NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews

Name Cassandra Marie Mathews

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 135
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Cassandra Mathews might not look the part of a security officer tall and almost scrawny looking. Her dark blue eyes always seem to look haunted even on those rare occasions you might get her to smile. When on duty she keeps her hair pinned back in a tight bun. Off duty she wears it loose to hide behind. Her skin is smooth and pale except for a almost fully healed up scars here and there from breaking up fights and such.


Spouse Thomas J. Mathews - Deceased
Children Daughter: Nova L. Mathews -deceased-
Father Marcus R. Linder
Mother Judith A. Linder

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassie keeps to herself most the time unless she's on duty. Her off time is spent sleeping, in the gym, in counseling, when she can't sleep or do any of the above she prefers to read or draw.

It didn't always use to be this way however. Once she use to be very ambitious and outgoing. But with the grewsome death of her husband and daughter at the hands of a vicious serial killer named Harold Jamerson whom remains still at large her disposition had shifted to a more somber tone.
Strengths & Weaknesses +is self motivated
- can be receless
+Trys to be positive
- has moments of vast despair
+Is a quick learner
+Thinks well on her feet
+Is in good physical shape and knows hand to hand combat
Ambitions To finish her term in StarFleet
Hobbies & Interests Exercise, reading, music, use to enjoy dancing, singing, training in new Technics of combat

Personal History Cassandra grew up being toted from one ship to anther from one side of the Galaxy to the other. Her daddy was a Marine and upon the death of Cassandras mother so Cassie became his little cadet. She was a very out going intelligent child and was happy and well cared for by not just her father but by the whole battalion it seemed. The vast wealth of knowledge afforded to her by being exposed to so many different places and people gave her an edge over most children her age.

She was sixteen when she joined the SFCOA. StarFleet Cadet Officers Academy,. She'd planned to join the medical decision so as to become a Marine feild medic. But by the tender age of eighteen she'd found love in the form of a sniper instructor Named Thomas Mathews. They were married in a scandalous short amount of time and nobody was surprised to see the arrival of Cassandras daughter baby Nova five months later. But Cassie didn't care. She was happy. Life was perfect.

Then one fated night she returned to her home and found the butchered body of her husband. Her daughter wouldn't be found until months later. The details of her death were sealed by the courts and Cassandra s life fell into a spiral. She stopped going to her classes and took up more then a few bad habits.

It was her Father that rescued her from that dark place. Pushing her to try and move forward he drug her into counseling and put her back into programs to get her back on a career track. Defiantly she chose to go into StarFleet security instead of the Marines and completely gave up on medicine. Still nothing seemed to bring her any mesurable joy not even graduation and being assigned right off onto the ship called the Dreadknoght. It seemed like a good fit for her.
Service Record Mathews, Cassandra M

Entered cadet training in SFA Star date-.++++++. Graduated star date +++++++ 2years- graduated 4th in class. Certificate of completion, letter of recommendation from instructors. In Diplomacy, Science (biology),. science advanced biological machanics.

Took 3 months maternity leave-

Joined Marines ROTC

Enrolled in Advanced medical training program - Feild medic

Divion-195 SFMROTC. -Ship J19- Bunk 12

((Will detail this out))

Due to an incident during leave cadet has been dropped from the program.
Stardate +++++++

Re-enlist code RE1 pending a recommendation from the department of human affairs counseling office.

Star Date-++++++
Cadet Re-Enlist - Approved -. Pending they keep to their scheduled counseling appointments.

Entered into basic enlistment SF.

Four years of school

One year fast cruise on space station Aurora star dates +++++++ _ ++++++++

Several counselor reports ((will add ))

Medical files ((will add))