NCC - 77447 - B

Alain D'Aramitz

Name Alain D'Aramitz

Position Civilian


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown.
Physical Description Alain is of thin build but keeps in shape with his work and a regular routine in the Gym. His blue eyes can be a charmer when coupled with a smile especially when at work handing over a plate of food prepared himself. He has a look about him that is both alluring and mysterious, his eyes can be both piercing and yet also tender and caring wit his chiselled features.


Spouse Amélie Katriane D'Aramitz
Children None
Brother(s) Only Child.
Sister(s) Only Child.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Passionate
+Attention to Detail
+Excellent Cook
+Capable with knives

-Can tunnel vision when cooking
-Hates anyone that touches his knives.
-Hates using left overs.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Singing, Music (Violin).

Personal History Alain is a Chef, its all hes ever wanted to be. He's pushed for it since leaving education. He started out as a potato washer at a restaurant as a small part time job during the weekends. His father was a Chef and its from that he developed his passion for cooking. His Mother was supportive of his pursuits helping him enrol in various cooking courses where possible.

When he was 22, he was accepted into the Institute of Culinary Education, where he learned key skills to help advance his potential. His parents were more than happy to be food testers when he graduated and more than happy to let him cook when ever he was home. It was not long after where he earned a position at Fridays. The very same restaurant that he was once washing potatoes.

Customers seeing the once spud washer turned Chef were keen to see what the young man had to offer and soon he was churning out popular plates that even Starfleet cadets and some officers were paying repeated visits for.

It was at Fridays where he met Amélie, she joined as a waitress and a popular one at that with her graceful beauty and charm. She was a jewel of the establishment. Always with a smile, passionate and caring in all situations. A true pleasure to be around.

He'd learned that Amélie was a Cadet at the Academy and between them grew a friendship. Everything came to a head at the wedding of the owners Daughter, Alain had agreed to go only if Amélie was going too. Alain was hoping to dance with Amélie but she was beaten to it by another, he later discovered that it was all a petty plan to upset Amélie. Alain swiftly ditched the girl and went looking for Amélie.

Since that night Amélie and Alain grew closer, the two growing more and more involved as time went on. Amélie was nearing the end of her fifth year of training and Alain took her away to her favorate vacation retreat during a break in training. It was there, at sunset that he proposed.