NCC - 77447 - B
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Is The Day Over Yet?

Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Ensign Kelly Vogel
Edited on on Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 9:49pm

Mission: Unknown Life, Unknown Dangers
Location: Bradshaw Quarters
Timeline: Slight Backpost to before the nacelle is lost.

Today was a very difficult day, not only did I have to work up a plan to the Commodore but also damage the very ship I was tasked with maintaining, I wasn't talking about the gentle love tap too, my plan involved stripping the ship from the strut up, of one nacelle. That was a blow to my pride because since taking on extra duties I had tried my best. Then there was the Chief of Security issue in Sickbay, pretty sure she didn't like me at the moment but life was too short to worry about it. What's done was done and tomorrow was another day.

I was in the Kitchen cooking, problem was I was not sure what I was trying to make. I had hoped it would take shape as time went on but I'd only served to make a total mess of two meals for the replicator to recycle. "Computer, send message to Kelly Vogel, message reads. Dinner and a movie, my place say 20 minutes?"

The computer chirped letting him know the message had been sent while he tried to salvage the third of his 'creations'.

Kelly sat at her terminal going over schematics for various runabouts and making minor adjustments to the over designs from a Flight and Engineering perspective when the terminal alerted her that she had a message. A red and black tiny winged lizard on her right shoulder gave an undignified hiss and projected a feeling of loathing at the interruption.

"Oh, calm down, Ahnold," she said as she saved the file in an encrypted folder before she pulled up the message. She smiled when she saw it was from James and checked the time. Be there soon, she responded and removed the objecting Ahnold to sit him on top of the terminal.

"And don't go to the bathroom on it again," she warned it. She headed into her small bathroom and took a sonic shower, then dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a matching tank top, brushed her hair out and started to leave her quarters.

Ahnold gave another hiss of displeasure and projected a feeling of loneliness at her and she sighed. "You can come with, but you better be on your best behavior," she told her alien pet who promptly flew over and settled on her shoulder. Kelly rolled her eyes at the feeling of jealousy and contentment that came from it, then headed out.

A few minutes later, she pressed the chime on James' door and waited for him to respond. "Remember," she told Ahnold. "Best behavior or not silkworms for a week." The tiny alien lizard flapped its wings and hissed, but settled down on her shoulder again.

"It's open." I know who it was so the doors opened right away. When I saw Kelly step in I'd just finished cleaning up my third disaster. Then I noticed some....thing on her shoulder. "Who's the friend?" I asked as I wiped my hands on a towel, didn't want to touch her and dirty her with my past efforts at mindless indirect cooking.

Kelly held up her right hand and stuck her index finger out and the little reptilian flew to it and perched. It cocked his head to the left, then projected a sense of wariness towards James. "This is Ahnold. I got him on an away mission I was on and the Captain let me keep him. He doesn't speak, but you may feel emotions coming from him."

"Is he going to attack me if I attempt to kiss you?" I asked with a smile as I looked at the little critter. Kinda cute looking but yeah, I'll wait to see what he does before anything.

Kelly laughed. "He doesn't have teeth, but he may gum you if you have a cricket or mealworm," she said. "And you may feel some jealousy from him."

I smiled as I walked to Kelly and gave her a kiss. "So, hungry for anything in particular?" My earlier attempts didn't fair well mostly because I was not sure what my final goal was, I was hoping it would all come together more towards the end but didn't. "I have a selection of movies already ready to pick from, was not sure what you liked so I selected a few across many genres."

She returned the kiss, nipping and tugging lightly at his bottom lip when she pulled back. "Your choice," she said. "As long as we can have chocolate for dessert. Do you have anything scary?"

I grinned at her play. "I have a list actually, on the table of the selection." I didn't know what she liked so a sample of various genres lay waiting. "As for chocolate, I'm sure I have something that ticks the box." I walked behind the counter again. Cute little critter was wary of me, that much I could tell but any pet would be protective when others were around those they were familiar with. "So, since we are watching movies, how about some potato wedges, a score of dipping sauces, polished off with some popcorn maybe then dessert?"

Simple, easy and straight forward, something even I possibly couldn't cock up.

"Potato wedges sound good," Kelly said. "Be sure to include some garlic ranch and bacon dip, too. I love that stuff almost as much as chocolate. I do have a question, though. Are you ever going to come to my place?" She asked as she went over to the coffee table to check out the list.

