sure it will be though."

She leaned over and gathered up the remains of them meal, "Okay, Darling you can have some ice cream now."

The child lit up like a Christmas tree and exploded out of her chair like a possessed Jack in the Box. Graceful as a dear she darted around the crew making a beeline for the replicator. Rebecca laughed, "Aw the simple pleasures of life. She must have gotten her athleticism from her dad, because I'm clumsy as can be!"


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