NCC - 77447 - B
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The Twists & Turns of Fate

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 8:01am by Fleet Captain William Hood

It was only supposed to be a drop off of supplies, medical equipment and classified materials, a route had been provided to us, clearance codes, everything that we would need for the mission. After the disaster of the last mission I had hoped this would have been simple and straight forward which would have given me time to familiarise myself with this new ship.

Then there was the ship. This Valkyrie class ship, vessel, something that's big enough to be its own station. It is by far the largest in the fleet, its a treasure trove of the latest technologies, even the things that one might take for granted, top of the line. I am used to smaller crews yet this has over 6,000 souls on board including civilians. It is the true definition of a floating city in the stars.

I'll admit that following the last mission and the loss of my previous command I was surprised to be assigned to this, though part of me feels that this is the one last jaunt before the curtain falls. I have been lucky true but I can't help but feel that my luck is running out and the bill comes due soon.

My mission was to deliver supplies and leave, simple but it seems simple has other ideas. Having transported everything to the location we were provided by automated message we find ourselves in a new situation. The cargo was classified, I would have expected a receipt confirmation, a notification, anything to confirm that the cargo arrived but nothing. We were met with silence.

With the sensitivity of the cargo I couldn't leave without finding out what had happened to it, it was the right thing to do considering what the cargo included. I sent an away team down consisting of the First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer and Chief Security plus a security detail via shuttle to the surface. Security fields prevented us beaming down.

It was not long after that an accident occurred on board the ship. One that has questionable ties to it. The hanger doors to Bay 1 exploded, internal detonation, there were casualties. On my computer in my quarters just as I was leaving there was a single word on the screen.


I can't help but feel the two incidents are link so I have tasked some of my staff to do some digging, it is my hope that they will be able to provide some answers while we wait for the away team to supply some of their own.

I can not report to command, we are on a communications black out currently but I doubt it would have been missed that we have not yet left orbit. I can only hope that who ever makes contact is open to listening to reason.


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