"Sure, I just didn't want to assume and pick you're place for dinner." I replied smiling as she looked at my listed selection. "How about, next time ok?" I got the wedges ready and replicated the dips, including the garlic and bacons dips. I also had a tomato, BBQ and smoked dips too.

I walked the meal over to table in front of the sofa. "So, what's the choice?"

"That's why you send a message," she said with a cheeky grin. "I found one called Meet the Feebles. It doesn't look scary, but the byline is puppets on crack."

I smirked at hearing the discription. "Alright then." Sounded like a plan to me. "Take a seat and I'll finish up here." I said turning off the heaters, grabbing a knife and fork just in case it was needed and some napkins before returning to the sofa. "Ready?"

"Ready," Kelly said as she queued the movie she had picked out and looked over to where he was at. "I'd recommend not drinking during most of the movie. It's supposed to be hilarious."

*** Movie Ends ***

The warning was well worth it, the movie was hilarious he found himself amused or chuckling through most of it. When it ended he still wore the smile. "Well, I have to say that was amusingly unique." Even that provoked a chuckle. "What did you think?"

She laughed. "That was incredible," she said. "A jealous hippo with a machine gun is no joke. Heidi went crazy when Blech cheated on her, but I'd do the same."

"Consider myself warned." I replied as I cleared the mess. "Did you um, want to stay the night?" I just wanted to put it out there, she didn't have to and I knew but I wanted to ask. "Or yours?" Remembering her comment about never coming round to hers.

Kelly looked at Ahnold and cocked her head, then seemed to stare off into the distance for a second. "Ahnold seems happy here and he's already been fed, so I don't see a reason not to stay the night. Tomorrow, you can come to my place."

"Deal." I grinned, would be nice to see where Kelly lived after all, a home revealed a lot about a person. "Would you like some dessert babe?" I asked as I put the last of the plates in the replicator. Dessert of not, I didn't mind, it was the company that was more important.

"No thanks," she said. "I'm too full to eat any more right now, but we could exercise that off."

"Oh." I grinned as I walked to the back of the sofa and leaned over it behind her laying my hands on Kelly's shoulders in a massaging motion. "What would you suggest hmmm?" Letting my fingers do the work as I waited.

Kelly pulled her long brunette hair forward to give him better access to her neck and gave a small groan. "Right there," she said. "I think I have a cramp in my neck from all the looking up I did in the shuttle bay earlier. I had to inspect all of them."

Knowing myself the bane of looking up be it a shuttle, a warp core or hunched and bundled in a jefferies tube, neck pain was a risk. I massaged her neck working towards the shoulders then started over again. "Maybe we should hit up the spa, or a holographic one for privacy." I knew first hand that sometimes aches and pains needed some quiet and privacy to seep out of the body fully.

She shuddered under his ministrations and fought against the urge to writhe out from under him. What he was doing felt good, but she had more pain in there than she had thought. "A little to the left," she groaned as her hands dug into the fabric of the couch she was sitting on. "We have...ugh....enough privacy here."

"Alright then." I tapped the side of her hip with a smile on my face. "Strip off, my bed and I'll grab the towels." I had some oils that would help aching muscles, often came in handy as an Engineer. At least on the bed I didn't have to navigate a sofa and if the sheets got oily, easy to replace.

Kelly smiled as she came to her feet and looked at him. "You just want a reason to get me naked, don't you?" she asked.

With a poorly hidden guilty expression on my face I stood with hands to the side. "Call it exchange of services, massage requires removal of clothes if you want oils or are you that stiff you need help unwrapping?"

She laughed and headed back to his room, taking off her top as she did so and flung it behind her. "I can get unwrapped easily enough," she said.

"Awwww." I mocked sadness. "Alright then." He reached into a drawer as they entered the Bedroom. "Say, assuming we are given some down time while the ships repaired, there is a club in LA, reviews are good and a few mates have gone before. Wondered if you wanted to hit it up?"

Kelly began to disrobe and looked over her shoulder at him. "As long as it's not at the San Francisco Bay area," she said. "I'm a bit known there and it may cause trouble."

"I'll keep that in mind." I watched Kelly undress, the peek over the shoulder and then laid a towel over the bed. "Lay down then and I'll begin."

With a smile, she finished disrobing and laid down on the bed. "Make it so," she said.


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