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Once Again Together

Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2018 @ 4:51pm by Major Samantha Snyder & Annabelle Fontaine

Mission: Unknown Life, Unknown Dangers
Location: Starbase Guest Quarters

It had been one of those days at school. It seamed that the children were agitated and hyperactive to the point of being disruptive. Annabelle was thankful when classes ended and the children were gone. She sat at her desk to finish up some last minute grading and took the prep-work for the next days lessons to her quarters.

After the party had split up, one Marine heading home with an Andorian Samantha was left a little emotional. That kiss, the single kiss that Vashkele had given the Captain was....was something else. It dripped with passion and that bite of the lip almost made the heart skip a beat.

Samantha was no stranger to romance when it came to seeing it, many of her friends had relationships but this was something beyond it and all entirely new for her. The kiss was woman to woman, an element so far shared only between herself and Annabelle but experiencing it and seeing it were two very different things. The image replayed over and over, in the one hand it made her wonder if to Annabelle she was plain for her. Which the same sex relationship was new and she knew she had alot of exploring both with Annabelle and personally to do, she couldn't help but wonder if she was getting the better end of this relationship than the more experienced Annabelle.

Sam headed to Anna's Quarters having been told that was where she was. She needed to see her, talk about what she saw, what she was feeling.

Annabelle had the lights low and soft music playing. She was running around in her nylon clad feet, skirt with small splatter of various colored paints from the art project the kids were doing. Silks form fitting top as her blouse as laying haphazardly on the pile of books and class related materials on a chair. her loafers that she wore lay in middle of the common rooms floor where she had kicked them off. She was fixing herself a light snack before she hit the books and finishing up grading papers.

When Sam arrived she pressed the chime, a few smiles from people that passed while she stood waiting. Things were going smoothly, better than she expected considering the same sex relationship and the light unease that some might view as the Major with a civilian. She hoped she was not disturbing Annabelle but Sam didn't feel like spending the free time alone.

"Enter!" Annabelle sang out upon hearing the doorbell. Glancing towards the door to see who was coming to visit her as she racked her brain to remember if she was suppose to meet with a parent after school hours in her quarters. Seeing it was Samantha, She stopped what she was doing and moved to Samantha. "Heyas Sammy," Giving her a hug. "Hows yur day been, love?"

"Hectic." Though the hug was most welcome, like a security blanket Sam gave herself to it. "Just been non stop all day and I didn't want to go to my place, hope you don't mind." Ever since things stopped being hostile it had continued to be nerve racking for all on board.

Annabelle seeing that Samantha was still in uniform, softly exclaiming. "Mind?! I don't mind at all." Giving a big warm smile and quick heartfelt hug/squeeze. "You're welcome here anytime you like to come here, Sammy. Let me help you get comfortable." Her food prep forgotten along with her homework from school, she began to loosen Samantha's uniform to remove it.

"It just doesnt seem to end." Sam spoke as Annabelle worked her tunic off of her. "Everything is up in the air, nerves are on edge, people snapping at each other." Sam's shoulders felt heavy, everything down at the barracks was full on and problem was nobody was stopping for a breather. No marine liked losing and they had lost some people to what ever this creature was that infested the ship. "Have you eaten yet, I'm starving?"

"Even the children are a little uneasy today at school." Annabelle sighed as she moved back to the kitchenette, dropping Sammy uniform tunic on a nearby chair, to finishing up the sandwiches. "We'll eat more later. This should tide you over."

Annabelle held out a plate of sandwiches. "Sit, sit and kick them boots off."

Doing just that Sam slumped into the sofa, placed her plate next to her and leaned forward to unzip the boots from her ankles and let them fall to the floor with a sigh of relief and a toe stretch. She laid back against the back rest of the sofa and sighed with eyes closed and a deep breath. "Thanks." The mission had been a difficult one but Sam was relieved that Annabelle made it ok.

Annabelle settled on the floor before Samantha and picked up her foot. She gently began to massage the foot and each individual toes till finished. "Colonel runnin ya ragged?" Speaking softly as she started on the foot, looking up at her with a soft smile that held warmth of passion for her Marine.

"Not really, just a lot going on at the moment." Though if Sam was being honest with herself it sure felt like he was. "I don't know how you do it. You go to work surrounded by kids, screaming, misbehaving, acting like kids and still walk out of that classroom with a head full of hair."

Annabelle smiled, "earplugs, lots of caffeine and sugar. A firm hand and remembering what my mom did to control me when I got unruly. Plus it helps to really really like children. And most important.. have none yourself." She smiled warmly as she reached up and undid Samantha's trousers and worked them off her. "Can your subordinates be like children at time?"

"Sometimes I think they still are just a little bigger." Sam sighed, sometimes egos were quick to grow and needed a smack down before they got out of hand. When Annabelle pulled off her trousers she lifted up from the sofa to help and then sat down again. She was wearing one of the lace panty sets that she got when Anna took her to the Holodeck to pick out some new clothing. Normally she wouldn't have, sticking to regulation clothing but since things had developed between them Sam had started taking steps to change the status quo.

Annabelle tossed the pants onto a nearby chair and snuggled up against Samantha. "Yeah with deadlier toys to play with. But you get to do the same." Giving Samantha a soft smile, realizing she knew so little about Samantha, "Have you always wanted to be a Marine?"

Samantha hugged Annabelle but when the question came she smiled in though, she rotated so that she lay with her head on the arm rest but her legs over Annabelle's lap. "Not really. I wanted to be a musician at first in my youth but that never really took off so I got into painting. Did that for a while but then parents and friends kept the pressure up into joining so I decided to make everyone happy and enlist."

"I was a bit of a rebel and took my own path." Annabelle gently traced hearts on Samantha's thighs, working slowly upwards. Looking at Samantha as she spoke softly. "Does it make you happy that you are a Marine?" Enjoying spending the time with Samantha.

"It used to, I was thrilled to be doing something different but it slowly lost the appeal and so now its simply what is. I've always been a marine. You saw how I was with make up and the holodeck to get new clothing. Lost if it were not marine garb." Samantha replied as she laid back letting Annabelle do as she pleased. "Did you ever thing of doing something different, wild, outrageous?" She gave brief pause. "And I don't mean me..." A smirk followed.

"I rode with a biker gang up one of their gathering while back on Earth. When I was in college. Partied my arse off and lost my maidenhood, and spent the time inna drug induced haze. Got stranded and had to hitchhike back. Lost an entire semester of hard work and blew my grade point average. If I had taken the smarter route of not going. I'd been class valedictorian when I graduated and had my doctorate thesis turned in. But alas. I partied and paid for it." Annabelle shrugged and smiled as she looked at Samantha. "Some doors shut, others opened and I am still where I want to be. On a ship carting around the galaxy."

Samantha smiled, it was funny the paths of peoples lives took them in all kinds of directions. For herself she was a marine, a mostly male dominated role so she had to constantly prove herself. She'd given up romance and love and didn't think about women outside of comrades in green and yet here she was dating a woman, sat on a sofa with her legs over Anna's while she traced her thighs. "I suppose I should sleep, Victory loves preparation and all that."

"Spend the night here. I'm sure the Marines can do without your wisdom." Annabelle smiled warmly, standing up, letting Samantha's legs slide to the floor. Then pulling Samantha to her feet gently and an arm around her waist, led her to bedroom...


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