NCC - 77447 - B


Not All Changes Are Welcome.

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Resupplied and crewed the U.S.S. Dreadnought is sent to a remote area to bring stability to the region that has been plagued by outlaws, pirates and renegades bent on disrupting trade, stealing ships and cargos, enslaving crews or worse.

The Dreadnought is tasked with arriving in the areas, conducting an investigation as to recent events while at the same time bring stability and security to the region that until that point....hand none.

However not everyone will be pleased with the arrival of the colossal ship and there are always plans, within plans.

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The USS Dreadnought has been directed to investigate the cause of unusual gravitational shifts emanating from the Gamma Tauri system. Upon their arrival, they discover the gravitational shifts are being caused by a planet being slowly torn apart by a black hole.

Things become even more problematic when scans show that that planet being destroyed is inhabited by a pre warp humanoid species.

Ethical and Moral dilemmas blur the line of duty as the crew struggle with the ideal that despite having the capacity and ability to save this race, they are forced to watch them die because of the prime directive.

What Stalks The Night

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The Dreadnought is sent on an embarrassing supply run following the chaotic and highly disruptive mission to rescue one of its own. It's destination is an otherwise unremarkable planet, the supplies are mostly medical and science in origin but when they arrive things turn sour and the Dreadnought and her crew are pressed against the wall when they stumble onto something they shouldn't have

The Emerald Road

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While the Dreadnought is facing lengthy repairs Vash's past catches up to her. Abducted and facing untold horrors at the hands of her captors William must make a choice, draw a line and then flex it as he tries to rescue the woman he loves.

Just how far will he go however? What sacrifices will he be prepared to make to get her back?

Unknown Life, Unknown Dangers

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The Dreadnought is dispatched on a routine cruise with her new Commanding Officer, Commodore William Hood. Keen to put his ship and crew to the test his wishes are answered but not in the way he was expecting.

The Dreadnought stumbles across a freighter adrift in space far from any trade route and devoid of crew. The crew have to determine if the risks of finding out what happened are worth what awaits them on board.

New Faces and Terror Beyond

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Admiral S'iraa is recalled to Earth and his replacement, Captain Ra Havrelli joins the ship. His arrival is unexpected to most and for the mostly unknown Captain the crew greets him with mild scepticism.

Meanwhile as the crew come to terms with S'iraa's departure a terror attack devastates a heavily populated city and industrial core of a world. Captain Havrelli must put to rest and crews doubts and worries while tracking down and combating the masterminds of this wave of attacks.

Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...

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During a mission to observe a fledgling industrial civilisation the Excelsior class U.S.S. Turbulent was in orbit of the planet when without warning the ship lost power. Trapped in a decaying orbit the ship was unable to restore power and crashed lands in one of the major water masses with the surviving crew on board. Why the escape pods were not used is unclear but the crew finds themselves trapped several thousand feet under water, with a compromised hull and some interested locals.

The Dreadnought is sent to rescue the crew while maintaining as little visible presence as possible, a gamble when lives are at stake and the Prime Directive looms over the shoulder of any action taken.

Guilty By Association

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A house of cards is a delicate balance, so too is where you are at the wrong moment and who you are with.

The Dreadnought tasked with patrolling shipping routes finds a wreck of a freighter that has been attacked. The owners of the Freighter arrive on the scene and believe the Dreadnought is the one that attacked the ship.

The crew must fight to prove their innocence and defend the ship from the backlash that might ensue.