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A Joyous Occasion, or is it? Part 2

Posted on Sat Dec 16th, 2017 @ 7:22am by Ediras Hanin & Commander Anika Yashui
Edited on on Sat Dec 16th, 2017 @ 7:22am

Mission: Unknown Life, Unknown Dangers
Location: Planetside

The question that came to him was would such gossip be a good thing or not? "I see." He wondered if that was it or there would be more to come once the novelty of the sons arrival wore off.

"Dont worry about her Ediras" she whispered, turning her dark eyes upwards to meet his.

"Who is with your Brother?" He asked turning to view where the parents went and slowly filter out some of the emotions rampant from the other attendees.

"His current girlfriend. My brother is something of a ladies man. They love him for some reason. Mother will be berating him for not settling down yet and making an honest woman of them." She shrugged and then shifted back so she could hold his hand again.

"Why didn't she do that to you?" He asked, as he saw it both shared a very similar situation. His fingers laced with her own as he shielded himself from the strong and close emotions the group was giving off around them.

"While my mother is in Desperate desire for more grandchildren, she is impeccably fair in her judgement of her children significant others and she is only met you the once so far she has yet to prescribe judgement on you." She grinned over her shoulder at him, and continued" that and I don't come to every family function with a new partner"

"I could sense the unease in your father when l mentioned l was Betazoid." It was not the first or last time it would happen. "Any Aunts or Uncles l should be aware of here?" Trying to paint the family tree in his mind.

"I wonder why you make my father uneasy? I see a couple aunts and uncles but none you need concern yourself with at this moment."

"Because l suspect l am the only Alien here." He spoke. "Take takes some getting used to having one of my kind around. Some are uneasy at our abilities, feel its a violation of privacy."

"Didn't we have that discussion a month ago?" she asked quietly her tone holding just a hint of irritation

"We did. But its hard to mistake what l felt." Now Ediras was irritated, not only did he have all the emotions to combat but Anika too.

"I'm not discounting what you felt." she wasn't, she just hated that it affected him so negatively.

This was supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion but it was already straining him. It was why he liked small remote areas and surprised he was sent to the ship. He looked around him with a smile, even if strained.

She was enormously glad and grateful that she didn't have to face this alone, and once more she reached back and entwined her fingers with Ediras'. "Sitting this close to me, can you hear my thoughts?" she whispered.

"If you focus on me hard enough." He spoke. "The emotion tied to what the thought is helps make it clear." He answered as he appeared to take interest in whats around him for appearances sake.

If she focused too hard on him she was going to have a problem that only he could solve and she blushed with embarrassment. Leaning back she rested her cheek on his shoulder "I chose a seat back here so I could translate for you...the wedding itself is not going to be in Standard."

"Oh l see." Well that would make for interesting listening. He did however pick up a warm ir heated emotion from her as she spoke.

She shifted back again, so he could lean on her if he wanted to be more comfortable and then focused her eyes on the bright cloth with the tiny tinkling bells, one a turquoise approaching from the east and one an eye burning pink from the west. Anika's voice was whisper soft as she explained "The bride faces east and the groom west, this is the Panigrahana, which is a ritual of new beginnings."

Silently listening he watched the ceremony unfold. He was glad to have someone put it into context for him so that hr might at least enjoy part of it fully.

The groom who was under the pink canopy walked with a candle in his hand, that he used to light the fire in the fragrant wood and grass in the bowl. They swiftly became ash on a bowl of oil that burned merrily and with a sweet/spicy scent. They spoke to each other as the two reached out to take each other's hands. Anika spoke again in a breathy whisper into his ear "

I take thy hand in mine, yearning for happiness
I ask thee, to live with me, as thy husband
Till both of us, with age, grow old

Know this, as I declare, that the Gods
Bhaga, Aryama, Savita and Purandhi, have bestowed thy person, upon me
that I may fulfill, my Dharmas of the householder, with thee

This I am, That art thou
The Sāman I, the Ŗc thou
The Heavens I, the Earth thou"

Listening to her translation of events he saw the sensuality and depth of the proceedings. He could hear the sniffles of women who were overcome by the view and he could pick up the emotions of those all around I'm as he sat in silence watching. Considering Anika's choices in life and what he'd observed so far, he wondered just how much of this life she still embraced or if she put more focus on her own choices and wants.

The two were bedected with a pair of white sashes and garlands of white flowers. Each end of the sash was tied together. Anika took a breath and quietly explained "The fire itself agni becomes a holy symbol- The priest said The world of men and women, united in the bond of marriage by Saptapadi, to further promote the joy of life, together listen with triumph. Each circuit around the fire is a vow from one to the other."

Even as Ediras tried to learn and understand this was a custom he was not going to fully grasp on his first attempt and he knew that. The various names and titles for things would be forgotten in time unless more regular exposure was given which he doubted once they returned to the ship. Even as he listened he tried to put things into a context or setting that would help him put understanding to this alien custom, while he was thankful for Anika for offering a translation, it was still alien and required time.

