NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant Commander James O'Connell

Name James Richard O'Connell

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description James has a birthmark under his left arm and a scar across his stomach extending upwards towards his chest. His hair is neatly cut and does not have any facial hair. He wears a contact over his right eye because the original color was green. One of James' arms is slightly longer than the other. He used to be more muscular than he is now as he quit lifting weights after Starfleet Academy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Richard
Mother Riley
Brother(s) Tyler
Sister(s) Jennifer, Erin

Personality & Traits

General Overview After three months of the Academy and feeling homesick James was finally able to get over it. He was decorated for what he accomplished as a third year cadet. But, that never changed who he was as a humble Irishman. Following the war he shaved most of his hair deciding that it was finally time to grow up. This led to his career going upwards very quickly.

As with any engineer he tries to understand the inner workings of various devices. He worked very hard to get where he was including getting the ship he had been chief engineer to a ninety eight proficiency rating.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Engineering

Weakness: Relationships

Personal History Born in 2352 James Richard O'Connell is the eldest child for Richard and Riley O'Connell. He was born in, and grew up in, Dublin along with Tyler, Jennifer, and Erin. His father works as an Oceanographer and his mother is a musician with the Fifth Irish Symphony. In many ways Richard wanted his oldest son to grow up in order to become an oceanographer like himself.

When James was fourteen years old Richard would take him on deep sea research trips. This gave him his keen sense for adventure and a basic understanding for submarine technology. However, instead of looking towards the ocean James found himself looking at the stars late at night. James spent two years working with his father before finally expressing his interests in Starfleet. Surprisingly enough Richard took the news quite well and pushed him to pursue his interests.

In 2369 James was accepted to the Academy specializing in quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and propulsion dynamics. He went off to the Academy in 2370 and struggled with being away from his parents and younger brother and sisters. Almost every night during his absence he would go visit them until finally Richard explained to him that it would take time, but eventually would get used to being away from home.

In 2373 he was a Cadet Second Class when the Dominion War broke out. James was sent to the USS Whitaker only a few months after the outbreak in war between the Dominion and the Federation. He realized just how sharp the learning curve was when the ship was attacked during a patrol. The Chief Engineering Officer and a majority of the engineering crew were killed or badly injured.

The cadet was able to eject the warp core before it breached and saved the ship from being destroyed. He then proceeded to make it appear on sensors as if the entire crew had been killed. Ultimately his actions allowed for the survivors to be rescued by another Starfleet ship. The vessel went to the shipyards and he was automatically promoted to the rank of Ensign. He was made the propulsion officer on board.

The Whitaker spent six months in the shipyards before being assigned to the Third Fleet. James saw combat engagements on another four occasions before the end of the war and, was at the final battle of Cardassia Prime. During the first few minutes of fighting the ship was badly damaged and never made it to the system.

The war had officially ended and the ship and her crew now found themselves in drydock once more. After another six months they were in Cardassian Union space. James was assigned to an engineering team that helped with the rebuilding efforts on one of their colony worlds. After two years of fighting the Cardassians it was difficult for him to overcome his ill feelings towards them.

His team under his leadership was able to get the colony functioning at just under ninety two percent. It was his efforts that led his Commanding Officer to promote him to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2377. That year the vessel and her crew returned to Federation space after almost two years of being away.

In 2380 he was reassigned as the Assistant Chief of Station Operations on board Starbase 335. They were located in the core worlds and one of the medical facilities. A lot of their patients were casualties of the war seven years earlier. Most of the patients there would never be able to leave the station due to the sheer amount of damage they had suffered.

A year after being assigned there the station lost power due to sabotage. The Chief of Operations was incapacitated when the sabotage had happened. Lieutenant O'Connell was able to get the power restored to the station after discovering who was responsible and tricking them into revealing what they had done. The culprit was a Breen operative who committed suicide soon after being captured. This led to James being promoted to Lieutenant.

In 2384 Starfleet decided to decommission the station and reassigned all of the personnel. They moved all of the patients that had been permanent residents were moved to Earth. James went to the USS Praxis as the Chief Engineering Officer. The vessel was sent into the unexplored space in the Galactic South. James had to use every engineering trick he had learned over his career to keep the vessel operational.

They spent three years on the deep space mission before finally returning. His efforts were well noted and flying by the seat of his pants became something that James had become known for. A year after they had returned he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and offered a chance to go somewhere else. He transferred to the USS Dreadnought taking over as the Chief Engineering Officer position.
Service Record 2370 - 2373 : Starfleet Academy
2373 - 2374 : USS Whitaker; Engineering Cadet 2nd Class; Engineer
2374 - 2377 : USS Whitaker; Ensign; Propulsion Officer
2377 - 2380 : USS Whitaker; Lieutenant Junior Grade; Propulsion Officer
2380 - 2381 : Starbase 335; Lieutenant Junior Grade; Assistant Chief of Station Operations
2381 - 2384 : Starbase 335; Lieutenant; Assistant Chief of Station Operations
2384 - 2387 : USS Praxis; Lieutenant; Chief Engineering Officer
2387 - 2388 : USS Praxis; Lieutenant Commander; Chief Engineering Officer
2388 - Present : USS Dreadnought; Lieutenant Commander; Chief Engineering Officer