NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant Tara Lithbeth

Name Tara Lithbeth

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With shoulder length brown hair, deep brown
eyes, and a smile that can put anyone in physical or emotional
distress at some sort of ease, Tara's smaller stature is comforting
but deceiving. With curves in all the right places, Tara, does not appear to be the typical stick figure female but instead has broader shoulders and hips to give that supports her upper body and lower body strength to effectively do her job.


Spouse Jayson Walker
Children Rose Walker (5 years old)
Ruby Walker 3 years old)
Father Taim Lithbeth
Mother Lily Lithbeth (Mother Deceased)/Brivok (Stepmother)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Theadora LIthbeth, 35, (younger sister),
Torva Lithbeth, 25, (younger half sister)
Other Family Odessa Walker (Aunt in Law)
J.J. Walker (Uncle in Law)
Denise Walker (Mother In Law)
Val Nym (Father in Law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tara maybe viewed as over educated or an
overachiever. This is not true. If she has an interest in a subject
matter she ingests as much information as she can. Obtaining her
medical doctorate with a specialization in genetics, doctorates in
biology specifically exobiology, xenobiology, and astrobiology and a
masters degree in clinical psychology Tara appears to be over
educated. She does continue to educate herself feeling that
continuing to obtain knowledge is the best practice. Currently she
is studying cryptozoology and cryptobiology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her education and people skills leads to
her pleasing bedside manner. She is knowledgeable and if she doesn't
know the answer than she won't stop until it can be found be that if
she finds it or goes to her network of other professionals for input
and assistance.
She has learned to separate her emotions from a decision she may
need to make or news she may need to deliver to a patient which is
both a strength and weakness.
Tara's greatest weakness is her over protectiveness of those she
cares for which means making an emotional connection with someone
means she will need to emotionally separate herself when making choices that will effect those when it comes to their medical care.
Ambitions Tara's ambitions are to be the best partner and parent that she can. To continue to educate herself. To find a way to genetically protect races from the Borg threat.
Hobbies & Interests *Education
*Socialization with others
* Reading
* Dancing
* All types of biology
* The nature vs. nurture debate
* Cooking and Eating
* Her family and friends
* She is a "gear head"

Personal History Tara was born in the capital city of Betazed to Lily and Taim
Lithbeth. Taim a civilian anthropologist and Lily was a Starfleet
Engineer. The new family soon found themselves on the USS Pioneer
where they lived for the three years of Tara's life. When a Chief
Engineer position became available on the USS Renegade. Lily took
the position and the family moved only to learn that Lily was
pregnant with the family's second child. Within the year Tara's
younger sister Theadora was born. The now larger family remained on the Renegade for three more years until the ship was invaded by the
Borg. While the ship was able to escape, the incursion had it's
costs. Lily and 32 other crew members were abducted and and turned
into Borg.
Taim at that point decided that the best thing for his children
was to return the Betazed where extended family could surround them and assist to raise them. And this is what they did. It was at this
time that Tara began to notice the many differences in one species
which began to Tara asking many questions. Her father believing that
knowledge is power began providing his daughter with information and classes on genetics and biology. Tara was fascinated and could not
get enough information.
For the next three years the family remained a threesome until
Taim met Brivok, a Vulcan Ambassador stationed on Betazed. The two
fell in love and soon after were married. The following year Brivok
gave birth to Torva, Tara and Theadora's Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid half
sister. Within six months of Tova's birth, Brivok was called back to
Vulcan and the family moved.
On Vulcan all three of the sisters were exposed to a "proper"
Vulcan education. Tara who was not overly impressed with the Vulcan
culture but excelled in the education system entered the Vulcan
Science Academy and began studying Biology, specifically
Xenobiology. Within six years she had her doctorate in Xenobiology,
followed two years later by a doctorate in Exobiology.
At the age of twenty four under the advice of her stepmother
Brivok, Tara entered StarFleet Academy where she would major in
medicine with a specialization in genetics. She was now a qualified
and certified medical doctor but needed to complete a thesis on
genetics while getting experience within the ranks of Starfleet. It
was at this time that Tara became acquainted with Ambassador Val
Nym, M.D., a former Starfleet Chief Medical Officer and Captain and
Joined Trill/Betazoid hybrid. It was his unusual genetic make up and
the symboiants ability to join with him that Tara found fascinating.
Nym agreed to mentor Tara and brought her on to his Ambassadorial
team as his official Starfleet physician. This gave Tara medical
experience and allowed her to study Nym and complete her thesis. It
as during this time that she met Nym's son Jayson Walker, her would be husband. Jayson who was stationed at Starfleet HQ as a JAG
Officer would come to visit his family often and the two grew close. When Tara's thesis was completed and it was time for
her to move on, she bid on a position as a Medical Genetics
Researcher at Starfleet HQ which she won. While there she and Jayson spent more time together, fell in love, and married. Tara also took the time to continue her studies and completed her doctorate in
Astrobiology. Jayson was transferred to Starbase 158 to lead the
JAG Department there. Tara joined him and was a Medical Officer on
the Starbase. She able to gain her Master's Degree in Psychology while there and gained experience as a Counselor's Aide after
receiving her degree. It was soon after this that Tara became
pregnant with her first child, Rose. Two years later their second
child Ruby was born.
Service Record Personal Physician to Ambassador
Medical Genetic Researcher at StarFleet HQ
Medical Officer Starbase 158
Counselor's Aide Starbase 158
Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Zion
Assistant Chief Counselor USS Zion