NCC - 77447 - B

Crew Awards

Antagonist Award Antagonist Award
This award denotes a players exceptionally well crafted villain contributed to a sim's plotline convincingly over a series of posts.
Captain's Personal Merit Captain's Personal Merit
Awarded to the crew member who the Captain feels most worthy.
Civilian Contribution Ribbon Civilian Contribution Ribbon
In recognition of the great elements a civilian player character lends to the game in character.
Creativity Award Creativity Award
The Creativity Award is presented to those who come up with an outstanding idea during a mission.
Crew's Choice Crew's Choice
Voted on by the crew of the sim being given by.
DeForest Kelley Humor Award DeForest Kelley Humor Award
This award is meant to help us all remember that a bit of light-heartedness goes a long way; even in the face of danger.

DeForest Kelley was as much a comedian as he was an actor of the 20th century. Therefore, this is as much a tribute to him as it is an award to any recipient. This award can be given to any player on the Dreadnought.
Good Conduct Medal Good Conduct Medal
For exceptional performance of one's duties.
Heart of the Tiger Heart of the Tiger
Awarded to the crew member that writes supreme battle posts, making their posts enjoyable and exciting to read in the heat of battle.

This award is given to one naval crew member and one marine crew member each time it is awarded, if applicable.
Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award
This award will be given to the newcomer that makes themselves known and puts in the most effort to make their character a valuable addition.
Most Improved Player of the Month Most Improved Player of the Month
This award will be given to the player that shows the most improvement from the previous month.

Truly an award to be cherished, as it is a result of a lot of time and hard work.
Outstanding Volunteer Award Outstanding Volunteer Award

For the player who makes every effort to find significant ways to lend a hand to the sim's command staff.

Performs excellent support work to the best of his/her abilities. Reserved for out of character contributions only, as such efforts differ in scope and often involve a players personal time commitment beyond the game play. (Not as prestigious as the Ribbon of Commitment.)
Player of the Month Player of the Month
Awarded by Crew Vote for the Best, Most Engaging, Absolutely Awesome Player of the Month.
Plot Development Citation Plot Development Citation
For developing the current plot line and making it original and unexpected yet not unbelievable.

In other words, the crew member that throws the best "monkey wrenches" into the plot to make it interesting, but not totally off-center.
POW Ribbon of Sacrifice POW Ribbon of Sacrifice
Given to Starfleet officers who are captured by enemy forces for any length of time.
Post of the Month Post of the Month
Awarded by Crew Vote for the Best, Most Engaging, Absolutely Awesome Post of the Month.
Professional Merit Professional Merit
Awarded to the character that has developed his/her character with considerable talent, making that character a joy to interact with.
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Awarded to personnel who are injured in the line of duty.
Ribbon of Commitment Ribbon of Commitment
Given to a person who has truly put forth an indisputable amount of extra effort.

This refers primarily to out of character circumstances. Recruiting, pulling the crew together, posting, helping to fill in the "gaps", and helping maintain their ship's website are just a few of the things that could count toward this award. Truly, this is one award to cherish when received.
Silver Star Silver Star
The crew member that demonstrates supreme postings, posts often, and plays his/her character "to the hilt" will receive this award. Arguably considered one of the highest honors a crew member can receive.
Unit Citation Unit Citation
Awarded to the crew member that shows considerable talent in working with other crewmembers to create a winning plot line worthy of the vessel's reputation.
Meritorious Service (Admiralty) Meritorious Service (Admiralty)
Awarded to any player who has surpassed 10 years of consecutive service on a single sim.

To be awarded by Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
Pegasus Fleet 10 Year Commemorative Ribbon Pegasus Fleet 10 Year Commemorative Ribbon
Awarded to all players active in any sim during Pegasus Fleet's 10 year anniversary celebrations.