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A Friendly Get Together

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 10:39am by Major Samantha Snyder & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Billie Jean Reign & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Annabelle Fontaine

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: Snyder's Quarters

With everyones tensions running high Sam felt the need to let her hair down, she didn't want to do it alone though and so immediately thought of Anna. It would be nice to unwind with her again, spend some time together but it wasn't just her that was effected by all this. So she decided to spread the invitation out a little, sitting at her desk she dictated a message.

The message was an invitation to dinner at her place sent to both Bawdens, Commander Reign and her partner the good Doctor as well as inviting Annabelle. She was not sure what everyone liked and so had the idea of make a lot of plenty and hope for the best. She was sure that the troops would scoff what ever was left the following morning. Food was fuel after all.

There was no way she was going to be able to cook that much, that well, Sam was after all was used to simple and straight forward. Thankfully Sam had options, like calling the Galley for help. The other issue was clothing, Annabelle had been encouraging her to be a woman, not a marine which meant buy clothes, skirts, tops, underwear that sometimes were a little outside of her comfort zone and others not so much. Suspecting that Anna would arrive first and very early not just to see her but to help calm her. This was afterall a first for her to entertain not one but several others, all senior to her.

"Ayla babe, are you ready?" Mark called out as he finished buttoning up his shirt. He knew that if they didn't get a buzz on they were going to be late. He had to admit that this would be a pleasant change of pace, a gathering of people sharing a meal, this would be good for moral to be sure.

"Squeaah! Iz coming!" Ayla appeared wearing a nice sundress of yellow, finishing the last of brushing her hair out. She tossed the hair brush back into the refresher. "Iz ready." In good spirits as she took his hand in hers.

Just as Samantha predicted, Annabelle arrived first. She rang the chime to Samantha's quarters and was promptly admitted. She smiled at seeing Samantha as she hugged her with a soft kiss upon the lips. "I got lucky to tag a long. Even if it was an Acting Morale Officer slot. And the way you're bouncing off the walls. You should've called me sooner." Still holding Samantha in a more gentle hug, easily broken if needed. "How can I help or you need some snuggle time?"

"I could have, but I didn't know if you were busy and I didn't want to be a bother." Sam spoke as Anna held her. "Besides, you should have seen the clean up I had to do of this place. Oh, and I found a bra of yours behind the sofa..." Sam grinned.

Annabelle gave a soft giggle. "That was very enjoyable and relaxing time."

BJ had been surprised by the invitation, but had talked to Xavier about it and they both agreed to go. Tensions were high on the ship with their current 'mission' and she felt it was needed to get out and talk to the others. She came to the door wearing a white blouse, black skirt that came halfway to her knees, and a pair of kitten heels as she pressed the chime.

Xavier walked with his Fiancee stopping at Maj. Snyder's door. "You know I think this is a first." He spoke softly watching BJ press the door chime. "I hear shes dating a civilian on board, Anna." At least, that was what he heard.

"People are here." Sam almost began to panic, it was game time and she had only just finished getting things sorted out to receive them. "And you behave." Sam realised that was a silly thing to say since this was Annabelle she was talking to, she herself found it difficult when around the other woman.

"Always," Annabelle gave a slow wink at her, stepping away from Samantha, yet still close enough to invade Samantha's space.

"Come in." Sam called turning towards the door with her hands running down her dress to smooth it out.

BJ couldn't decide if she wanted to hold Xavier's hand or not, so she settled for sliding an arm around his waist as the door opened and she stepped through into the quarters with a smile. "Thank you for inviting us, Major," she said.

"Yes, thank you for the invite." Xavier added feeling somewhat warm, proud and at east with BJ's arm around him. He saw Annabelle. "Xavier Patrovski, my Fiancee BJ Reign." By way of introduction.

"I'm Annabelle Fontaine," She hesitated, looking at Samantha a bit worried on how much to reveal of their relationship to others, but with warmth of more than friendship. Looking back at the couple, smiled warmly. "Very close friend to Sammy."

"Think nothing of it, please, make yourself at home. I have a selection of drinks available on the counter, some finger food to snack on while we wait." The tension though could be cut with a knife, this mission, the things they were doing was taking a toll. "I hope I've not pushed anything back, interrupted any plans you previously made?" Sam asked, hoping she hadn't.

Ayla showed up with Mark, holding hands. She tapped the doorbell with her tail tip to alert those inside of Samantha's Quarters that the Bawdens had arrived.

Sam rushed to the door and opened it, Ayla and Mark had arrived. "Hey, please, come in. You are just in time." Sam stepped aside to let them in as she returned to playing host.

"Hey Sam." It felt a little weird seeing Sam out of marine rig having seen her so often in it it became the sort of norm. Mark followed Ayla in and the doors closed behind them. "So, how have you been?" Seeing others were present, BJ and her partner, Xavier. Mark gave a smile and wave to both as he focused on the conversation with Sam.

