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Elizebeth Dawnstar

Name Elizebeth Dawnstar

Position Civilian


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian / El-Aurian
Age 75 / 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight lbs 134
Hair Color White
Eye Color deep blue
Physical Description Typical Andorian traits dominant, with a soft blue skin and long flowing white hair. Nice figure, soft yet inshape from low impact activities. Even though she has El Aurian genetics which gives her the youthful looks.


Spouse Ra-Havrelli
Father Nathaniel Dawnstar :: CO of the Dawnstar Starbase / Platform Constructions
Mother Margeret Limpinky :: Heiress of the Limpinky Hazardous / Toxic Wastes Haulers Intersteller
Brother(s) Jared, Phillip;
Sister(s) Estersmelda
Other Family Edwaldo Dawnstar (uncle), Diane McDonaldson (Aunt), Beautrice Dawnstar, (Grandmother), Victoria Limpinky (Aunt), George Limpinky ( Grandfather, Admiral 4th Fleet during the Dominion wars)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is socially outgoing with the flair of authority of her Social Status in life. She isn't afraid to use her family name for deferential treatment. She can't stand people who are underachievers. She is well mannered of the genteal. Slightly spoiled, But caring enough to host a 'Charity' to raise awareness for MIA Starfleet Personnel.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Well mannered.

W: extreme heat
Ambitions Become either a Diplomat or Ambassador, Ultimate goal is a Seat on the Federation Council
Hobbies & Interests Dancing, Music, Fashion, Xeno-Socialogy &Fashion, Languages, Drawing. 'Emily &Paddinton'

Romulan, Klingon, English /Risa dialect (n), Andorian (n), Federation Standard, Basic Galactic Trade, Cardasian

Personal History She was adopted into the Dawnstar Clan on Risa as any normal child would. But unfortunately the only way they could have child. She grew up a bit spoiled as most rich youngsters, But well mannered.

From a young age, Elizabeth was schooled in the various performing arts and general knowledge. She excelled in the various forms of languages from the more popular Xeno-Spacefaring Species and even some of the more rarer ones. Even learned Federation Galactic Trade-speak, from assorted private tutors.

Moving into young Adulthood, Elizabeth was expected to learn Business Management. She went to some of the more prestigious universities to major in business. But found it to be stuffy and boring. She turned her major into Sociology, Political Science, History, Anthropology, Fashions, and the Performing Arts (Basic Theatre).

During her time first away from home. A bunch of fellow classmates and herself won an essay contest to be part of a Cultural Exchange Group of Students to promote better relation with Cardasia and other Star empires of what was formerly of the Dominion Star Empire. She was looking forward to promote the Federation Cause and to make new friends. The ship was attacked by a coalition of pirates and Tzentheki. The ship was defeated by insider help.

She was taken as spoils of war, while the rest were systematically slaughtered. She held by the Cardasian as slave property for them, till she was exchanged for Cardasians being held by the Federation from the pressures brought forth by a Coalition of Powerful Businessmen and Families throughout the Federation.

She spent time in therapy to recover from the horrifying event in her life. In order to get her past the event, her parents brought her to a lot of social events that involved Both Fleet, Federation Council Members and Other big Business CEO's and their ilk to get her back into the flow of things. Either to get her married off quickly or induced into the Service for the Federation.

During one of the many social gatherings Elizabeth was introduced to her husband.