NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant JG Tavana Daughter of Kretorg

Name Tavana Colan Daughter of Kretorg

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 54Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark brown (she sometimes wears green contacts)
Physical Description Tavana has a thick mass of dark brown hair and black eyes with an olive skin. Due to her Klingon heritage, she has a muscular build and subtle ridges on her forehead. Due to prejudice at the time, she had them removed and is now contemplating to restore them.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kretorg, son of M'urgh, of the House of Torath
Mother Z'ana Colan
Brother(s) Several from her father's side
Sister(s) Several from her father's side
Other Family Z'aedell Colan daughter of Karagh of the House of Torath - Aunt
Aryen Colan - Cousin
Edriar Colan - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tavana is a generally a jovial person and gets along with others easily. That was not always the case. The complexity of her emotions, prejudice she experienced as a child and having to deal with the natural violent instincts of her Klingon side, resulted in a deep loathing of herself which erupted in angry outbursts directed towards others. Once she was able to integrate the conflicting emotions as part of a whole in her identity, she accepted herself and harnessed both her Klingon rage and Betazoid compassion and sensitivity to form a unique person willing to stand up for what is right and be a loyal friend and crew mate. Tavana has some telepathic and empathic ability, which is heightened when she is in a high stress situation. She has a sense of humor and laughs easily. The instinctive Klingon values of honor and loyalty shaped her into a determined person who takes her work seriously and striving for excellence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Tavana has strong values that guide her actions, a very positive attitude, seeing possibilities rather than obstacles. She can see things from different angles, which is not only part of her training, but a natural inclination. She has a strategic thinking style, letting her sometimes come to a conclusion before she knew why. She is often right but can't tell immediately why that was
The same strategic and intuitive thinking type is also her weakness, she can skip over steps, miss details and jump ahead to what might work as well as what might not work. She can be impatient and still struggles to control her temper at times.
Ambitions She wants to honor her father and his family as well as the Betazoid family of her mother, by being the best intelligence officer she can be.
Hobbies & Interests Tavana took part in Mixed Martial Arts competitive sports, but now only when time allows and she has opportunity. She continues to develop her skill and it serves as a major way to channel her aggressive energy. She also loves adventure and extreme sports. She loves hanging out with friends and enjoys cooking with real ingredients.

Personal History Tavana's mother Z'ana Colan served as the Chief Diplomatic Officer on the USS Xanadu, when her father, Kretorg joined the crew as a Diplomatic Officer. There was an instant attraction between the two and despite regulations, they had a brief affair. Aryenne was determined to stop it, but knowing that she would not be able to, she requested a transfer. Before she could transfer, she woke up one morning and felt very ill. The CMO confirmed that she was pregnant and wisely gave her an extended LOA. Due to the sensitive circumstances, he helped her to get to Betazed quickly and discretely as possible, so she could be with family and better support structures. Kretorg never knew the reason for her illness or why she left so suddenly.

Z'ana's health continued to deteriorate and after a very challenging pregnancy, Tavana was born in 2366 on Betazed. Her parents, who were stationed at DS8 at the time, went to assist their daughter. Z'ana's health was so severly compromised from the pregnancy that she passed away one month after Tavana was born. There was very little knowledge about how Tavana would develop, given that she was the first Klingon Betazoid baby born on Betazed. Young Tavana developed faster than Betazoid children and her grandparents realized quickly that she could not remain on Betazed. They decided to take the infant with them to DS8 where Tavana could socialize with a variety of people, including Klingons, and also go to school in the relative stability of a space station.

Though there were Klingons, Tavana remained the odd one out, not really fitting in with any group. She got into trouble often and pushed boundaries as far as she could. The Klingons thought her to be not Klingon enough and children of other races stereotyped her. They expected her to be rude, belligerent and aggressive. The conflicting emotions inside, erratic development of her psionic abilities as well as pressure from the outside, was very hard for Tavana to cope with. It often erupted exactly in the way she was expected to behave, which just distanced her even more from her peers and made it difficult for teachers. Her grandparents tried to help Tavana control her instincts, but an old Klingon warrior, Maltor intervened, advising them to allow Tavana to find an outlet for her aggressive energy. They agreed eventually and Maltor introduced Tavana into the world of combat fighting. Not only did she thrive, she excelled. The combination of Klingon inherent ability and Betazoid flexibility made Tavana into a formidable combatant. She soon starting fighting competitively and at long last found her niche. She won competition after competition and when she was 12, she advanced to championships which took place on Deep Space 5.