Ayla smiled at the others as she held out a Guest to Hostess gift of a good year of Mousian Berry wine that was easy on the palate and accepted by many space faring species.

Annabelle came up and greeted Ayla, seeing that she had a daughter in her class back aboard the Dreadnought. "Ayla! It is good to see you." They both shared a quick friendly hug. "Hi Mark." With a wide friendly smile and a wave of her hand.

"Hey." A smile on his face as Annabelle gave Ayla a hug. "How have you been? I hope Sam has not run you off yet with her antics?" Knowing full well what he was talking about since he'd done the same no doubt to Ayla when they got together.

"Been doing good." Annabelle smiled. "Not yet." The smile got warmer as she looked at Sam. "Sit. Enjoy some snacks. You know the rest." Referring to Xavier and Jean.

Ayla nodded with a smile. "Hi Xavier. Hi Jean." She looked over at Jean. "Yooz liking the Assignment with uz Dreadnought Crew, Jean."

BJ frowned and looked at Ayla. "I prefer BJ, and my first name is actually Billie Jean. Please don't call me just Jean."

Sam overheard that, noting it away, knowing her own leaning towards what she was called and by who in particular.

Sam smiled at seeing everyone mingle with the others, she was glad that the extra room she'd made by pushing sofa and chairs back to open up more floor space. Just as she was about to turn to get another drink the door chime sounded, she looked a little puzzled as everyone was here so to her surprise when the door opened two assistants from the Galley waited. "Oh...yes. On the table please."

With them carried two large platters of a varied selection of foods on different tiers which was rather fancy. As soon as they were on the table they left as quickly as they came. "Drink anyone? Refill?"

Annabelle gently guided everyone out of the way to let the caters to bring in the foods for the gathering. She stood ready to assist Sam with the needs of everyone there.

Ayla settled on the Sofa, allowing room for Marks to settle in next to her. "Iz would like a light non-alcoholic beer, please." Seeing the selection of drinks offered. "Iz sure Mark would like beer, also." Looking cheeky at her mate, knowing his taste in alcoholic beverages.

"Is there any Andorian whiskey?" BJ asked.

Annabelle moved in to help serve the drinks, letting Samantha visit with the guest that she was hosting the gathering. Getting the Bawdens their beers and BJ her Andorian whiskey neat in a chilled tumbler.

When the beers arrived, things were good. It was good to actually get out and about, be social instead of wear the uniforms all day, routine duties constantly and not really get to know the person wearing the rig. "Food looks good." I whispered to Ayla, it did look good, the kind of good that added the pounds before actually eating any of it.

Sam smiled seeing people comfortable, the one thing she was worried about was that it would be a staring, silence filled room teaming with awkwardness. Armed with her own drink Sam walked to BJ and her partner. "I hope I didn't force you guys to push anything back with this little get together?" Sam didn't want to be a bother, just friendly. She looked at Annabelle also entertaining guests.

Ayla nodded with a twinkle in her eyes as she sipped her non-alcoholic beer. She leaned against Mark slightly. Just a comfortable presence weight. "It smells good also." She whispered back to Mark as she looked at him, giving him a coy look with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Annabelle settled next to Samantha with a drink of her own and handed over one of Samantha's favorite drinks to her. For now she left the main meal covered, with appetizers on a table within easy reach of everyone. She took one and nibbled it, letting everyone know its okay to help themselves.

Returning to whisper. "Shall we go get some?" Mark asked, knowing that if they didn't then others would tuck in and that would leave none for them.

With Annabelle back with her Samantha sipped the drink that was handed to her. She watched her partner sample the food that was brought to them. "How is it?" She asked seeing Mark eye up the food. "Looks like someones found a target."

Ayla nodded to Mark as she reached out to grab one of the appetizers for herself and one for Mark, handing it to him.

Annabelle smiled at Samantha. "It is delicious." She whispered as she reached out and gave Samantha's thigh a gentle squeeze.

BJ settled back and sipped her whiskey. "So, how long has everyone here served with each other?" she asked as she observed the interaction.

Ayla looked over at BJ with a soft smile. "Since the original Dreadnought, along with mez mate, Mark." She took sip of her drink, "Whot's yooz position on board the ship?" As she continued to watch BJ as she snuggled against Mark.

The busty brunette blinked, then took a healthy drink of her whiskey. "I'm the Chief of Security," she said.

Ayla smiled warmly, "If Iz missed yooz coming aboard. Welcome to the crew." Taking a quick sip of her drink. "Mez mate, Mark was Security Chief at one time."

It was good to see Ayla interacting with others, things had been tough on her and understandably so, this would help the healing process for sure. "And the one that got Xavier here to branch out and take that much overdue promotion." Mark grinned. "About time too."

