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Commander Ayla Bawden

Name Ayla Bawden

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mousian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description is 5', female, has dark golden brown fur fading to white on her frontside and coming up the underside of her muzzle, inside of her round ears is also white with pinkish tinge to it, dark warm sapphire blue eyes, and a long 4 foot slender prehensile tail which can lift light object up to ten pounds, her torso is that of a human female, hand paws has three fingers and an opposible thumb to grab things, wears whatever that's comfortable or required.


Spouse Mark Bawden
Children 1)Miracle Bawden : Looks like a miniature version of her mother
2)Marcie Bawden : Human in appearance with claws instead of toenails and fingernails, slightly larger ears. (decease)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being of peaceful in nature and has better control of her aggressive tendencies, scholarly/technical type with combative edge and training, prefers to seek the peaceful way out of thing, but will fight to defend in what she believes in. A quiet Lady's confidence in herself. Professional and works long hours when given an assignment.
Strengths & Weaknesses strength:: agile, dependable, caring for others

weaknesses:: excitedable, curious.
Ambitions Be the best in her field, a good mother and wife
Hobbies & Interests Mark Bawden, Friends and Acquainteances of her omminuty. Holodeck (creation of her homeworld where she grew up)

Personal History 19 september 2355:: Brandywyne was born on her native world of Caraolaun, lies beyond the Badlands, renaissance type of society and level of knowledge in skills and weaponry, horses were the common form of transport along with sail powered boats. She was curious about her world and a hard worker to help ease the work load of her parents and attended one of local monastery until one day out exploring the wilds, came across a chariot of the gods and was captured by Lizardmen to a life of servitude amongst the stars.

23 January 2368:: Began her life in 'forced servitude' and introduced the drug to keep her docile and compliant with her masters and mistress for the next 7 yrs, worked on various merchant ship from various species across the galaxies, doing what ever they want of her to do. Remembering spectacular sights as she worked her way into the Alpha quadrant. Her curious nature allowed her to learn at an accelerated rate and picking up skills to keep her masters and mistress pleased with her for her continued survival

27 April 2375:: The ship she was on was stopped by a federation Customs ship and when the Ship's master was arrested for crime of smuggling illegal contraband, she was taken into custody of the SF. Brandywyne became the "little Sister" "mouse" to the crew and was taught how to read and write, the basic educational stuff, she was prevented from learning do to her 'forced servitude, while the ship was on patrol of it's sector, was made AEns, helm by the captain when she displayed an aptitude for flying ships up to the Intrepid Class ship size, USS Inquisitor, to replace missing crew from a fight with rogue Jem'Hadar

10 August 2375:: Brandywyne took the StarFleet academy exams, getting very high marks and the Captain, of the custom's ship, sponcered her to starfleet. Due to her High scores on the exams and being a good student and learning all she could, while specializing to fly ships and related skills. While excelling in flying, she was approached by four other students and did the Kolvoord Starburst. End of the Kolvoord Starburst, she rescued a VIP by being in the right place at the right time and thus avoided punishment and getting promoted, then SF assigned her to StarBase-12 to "keep" her out of the limelight

10 August 2381:: Graduated from the academy and immediately assigned to Starbase-12, with a slot reserved for the USS Guardian. Brandywyne flew all sort of ships from delta flyer's to intrepid class ships from docking berths to the Maintaince Docks for ship repairs and then tested them out for flight status along with the StBs-12 inspectors before the ship was returned to duty. When Brandywyne found out that the USS Guardian was going to get a permanent crew, she immediately put in a request for the position of helms/op (CONN) position for the USS Guardian, taking a chance on her own for the slot, even though she could call upon her patron to make sure she got the slot, but decided to chance it on her own for a change.

20 August 2381 :: To her amazement she got the slot for the position on the USS Guardian,defiant class ship, Since the crew was still in transit. She still held her slot as one of senior test pilot for the StBs-12, until the day USS Guardian was put on flight status and crew assembled for its first mission, or otherwise instructed by the assigned commander for the ship. Ran into trouble due to her age. Being still a young teenager by her race's standards, but adult in the point of view of Starfleet and the domince of Humans ideology of what constitutes being an adult. Befriended the captain of the USS Guardian and CO of Starbase 12, had it pretty easy. She spent alot of time over coming her subservient demeanor messing up and learning to be part of a team as an equal, not as slave or servant to the captain's whims.

25 January 2382:: Left Starbase 12 on an "extended leave" from Starfleet to become a Guardian to help preserve the Galaxy from domination from a new threat, Taking a chance in becoming part of something special, When an old race reared it head and began to conquer space, moving into UFP area and taking it over, thus making the UFP into UCP (United Confederation of Planets). acquired the mousain raptor class ship while getting advance combat training.

