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Resupplied and crewed the U.S.S. Dreadnought is sent to a remote area to bring stability to the region that has been plagued by outlaws, pirates and renegades bent on disrupting trade, stealing ships and cargos, enslaving crews or worse.

The Dreadnought is tasked with arriving in the areas, conducting an investigation as to recent events while at the same time bring stability and security to the region that until that point....hand none.

However not everyone will be pleased with the arrival of the colossal ship and there are always plans, within plans.

Start Date Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 5:25pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
The List
by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
Mission Day 1 1000hrs CEO's Office
Fighting For Acceptance.
by Amber Omier Dr
Mission Day 1, 06:00Hrs Ten Forward
Same Day, Same Crap, Only Depth Varies
by Major Samantha Snyder
Mission Day 1, 06:00Hrs MCO's Office
Lots of New Faces
by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar
Mission Day 1, 07:30hours. Main Fighter Bay
The Grim Truth of Lawlessness.
by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Mission Day 1, 06:43hours. Ready Room.

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