Each round of the fire was celebrated by music- and it seemed like the music was Japanese in nature. Taking a hard look at her sister's fiancée she noticed that he had the look of someone from that island. The language changed and Anika looked bewildered, as the priest doing the speaking changed. "I guess this must be from the grooms side of the family- I do not understand what is being said."

Which meant if Anika didn't no way he would. All he could do was sit and watch and sense all the emotions that flowed through the group as they observed. There was however something to be said for sinking into the background, people were more focused on the couple being married than the alien at the back which gave Ediras some much needed breathing room.

She watched, fascinated as the two sets of parents came to meet the couple still tied together and, a platter was placed before them. First the bride offered the cups to the grooms parents. They sipped from each of the three cups, before the groom did the same for the brides parents. Only then did the bride and groom sip from the cups.

Ediras could see the symbology of the acts that he was observing but it still made little sense. He turned to Anika and whispered. "What happens now?" A whisper lest he disturb or interrupt the proceedings as they took place. To him though with her in that dress Anika looked incredible.

"I don't know. Hindu traditions are mostly done, there are a couple of rice offerings they might make to the garden shrine..." The bride and groom took up a heavily embroidered black and white bag. "That's what they're doing now- prosperity to their marriage and blessings from the gods themselves. The bag has offerings that they will leave at the shrine."

He nodded, many species customs did similar things to deities for blessings and honour. "I see." He could feel that the emotion had started to shift from joy to a more sustained happiness as the ceremony seemed to be winding down and the high he was feeling from others earlier started to ebb

"You alright?" she asked softly as she raised her eyes to look into his handsome face.

"Yes, just a bit of headache. When a group of people all share the same emotion its like a wave that's hard to block out." He replied leaning over to whisper into her ear.

She turned her head and kissed his cheek softly, grateful that she'd worn lipstick that allowed her to do that without leaving him with embarrassing evidence that she'd kissed him.

A smile graced his own lips at her kiss, it was just the distraction he needed to pull his mind off what was going on around him. "Thank you." He softly spoke.

A pleased look lurked in her dark eyes as she gazed up at him. "Do you trust me to get you food? I don't trust my siblings to not direct you to something too spicy for you to eat."

"Of course I do. You trusted me to take you to dinner and not poison you." Even if the experience was truly enjoyable and cooked right in front of the pair of them.

Her response was a playful tongue stuck out at him as she rose from the pillow fluidly. "If you get up, the pillows will be moved to make room for tables. Find us a seat?"

Ediras nodded and watched her depart, while he himself waited a polite amount of time before rising himself and then searched for seats for them. While she was away though he could feel the attentions divide and eyes once only on bride and groom began to wonder.

The tables each one wrapped around a pillar of cloth that was suspended from above. Each pillar had strands of origami cranes that wrapped around it in beautiful flowing patterns. Each set of place holders was separated by a small hand held lantern- much like the larger ones that illuminated the tables and dancing area.

It didn't take him long to find a table that was towards the rear or the arrangement to match the seating tactic they had used for the ceremony. He moved to a pair of seats and pulled one out to sit in while he waited for Anika to return.

She returned with a pair of plates, with food in decorative arrangements for admiring and eating. Hers bore much more bright reds and yellows than his did, as she placed a plate before him. "There are a couple of things on my plate that I wasn't sure if you would like- due to spiciness but I think the flavor might win you over despite the slight heat. I can share with you, and if you like we can get more. There's a buffet style area behind the trees, where it can't be seen."

"Ok, sounds like a an idea." He replied as he looked at the arrangement on his plate then at hers. He was not sure if sharing was acceptable in this kind of situation given who was around but he was willing to try different things as they presented themselves. "What did you think of the ceremony?" He asked, to him it was slightly confusing but the basics he got.

She blushed a little as he examined the plate "I Just made things pretty- its a habit of mine when serving food. It tends to keep me from overeating."

"You, overeat?" He replied smiling. "Though what you had did look amazing after Ishikawa prepared it." He remembered the look on her face when she put the first sample into her mouth.

"I wasn't the thinnest person when I was a teenager. It's an old habit- and Yes. Quite. " She rolled her eyes heavenward in mock bliss as she remembered the flavors. "Next time we're on that station we have to go back there. I might even program the replicator for it. "

"Good thing I downloaded a menu and everything needed to book a table again." It was a good place to go, he took a gamble because he'd never gone before but the homework he did all pointed towards good food and amazing experiences.

Reaching over she squeezed his hand in gratitude. "Okay so the dish in the center of the plate is cucumber yogurt- it's designed to be eaten in between, to cleanse the palate and clear the burn if something is too hot for you. The bread that will be on the table will help with that too, though the breadpockets are designed to be filled with meat and veg and eaten as a unit."

