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Up to Speed

Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 7:42am by Commander Anika Yashui & Lieutenant Commander Billie Jean Reign

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: XOs office.
Timeline: Current

BJ thought back on the meeting that the Commodore had held and what he hadn't said at it. She was disappointed and felt that he wasn't being fair to anyone, especially his Executive Officer who was clearly confused in the meeting. She got up from her desk and secured her console, then tapped her combadge.

=^=Reign to Commander Yashui. Do you have a moment?=^+=

=/\= As a matter of fact, I do. Your office or mine? =/\=

=^=I'll come to yours,=^= BJ responded as she secured her terminal and headed out of her office. It was a short turbolift ride and walk down the corridor before she came to the Executive Officer's office and pressed the chime.

"Enter!" Anika called out, dark eyes flickering towards the door as she stirred her coffee absently. She wasn't really focused today, the frustration of all this was getting to her.

The short brunette Chief of Security entered. "Commander," she said with a nod of her head. "I had a feeling that you weren't too happy in the briefing that Commodore Hood gave and wanted to see you about that."

"Understatement." gesturing towards the couch "I can imagine this might take a while. Let me refresh my coffee. You want anything?"

"Raktajino, black, four sugars and a shot of caramel, please," BJ said as she moved to the couch, but didn't sit.

"You can sit Commander, I'm not going to bite you." Annika's voice was amused as she pressed the cup into the other woman's hands and sank down onto the couch herself.

She took the mug and sat down as she viewed anything repeated twice by a superior officer as an order. "Where would you like to start, Commander?" She asked.

"The beginning is always a good place."

"Very well," BJ said as she took a bracing drink of the strong Klingon coffee. "Please be advised that anything said here is considered Top Secret and that you and I both could be court martialed for this information. Me for giving it to you and you for knowing it. Do you understand that and wish to continue?"

"If this mission goes sideways- that's exactly where we're going to end up anyway." there was only a hint of sarcasm in her voice- and she growled under her breath before saying with more force "Read me in."

"Computer, deactivate audio and visual recording and lock doors, authorization Reign Delta Nine One Seven," BJ said as she used her Chief of Security override command. Once the computer acknowledged her, she took a large drink of the Raktajino and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

"The person you knew by the name of Vashkele, owner of The Pink Kitty was born Melani D'ian in the Orion Sector," she started. "She was found on the doorstep of a orphanage called the Mothers Without Mercy and raised as an Orion Slave Girl. You know the type. The feral dances that men of any species would kill for a night with and wake up dead the next morning."

"She was trained as a combat medic and had a natural affinity for making improvised weapons, but worked her way into the Syndicate. At first, she was just a slave passed from male to male, but men like to talk. She listened to everything and whispered sweet nothings in the right ears and came into power of her own."

BJ paused for another drink of coffee and sighed. "She had a knack for leaving a trail of bodies in her wake, but when it comes to the Orions, the females are the ones with the power over the males because of their pheromones. It can make a grown man beg for just one more touch and give a female a headache thirty yards away."

"Eventually, she took control of about thirty percent of the Syndicate and became known as The Emerald Empress. She seized control, set up males left, right and center, and had a ten thousand bar latinum bounty on her head. She decided that she wanted out....and this is where the United Federation of Planets comes into the story."

"She had a plan to capture a Federation ship and took a band of merry misfits with her, but when they got to the ship and boarded it, she turned on her own men. She begged the Federation for asylum in exchange for information. I'm not sure of the details, but her information hurt the Syndicate in a way they haven't been hurt in two hundred years. She was given a new look, new identity and shuffled around a few dozen ships in different quadrants and ended up here."

Air puffed out of her cheeks in a 'pfff' sound as she fought for anything that she could say to follow the story that BJ had told her. Yashui looked utterly defeated for a moment and she rubbed her forehead in an absent gesture she didn't even realize she was doing. "I do not even know where to begin..."

"Give it a try," BJ told her. "It's a wild story and now Commodore Hood is partially following orders and partially following something below his belt and not thinking clearly."

"How did you come upon this information, since I wasn't read in on the need to knows?" it was the easiest question of the litany of them that sprang to mind.

"Need to know basis," came the brunette's reply. "I"m the Chief of Security and was deemed that I needed to know."

"I hate politics, and all this top secret bullshit." she growled Is this a deliberate test of my loyalties or a genuine act of stupidity? What happens if he pushes himself too hard to find the woman he loves, and suddenly someone else is in command and doesn't know what the shit is going on? Of course they don't think ahead about these things.

BJ shrugged. "As for why you didn't need to know? The fewer people who knew the truth meant the greater the Federation had of protecting one of their better assets."

"Is the plan for them to throw Will under the bus? Knowing he'll stop at nothing to find her? Is this a personal vendetta against him, or just happenstance?"

The Security Chief shrugged. "I couldn't tell you any of that," she said. "Only what I know. As of the moment she was kidnapped, I know as much as you used to. Commodore Hood is going after her regardless of what he's told."

Letting out a long breath through clenched teeth, she made a faint whistling noise. "I don't know if that's good or bad honestly. I can't say that you filling in the blanks as far as this mission is concerned has eased my mind any."

"Is there anything else I can do to help that?" BJ asked.

"Just keep me in the loop." Anika answered quietly as she tapped her fingers on the armrest of the couch she was leaning on.

"I will," she said as she took another drink of her coffee.

"Thank you Commander" was all Anika could say as she was consumed by her own thoughts. "Unless there's something else?"

"No, Commander," BJ said as she recognized the dismissal and stood up. "Thank you for the coffee. I needed it." With a smile, she turned and headed out.


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