12 July 2400 War had spread across the known galaxy as a star regime had formed to take in the vast territory as more and more star systems fell to the onslaught of the UCP "The New Order".
Rising through the ranks and becoming a deadly commando/pilot for the Alliance that is fighting to stop the spread of the UCP and it growing allies, by sowing dissidence and destruction. Working off the carrier and flagship of the 23rd fleet of the Alliance "Rodent's Revenge"

23 January 2405. Last of the Alliance had fell to the onslaught of the UCP as more and more planets fell, leaving them without the resources they needed to continue the fight. The Alliance finally surrendered to the UCP...
She once again was a lower class of a superior force, but this time it reigned over a vast star empire, she worked her way up as a scientist to regain a position aboard a ship of the line, hoping to for a chance to escape and freedom to live as she pleased, not at someone's else's whim...

01 February 2405. Captured by the crew of the Dreadnought and transfered to their ship. Became part of the Dreadnought crew as it was obvious that she was forced to serve by the forces the Dreadnought was fighting.

Date ???? Helped the Dreadnought return through the Rift back to their native universe and helped closed the Rift and became the Chief Science Officer.

???? Date, Met and fell in love with her mate Mark Bawden and had a Mousian Style wedding unbeknown to Mark.

??? Date:: Ayla become pregant after surviving a shipwide plague that altered her physology and gave her back the ability to give birth. Unbeknownst to her, she gotten pegant by her husband after the day she got back to the ship.

??? Date:: USS Dreadnought (Galaxy) gets destroyed by a natural pheomen of a coment colliding with a planet. Destroying both planet and ship. Rescued by the USS Warhawk. Several hours became part of DS-17, awaiting assignment.

???? -Current: Serving aboard the Dreadnought -A (Ascension)
Service Record Background: Service record::
USS Inquisitor = Intrepid class AEns Helm
SF Academy = Cadet /Ensign
1)Fighter Pilot Course/club (StarMouse)
SB-12 = Test pilot/Engineer/Ops Ensign-Lt.Jg.
1) USS Guardian = Defiant class = Ensign CONN
2) Mouse's Freedom = Dunabe runabout (mod.combat) = CO/pilot LtJG
Special Assignment :: Classified = Lt-Lt.Cmdr
Alliance Military Academy = Lt.Cmdr
Rodent's Revenge = Dreadnought Carrier -Alliance Flagship 23 Fleet MIDF/SF SOG Lt.Cmdr
1) V'Bear = MIDF MPAF rapter class =Lt.Cmdr. Wing Commander
2) Wing commander SOG TL = LtCmdr
USS Serenity = Intrepid - Special assignment Lt.Cmdr

Awards: alternate universe
SPECIAL OPS RIBBON = with 4 oakleafs
SILVER MEDAL FOR SERVICE = with 3 oakleafs
SILVER STAR FOR VALOR = with 3 oakleafs
INTELLIGENCE STAR = with "x" device
PURPLE HEART= with "v" device
FLEET COMMENDATION = Mousian Independent Defense force

Academy Records:: StarFleet Academy, Sol 3

Languages: Mousian ; Cardassian; Jem'Hadar; Human (english);
Majors:: Helm/Navigation (top 1%); Engineering ( top 1%); Communication (top 1%)
Minor:: Operations (top 2%); Biology (mid level) advance computer science (top 2%)
Extra Studies: Planetology; Basic First Aid (rating CLS); weapons ( Classified ); Fighter Pilot Course (call sign StarMouse)
Extra-circular activities:: Pilot Club: Red Squadron Member (call sign :: StarMouse )

Seminar's: 14 Sept 2381: Astrophysics on Warp Effect of the Space/Time Continuum
Is Timetravel Pandora's box?
15 Sept 2381: Planetology
OJT: Starbase Operation = Starbase 12

Academy Records:: Alliance Military Academy, Ti'Gon IV
Major:: Espionage; Tactics; Command Protocols; Advance Computer Science; Combat Flight training; Advance Engineering; Quantum Science/Math; Cryptography; Advance Unarmed Combat;

Command assignments::
1) Mouse's Freedom == Modified Dunabe
2) V'Bear == Mousain rapter class fighter
3) Wing command = 4 [counting herself]
4) Covert Ops :: Classified

Current ::
UCP Devastator - Pet/Science
USS Dreadnought - Chief Science Officer - ALt.Jg - Commander
USS Warhawk - Passneger/CScO - Commander
USS Dreadnought - Chief Science Officer - Commander
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