Enter her father. He was assigned to the USS Berlin, attached to DS5 and was eager to see the championships. The young girl drew his attention and he followed her fights over the next few days. Tavana noticed the Klingon warrior, and for some reason, she wanted to impress him. She was taken aback when he also wore a Starfleet uniform at times. When she asked Maltor who accompanied her as her trainer, about him, he explained that Kretorg was well known in the Empire as well as the Federation and then elaborated on the role Kretorg played during the Dominion war. After begging Maltor, he arranged for her to meet this Kretorg of the House of Torath. The man was intimidating, yet somehow easy to talk to too. At the time they had no idea that they were father and daughter.

However, she was intrigued by him as he seemed to be what she was yearning for. Kretorg's career inspired her to set her sights on entering Starfleet academy for the next few years she focused on her academic work to gain entrance.

At 16 she started at Starfleet academy. She trained as a Diplomatic officer initially, and here again she experienced prejudice. She was asked if she didn’t want to train rather in security, which brought back old memories and for a time she struggled and had difficulties to cope. Though she was physically matured since she was 14, she had a long way to go emotionally. She challenged her lecturers and class mates and got into trouble a few times and eventually graduated by the skin of her teeth But then she could not find a posting. Her perception was that no one wanted her. Who in his right mind would want a half Klingon diplomatic officer?

Kretorg had just been given the IKS D'ama, a Vorcha class vessel that would serve as a flag ship of the alliance between the Federation and the Empire, with both Starfleet and KDF crew. Tavana saw a post opening and took a chance to apply for a posting as a diplomatic officer on the IKS D'ama. Kre was alerted when looking through the crew applications. Not only did her recognise her from years ago and that she also became a diplomat, but more so that Z'ana was the mother of Tavana. He accepted her application and she started her first posting as an Ensign on a Klingon vessel. Kretorg did not reveal anything to her at that time.

It was harder than she ever thought. It was not long before the D'ama was drawn into a deadly battle with a renewed and unexpected attack from the Kzinti, a catlike and cruel race that attacked Federation space for the first time over a 100 years earlier.
During this time, the Intelligence officer on board was killed, and since there was no need for a Diplomatic Officer, she started training as a Intelligence officer. She had a far greater aptitude for this line of work and also enjoyed it thoroughly.

The D'ama was lost, but not the crew and she remained with the crew to serve on the IKC VaQbach, a Negh'Var class cruiser, still under Kretorg as CO. The mission as a joint Federation and KDF operation remained, only the ship changed. Before a long term mission into the Beta Quadrant, the VaQbach stopped at Q'uvat el TigH, the home planet of the House of Torath, Kretorg's home. It was here that he revealed to Tavana that he was her father. She met her Klingon family for the first time also felt some sense of belonging.

The next mission of the VaQbach took them deep into the Beta Quadrant and Tavana was promoted to Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer. This gave Tavana the opportunity of a life time. As assistant CIO, she was exposed to unique situations. The VaQbach also had to seek and do recon on suspected Kzinti activity in the region as well as gathering intelligence on new races. The actual mission of the VaQbach and at the same time make contact with new races and establish trade and information exchange with those who were willing, but information needed to be gathered and processed, in which Tavana played a big role. The experience she gained was invaluable and prepared her for further exploration into the Beta Quadrant. This exposed her to first contact meetings, trade and information exchange as well as being the liaison between Intelligence departments of the KDF and Starfleet. The CIO was away for prolonged periods of time and Tavana then acted as CIO in his absence.

Whilst on shore on a nearly planet with a few friends, they heard that the VaQbach had disappeared. No trace was found in the months that followed and still no one knows what happened to the vessel. Tavana holds out hope that her father and her beloved crew would be found, but she could not stay in limbo. At some point, she had to make the decision to carry on with her life. Ironically, though a trained Starfleet Officer, she had never served on a Starfleet vessel.
Service Record LtJG Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
IKC VaQbach

IKS D'ama -
Ensign – Intelligence Officer

IKS D'ama
Ensign - Diplomatic Officer.