Sam smiled at the remark about Xavier, she'd heard about his hard fought efforts to stave off promotion or advancement, rumours that he didn't feel deserving or worthy of it. Then BJ turned up and everything changed. She considered for a moment that her own situation was not too dissimilar from Xavier's. Annabelle had done the exact same thing to her...

"Thank you," BJ said as she sipped her whiskey and let the slow burn fill her. "As for Xavier, it was all him. He wouldn't have been offered the promotion and position if he wasn't qualified for it." She reached over and took Xavier's hand. "Right?"

"I may have had some...encouragement. I admit I was content where I was but someone opened my eyes to what could be, instead of settling for what is." Xavier took BJ's hand in his own and smiled at her. "And I am thankful for the changes in my life."

"Its really nice to have someone come home to after a hard days work." Ayla spoke up softly, yet her voice carried pleasantly. She looked at Mark, taking his free hand in hers. She smiled with undue warmth at him. She leaned close giving him a soft lick/kiss on the cheek. Then leaned gently against him.

"It is, or even if BJ is not help before I am, I can maybe start dinner, clean up, or just relax before she does and then we can relax together." Xavier answered with a smile. "It does make the last little bit of the shift go by faster knowing what awaits at home."

"I can do that," BJ said. "What's everyone feel like having?" she asked the others.

Annabelle jumped to her feet, "you're our guest, BJ. Relax." knowing what others liked, she quickly made a fresh round of drinks and served them with practiced ease, letting Samantha be part of the conversation that they were hosting.

Sam watched Annabelle make a fresh round of drinks for everyone. Remembering the times she went to the Holodeck with her to try new clothes, broadening her experiences with women, getting out of the uniform and not be the Major but Samantha. "I have arrangements with the galley that if we need something larger than finger foods, they will be happy to prepare it for us."

"Larger is good." Mark said feeling that he could do with something a little more substantial now. Drink was good but food to join it and keep me going was probably a good idea. "So, when is the big day?" Mark asked, thinking back to the joys of his own wedding to Ayla. A smile appearing on his face at the memory.

Ayla smiled softly at Xavier and BJ. "Out of curiosity. Why you have initials for a name, BJ?" Head tilted to the side with curiosity at BJ.

Annabelle settled down next to Samantha, after serving the fresh round of drinks. She took a quick glance at Samantha to see how she was holding up, giving her a soft smile.

BJ looked at Ayla. "Because my first name is Billie Jean," she said. "No middle name. So I decided to go by BJ since it's less of a mouthful...and please, no jokes on that."

Listening to BJ talk and explain he stood silently. It was strange to see people out of uniform, being people instead of officers, friends instead of colleagues. It was good seeing people happy, even from the longest relationship on board Mark and Ayla, to some of the newest, Sam and Annabelle plus BJ and himself. It just went to show that even while in the service of Starfleet that people always made time or found a way to find companionship and love.

"Squeee.. I have no intention too, BJ. " Ayla smiled warmly, ear perking up fully. She watched Xavier stand and move around a bit. She smiled at him also. Her blue eyes warm with comradery as she snuggled a bit closer to Mark.

BJ laughed and took another sip of her drink. "That was a joke, Ayla. BJ...mouthful. It's a sexual reference."

Doing his level best not to smirk too much xavier eyed the food. "I'm hungry, did you want me to get you anything?" He asked BJ. "Or anyone for that matter while I'm at the table?"

"Maybe some cheesy bread," BJ requested.

Sam listened to BJ's comment about the joke and the reference. It then dawned on her that she'd never actually been with a man, Anabelle was the only sexual side to her life and though admittedly she didn't ever see herself with another woman, it was however now she was used to it, something she was fond of. "Ohhh cheesy bread." A little weakness, even if she would sometimes add extra cheese.

It seemed the bread was the hit of the group, hardly surprising since it was a simple yet guilty pleasure of most. "So Annabelle, tell us a little something about Sam that we don't know? She wraps herself up in that green uniform of hers we don't often see her in anything else." Xavier spoke knowing what ever Annabelle said would be interesting as Sam, as he saw her, was pretty much kept to herself.

Annabelle smile grew a bit as she looked over at Samantha. "Samantha is blossoming as she explores her softer side. Making her a more rounded person in general." She reached out and took Samantha's free hand in hers.

Ayla smiled as she leaned against her mate, Mark, at seeing Samantha and Annabelle holding hands. "It's good to see that wez are finding someone to share ourz lives with." She then looked over at Xavier, smiling with warmth of friendship.

"I'm amazed she's put up with me this long if you asked me." Mark chuckled as he put his arm around his Wife.

Ayla snuggled up closer, resting her head on his shoulder. She looked content and happy. One ear drooped a bit.


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