Hearing what she had to say about the various items he looked at each in turn, not quiet the foods he was used to eating and wondered what price he'd pay for it later on or discomfort straight after. "I'll take it slowly then." He looked around as others began sitting with plates themselves.

There were sauces lined up on the tables as well and she pointed out the bright orange one "That orange sauce and the red one next to it are extremely hot."

"I'll pass on those then, I'm not used to this kind of food." He wanted to at least be safer than sorry. "I hope that is ok?" Hoping it was but considering the occasion if it were not, he'd try.

Casting him a long look she raised both eyebrows "Don't be silly Ediras. Why do you think I got you food rather than sending you up to face that by yourself." prodding him in the side she gestured to his plate. "Eat. I promise you'll like it."

He prodded her back. "Alright then I will." The playful antic amused him and no consideration was made for anyone that looked on. The distraction of her being back made the surrounding people easier to contend with, at least for the time being.

She reached over to get some of the orange sauce and drizzle it lightly in the bread-pocket she took. Filling It with meat, she put in strips of cut root vegetables and a spoon of the yellow curry sauce. Taking a bite she smiled softly the sense of being home with grandmother's cooking overwhelming her.

Ediras prepared his own meal and began to eat. As he did so he observed others, sensed others as they enjoyed the moment shared with family, the mix of emotions now easier to handle as it was split between a variety of things now instead of all focused on the one.

"Do you want a drink?" she asked softly as a waiter filled her glass with red wine.

"Yes, please." He offered his glass to be filled.

The waiter bowed slightly and filled it with a red that would compliment the meal with a sweetness to balance the spice. "That's real, so it has actual alcohol content."

Which was fine, it might help relax him to a point and take the edge off his mind. "So after the meal, what happens then?" He wondered, its not like he wanted to know or plan anything but given the situation, new and so many unknowns he thought perhaps it would help calm him.

"That's anyone's guess. There will be dessert and the bar will be open, there will probably be dancing well into the wee hours."

Ediras nodded as he ate, the food was good for something different and new but he was not sure how much of it he could eat comfortably given new things could upset the body for first time trying. "I see."

There was a squeal and a little boy threw himself into Anika's arms without care for the fact that she was eating! "Auntie Anika! Look I'm wearing a suit!" Anika laughed and scooped the boy up into her lap. "You're lucky you didn't get sauce on your suit Andrew!"

"Momma said I needed to found you."

"You found me. Now what?"

"Um...I tell Momma?" He shook his head and stole a puff pastry from her dessert plate. She shook her head- making a note to get more

Seeing the charging kid land on Anika and almost spill the food Ediras took the safe option and put the food down, wiped his fingers on the napkin. He waited for the exchange to finish so he didn't interrupt thought he had to admit the sight was amusing.

"And just where is your momma young man? she scolded him and another voice came in with a similar timbre to Anika- but with a stronger indian sound to it.

"Right here, and I saw that- that was rude Andrew. Climb off of your aunt and apologize."

"Sorry auntie" he said as he got down, still chewing the pastry he stole from her. He ran away giggling as his mother- sat beside Anika.

"Boy am I surprised to see you here, I thought you would have written off Parvarti as too much trouble to come to her wedding."

"Well you're here aren't you? " Anika countered to which both sisters laughed

"And who did you bring with you?" Pari asked as she prodded her sister and said something with a complimentary tone in Hindi. Anika's blush was enough to convey what she'd asked.

Ediras watched the exchange, rotated in his seat to get a better look at the new arrivals while not appearing rude by presenting his back to them. He could sense warmth, comforting, happiness from this woman. He didn't want to interrupt the pair of them speaking but when he saw Anika blush and the chat in another language, part of him wished he had his translator so that he could find out what was said to earn such a flare from Anika's cheeks.

"Ediras, this is my sister Pari. Her husband is over there somewhere wrangling Andrew- my delightful food stealing nephew." Anika gestured in the direction that Andrew had run off to, and grinned.

"A pleasure." He replied after the introduction then looking in the direction the little one ran off to. "With the way he was running I fear he may end up wearing more than eaten." He joked.

"as is often the case with him. Fortunately he is washable." Peri said with a good natured humor.

"It when they become self washable is a moment of celebration." Remembering times when as he was growing up he'd made a mess of himself especially during his hours of drawing and accidently touching his face in some manner leaving black lines all over it.

Anika chuckled at that clever retort and nibbled at the bread pocket she'd made. It was delicious and it allowed Ediras and Peri to talk .

As Anika ate they chatted, it gave insight as to the differences between the two sisters. How the choices made in respective lives lead then down the paths they had. They talked on a variety of subjects from occupations or hobbies, foods and about the wedding. Ediras hoped he was not hogging the spotlight from Anika considering this was her sister after all and he, was just a guest

Anika was utterly ecstatic that her date and her sister were getting on so well, enough to talk around her while she ate.


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