NCC - 77447 - B

Amber Omier

Name Amber Leanne Omier Dr

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer


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Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 12:34am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Banean
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Golden (Framed with red feathers)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physically Amber has many distinctive traits, from the red feather like plumage that crowns her face and brow, golden flowing hair well beyond the shoulders. Physically proportionate from head to toe it distracts from her intellect in the Engineering field and sub-elements.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Toren Omier
Mother Laren Omier
Brother(s) Only child
Sister(s) Only Child
Other Family 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 7 Cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amber has an air of confidence about her that she backs up with a vast knowledge of warp theory, mechanics, anti-matter reactions, her analytical talents and technical acumen. With a Father who is a structural engineer and a mother as a medical biochemical engineer Amber was constantly surrounded by drive and precision.

Handling a measure of elegance about her that smooth yet graceful in movement often made it difficult for her to be accepted by her male peers during her studies. While she was not above using her looks to get the help she needed, she knew where to draw the line.

Driven, focused, determined and dedicated to her profession she has overcome being shunned by the male experts in her field who have repeatedly told her women should remain at home. Even through her University and Science Institute years she fought for what she achieved. 2 Doctorates later and several degrees later and seeing that she would not be taken seriously or given an equal standing she sought the exchange program following her transit through the Gateway connected to the Alpha Quadrant.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Engineering Knowledge
+ Qualifications
+ Passionate, driven, focused
+ Thick skinned to gender judgement
+ Physically attractive.
+ Soft voice, easy to listen to.

- Willing to bruise an ego if a better option is available to be put forward.
- Sharp tongued
- Defensive if others let pride put people in danger
- Quick witted when people down-talk the importance of the engineering field.
- While she is willing to work within a team her history of being dismissed because shes a woman has ingrained in her a feel of iciness, cold, steel edged at times.
Ambitions Earn her Professorship

Personal History Amber had a difficult childhood because of her perfectionist parents. Her father was a Structural Engineer, her Mother was a Medical Biochemical Engineer. As an only child they spared little when it came to her education with the hopes she would follow in her mother's footsteps. After completing her teenage years studies she enrolled into the University of Sciences which at first made her parents proud until they discovered her Engineering selections.

Disappointed, and they let Amber know this, they watched as Amber excelled in her studies. Amber secretly used this opportunity to prove to her parents that she could be intelligent and successful within her own right without having to lean on her parents like others in her class had done with theirs.

Graduating 2nd in her class and much to the ridicule of coming 2nd to a male, which added weight to what others had been saying to her during her studies that a female should stay at home. She enrolled into the capitals Institute of Engineering where she enhanced her qualifications through hands on experience and study. Steeled from her experiences in University she found the Institute to be far more welcoming to women and felt an air of freedom and renewed passion for what she did.

She found work experience in various planetary labs, power plants, a study term on a freighter and the Institute's own facilities when she reached the proper term. Amber studied under Professor Tareem Son, Professor of warp field theory before moving onto Professor Bennik Tar, Professor of Engineering Mechanics, Reactions and Principles. Amber used these experiences to ask questions, learn from who she could, absorbing the knowledge shared with her and applying it in her own practical tests and examinations.

By the time she decided to put an end to her academic studies she had earned several degrees and a doctorate. Amber felt pride in what she had accomplished but discovered that outside of learning, still there was the judgement. She applied for several posts but turned down for each, even for some she discovered were to males with less experience or qualifications.

She knew at that point she would never be taken seriously. The generation of her time was so different from her Mother's that if she were to get the respect her studies due her, it wouldn't be on Banea. Keeping this revelation secret from her parents she took on a medium level position at the institute of little significance. She used the time to learn more while applying herself to her role. Her Professors were happy to credit her where it was due in her studies.

Before she earned her second doctorate her Father passed away. Things between the Mother and Amber soured quickly for a variety of reasons but mostly because she was seldom around, absent from the family. Another two years passed and less than a handful of words were exchanged, this sealed her choice to leave Banea.

Having completed her studies for the last time she found a position on a science frigate as an Engineer. Her tasks were challenging but she welcomed them with open arms. She was also surprised that for once nobody seemed to care that she was a woman, only that she could do what she said she could and what he job demanded. 2 years of this lead to a project lead role at an orbital platform for energy studies.

When she heard about the Gateway she earned herself passage through various jobs and postings. While this only added to her experience all she could think about was what she could see, learn and do on the other side.

With her identification papers in hand and her transcripts available she was permitted to pass through the Gateway. Amber applied for the exchange program which at first saw her rejected many times. This she discovered was due to her origins in the Delta Quadrant and learned quickly the other cautious reasons. The help of her only surviving Professor, Tar, helped her obtain access to a Federation outpost working towards propulsion engineering. Three postings later and now 39 she wanted more, she had proven herself as a talented and dedicated engineer.

A score of recommendations, a wealth of knowledge and a compliment of experience saw her exchange program placing her on the priority list for a senior role. 4 months wait saw an assignment waiting for her.

Chief Engineer on somewhat controversial starship, U.S.S. Dreadnought.