NCC - 77447 - B

1st Lieutenant S'earr

Name S'earr

Position Marine

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 10"
Weight 397lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Golden
Physical Description S'earr is broad, trim and muscular from his many years in the Marines and keeping himself active and working out daily has kept him at the peak of his physical game.

His fur almost pure white which can work against him should a mission require stealth. He has had to darken it through medical means occassionally. His eyes are golden like a true predator, which for him suits just fine considering his natural and trained abilities.

His tail is long and often sweeps left and right as he walks, prone to laying on the floor when standing still which will pose a risk to be stepped on, not just for him but the person doing the stepping. Some would consider him a gentle giant and while he can be gentle he doesn't want to lose his edge in the protection of his friends, thus he works out often.

His fur is always neatly trimmed, brushed into position, fangs sharp and claws like razors. S'earr some might call vain considering the amount of effort taken on his appearance but as anyone can learn if they take the opportunity is that to a Caitian, appearance is very important.


Spouse None
Children None
Father S'ar'ter'i
Mother M'reex
Brother(s) None - Only survivor
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Straight forward and to the point, S'earr doesn't like to 'beat about the bush' if something needs to be said he will say it regardless of the outcome. A fiercely dedicated individual not just to himself and his well being but also to the task at hand and those he works with.

S'earr clearly takes good care of himself which could almost be seen to a fault. He radiates confidence, strength, dominance and prowess as he moves but the movements in light of his size are fluid and graceful. It has been noticed that he harbours a difference in respect towards females than he does males, it would seem everything about him is softer, more gentle when talking or otherwise working with a female but otherwise its as normal with a male.

S'earr dislikes being treated like a pet and will correct anyone who treats him so to one extreme to another depending how far hes been pushed.

Viewing himself as dependable, reliable and suitably skilled to the needs placed upon him he tries his best to get along with others, which in itself can be a challenge when all people see is the feline and not the skills contained within.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Proud and confident, sure of those around them and able to draw the best from people, even those of them that are doubtful. Fitness, S'earr takes pride in his physical ability and can be found to be doing Caitian exercises in the Holodeck, typically on Cait within the dense woodlands or flat desert plains. Traditional, in most things about his life, his private life is filled with tradition and even his off duty clothing shows this. As with all Caitians, he has an acute sense of smell and sight. The muscle structure of a Caitian is very tight, so much so that it is nothing for a Caitian to perform feats that many would deem impossible or difficult from the most unlikely positions (such as a crouch or a seated position). For instance, Caitians can leap a distance of 30+ feet in the air from a crouched position uninjured. They also have the ability to put on extreme bursts of speed, allowing them to cover great distances in a short amount of time.

Superior strength, agility, senses of smell, hearing and eyesight and balance.

Weakness:- Appearance is also vital but also a weakness for him during shedding season, he feels that nobody should see him when he is leaving fur all over the place and that nobody should see their leader in such a way to cause undue worry. Another weakness for S'earr is he does not like talking of home as it brings back feelings of missing it and his family having been sometime since he last set foot on it. Caitians have a fragile bone structure, bones are broken or fractured in far less hostile environments then what most would suffer injury, a heavy fall is capable of dislocation or even in extreme cases, bone breakage. Near the age of 60, the Caitian heart becomes weak with age, as a result, medical practice on Cait has made huge medical leaps in swift organ replacements, only now suffering the most minor of delays in surgery.
Ambitions To seek his next adventure, regardless of what or where that may be.
Hobbies & Interests Found to be a private individual little can be told about S'earr's personal likes or hobbies. For the most part what is known is his interest in working out, use of the Holodeck to run programs of his Homeworld and little else.

Few have taken the time to really get to know S'earr mostly because they are intimidated by him.

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