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Mission Briefing : What Lays Ahead

Posted on Sat Mar 17th, 2018 @ 3:52am by Fleet Captain William Hood & Commander Anika Yashui & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Lieutenant Commander Billie Jean Reign & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: The Emerald Road
Location: Observation Lounge


"Thank you all for coming, I know we have undergone many changes lately most notably the ship. I have been informed that the Dreadnought will be repaired, the specimens that Dr Patrovski kept in stasis has been take to Starfleet Medical where Science Division will also take an interest of the samples. Repairs will take some time, the damage done was substantial especially to her space frame. I have been assured we will get her back once repairs have been completed." That was the good news, now the bad.

"Our current orders as some what....some would say conflicting." Looking at Anika in light of the meeting they had earlier.

"I'll get straight to the point. Vash has been abducted. So I will tell you what I can but nothing that I say here leaves this room, some of it even I am not supposed to know." Will pulled up the record of Vash that Starfleet had given her as a cover, looked pretty routine, some criminal charges for flavouring nothing serious.

"Vashkele was, once a high ranking member of the Orion Syndicate, in exchange for her safety and relocation into Federation space she spilled all she knew on operations across multiple sectors. She hurt then, hurt them hard, arrests, assets, money and merchandise." Will paused for a moment to let this new side of Vash sink in to those unknowing. "It's believed that elements from her past caught up with her a few hours ago and abducted her, I think we can guess at the intentions. Command has tasked us with the finding the location and retrieval of Vash and return to Federation space." Will knew that was a large pill to swallow, also some would no doubt as his First Officer had of his objectivity in the matter.

BJ let her eyes flicker over the fabricated bio in the personnel file and knew it was all a lie. She also knew that whoever took the Orion woman wouldn't stop until her screams echoed across the Orion Sector for all to hear until they faded to nothing. Which was very likely to happen. "What's the mission parameters, Commodore?" she asked in a professional tone and let her gaze flicker over to the man who she felt was already compromised.

"Due to the sensitive nature of the situation we have been ordered to locate and retrieve Vashkele and if possible, capture those responsible." It really was as simple as that but even the best laid plans, regardless of how simple, always hit a bump in the road somewhere along the line.

"Excuse me, Commodore but all of this seems a bit out of place." I paused knowing that no doubt I was about to heavy foot through something pretty personal to the man. "But you mean to say that your girlfriend was former syndicate, she was placed aboard an Admirals flagship, got close to you and command wants you, the partner, to go get her....can you see how that looks?"

Will sighed, as much as he didn't want to admit it the man had a point, it did look bad. "I appreciate your candour Commander, but let me put it this way. If your wife was the one abducted or your Daughter for that matter, who would you trust to get her back?"

"Family...or the Admiral." I replied. "What difference does that make?"

"The difference is you would only trust those closest to you, the Admiral is understandable having served under him so long and after he risked ship and crew to get your Wife back." Will letting it be known he read the old mission reports. "My difference is that I don't have an Admiral to back me up but one telling me what to do, unfortunately it's not the same one because I damaged his flagship." Will paused. "If Starfleet Command has tasked me with this mission then who are we to question a table of Admirals?"

"Sir, with due respect I think what the Commander is getting at is, how can we be sure you can maintain objective command of the situation when you are close to the source of the mission at hand?" Xavier didn't want to put the hammer down on the man quiet like that but it got the message over.

"That's our job my friends. To make sure this remains objective, to be the voice of reason should reason escape us. Its a fine line we walk every day, every first contact, every new discovery...are we doing the right thing and for the right reasons. This is yet another of those times where we must carefully balance ourselves. We are not going to leave her in enemy hands just because she is the Commodore's love. I would like to think that we would be mounting the same rescue mission for any one of us taken by the enemy." Anika spoke up firmly from her seat next to William.

"I understand what you are saying Doctor, I can only be as objective as I can, for when I am unable then I will have to depend on the crew to keep me on the straight and level. It's not an ideal situation we find ourselves in but there is more at stake here than even I know about." Will spoke. "How are the weapons and engines?"

"Shields and weapons are fully operational, diagnostics check out and we have a full payload of torpedoes in the magazines." I replied even though I was still uneasy at the situation I was being faced with. I'd already noticed the otherwise careful thinking, considerate Wife sat there silently.

James was not fond of the position they found themselves in but he was an engineer, there was a reason he didn't follow the command branch line. "Engines are functioning as expected, almost like she came off the production line yesterday. The UP teams took good care of the ship and the systems aboard her."

"Do you intend to use marine forces at any stage sir?" Jack asked, it was early he knew, possibly too early to tell but the other gathered officers had voiced what he was going to, he saw no need to voice them again himself.

"If the need presents itself then yes, but with so much unknown at this stage its hard to tell." William was about to resume when a comm opened from the Bridge.

"Sir, a long range sensor probe has detected the warp signature very similar to the one that left orbit of Earth. Its heading for the Federation boarder at high warp."

Will looked at the officers before him. "If we do not catch that ship, we will have failed before we began, I know the situation looks bad, the position I am in, the position it has placed you all in. I'm about to commit a violation of standing orders, anyone that wants to object should do so now, it will be noted in my log." The only way they would catch that ship was to break the warp 5 limitation.

Ayla sat quietly next to her mate. She took everything in of what was being said. She had seen Vash about the Dreadnought and heard the rumors of Commodore and her being lovers. She glanced at her husband as she gave thought to what was being said.

She finally spoke up softly. "With the ships head start. Wez will have to travel faster than warp-5 in order to catch up or get within the area to be effective in order to retrieve Miss Vash. According to Daystrom Science board and Fleet Evaluations. Going faster that warp 6 whont have that much effect on the fabric of space and this dimension stability. Its just that if every ship went faster that warp 5 all the time then there would be repercussion against the Laws of Physics and Nature. Iz am sure it whont have an effect. Do wez have permission from Fleet in order to travel faster that regulations put forth?"

"No we don't." Which is why Will looked at each officer again, one final chance to chip in but he suspected some already knew.

Ayla reached under the table and gave her Mates thigh a squeeze and gave him a nod to support Commodore William. Every man and lady should have some happiness in life. She looked at Williams. "Lets get this show going." Letting Williams know at least one of his officers is willing to take the gamble. "Hopefully Iz can get mez Bother-n-Law to come and get Miracle for however long this will last." She got busy on a pad writing up a quick message to her bother in law, Miracles Uncle, Admiral Steve Bawden, Retired?.

"Doubtful, but a considerate thought." He pressed a button on the table. "Helm, I have sent coordinates to your station, set a course. Warp 9." He thought back to the briefing with the Admiral tasking him to get her back. This was the only chance he had to do that, warp 5 wouldn't cut it. "I'd like everyone to have there respective departments ready to go at a moments notice, we are playing catch up here so there will be little planning time before action." Will knew this wouldn't be the end of it.



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